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Premature Ejaculation - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

What exactly is a premature ejaculation?

When a person ejaculates without control before or shortly after penetration during a sexual intercourse the condition is known as premature ejaculation. It is accompanied by a minimal amount of sexual stimulation and a person does not really wish to ejaculate that quickly. The result is deriving unsatisfactory amounts of pleasure from the sexual act for both of the partners. The pressure to perform can get to a person and the added anxiety only adds to the woes of a patient. It is one of the commonest of the manifestations of sexual dysfunctions in males. Almost all men have fallen prey to this condition at one point in their sexual lives.

What are the causes of premature ejaculation?

The exact cause of the majority of cases of premature ejaculation is yet to be ascertained and there is a lack of clarity regarding the same. With the passage of time, men learn to postpone their orgasms slightly. New sexual partners often trigger premature ejaculation. Certain sexual situations may trigger such a condition. Even long periods of time between ejaculations may be the culprit. Psychological issues are also terrible important in this form of sexual dysfunction. It may result from guilt, anxiety and also depression. The cause may also be medical in nature like problems with hormones, an injury or as a side effect of certain medications.

How is the diagnosis made?

In order to diagnose premature ejaculation, the doctor examining the patient will have in-depth discussions regarding his sexual and medical history. A comprehensive physical exam will be performed on him. Doctors may also, in addition, want to discuss the condition with the partner of the patient. As seen earlier, there are multiple causes of premature ejaculation. Doctors will obviously want to rule out medical problems through laboratory tests also.

How is premature ejaculation treated?

In a vast number of cases, the condition gets better over time to own its own without medical intervention. One may try to learn techniques for relaxation and delayed ejaculation to get over the problem. Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco too affect premature ejaculation. Refraining oneself from using them might be of help.

Doctors generally often offer advice on learning scientific techniques to delay the ejaculation. Together with one’s partner, one can slow sexual stimulation through effective communication. Condoms may help to reduce sensation on his sexual organ. Some intercourse positions too are less susceptible to premature ejaculation. Behavioural therapy and counselling can help get rid of psychological issues if any.

Treatable by medical professional Require medical diagnosis Lab test sometimes required Chronic: can last for years or be lifelong Non communicable
Poor control on ejaculation Unsatisfactory sexual intercourse Ejaculation on very little sexual stimulation

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Sleep Wake Disorder - Irregular Sleeping Patterns

Masters of Philosphy, Master of Science, Bachelor of Sciences
Psychologist, Kolkata
Sleep Wake Disorder - Irregular Sleeping Patterns

Sleep-Wake Disorder is a very uncommon syndrome which causes irregular sleeping patterns without any real schedule.

Persons with brain malfunctioning and those who do not have a regular routine during the day experience such disorders. People with changing work shifts often experience such disorder. Also, travellers who often move from one country to another with different time zones may also have these symptoms.
There's no cure for this disorder, but treatments, including hormones, medicine, and light therapy, can help get you closer to a normal sleeping pattern.


Symptoms may include any of the following:

  1. Sleeping or napping more than usual during the day
  2. Trouble falling asleep and staying asleep at night
  3. Waking up often during the night

Exams and Tests
A person must have at least three abnormal sleep-wake episodes during a 24-hour period to be diagnosed with this problem. The time between each such episode varies from 1 to 4 hours. The doctor may advise you to go ahead with a device called actigraph in case the diagnosis is unclear. The device looks like a wristwatch, and it can tell when a person is sleeping or awake.

Though there is no simple cure for irregular sleep-wake syndrome, however, several therapies and lifestyle changes may help a person return to a normal sleep-wake cycle. These include:

  1. A regular daytime schedule of activities and mealtimes need to be fixed.
  2. You should not stay in bed during the day for long.
  3. Use bright light therapy in the morning like those from computer screens and television. The period of exposure should also be increased. Exposure to blue light should be minimized at night.
  4. You should take melatonin at bedtime. This is a hormone that controls the sleep-wake cycle. By taking doses at the right times, you might be able to shift your body clock earlier or later.
  5. Make sure to make the room dark, quiet, and as comfortable as possible at night.
  6. Also one should try to minimize the amount of noise in the sleep environment.
  7. Add more structure to the patient’s day by scheduling social interaction, exercise, and other activities.
  8. Your doctor may prescribe drug to control the timing of the sleep-wake cycle.

Finally, you should take proper care of yourself. Make positive changes in your lifestyle. You can even ask your boss to make your work schedule a bit flexible.

The ultimate goal of these lifestyle changes is to help the person sleep longer at night and make him feel active and awake during the day. Most people have sleep disturbances on occasion. But you need to consult a doctor if such sleep disorders occur regularly.

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Bed Sores - How Homeopathy Can Treat it!

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Bed Sores - How Homeopathy Can Treat it!

Bed Sores are commonly seen in persons who are immobilised and stay in bed or wheel chair for a long time. They do not change their position often and this results in damage to the skin and the underlying tissues because of the constant pressure on skin for a long duration. Bed Sores are also known as pressure sores or Decubitus Ulcers. When a person lies on bed for a long time due to medical conditions like paralysis, spinal problems and several others, the skin is constantly pressed between the bones and the bed.

As a result, the blood supply to skin is hindered, resulting in skin damage. Persons who involuntarily pass urine or stool, while in bed, are at a high risk of developing bed sores due to constantly moist skin. Elderly people and diabetics too are more likely to develop Bed Sores, which are mostly formed on the skin over bony area. Bed Sores are commonly seen on heels, hips, sacrum, elbows, shoulder blades and spine.

Homeopathy is very effective when it comes to treating bed sores. These remedies have negligible side effects and hence can be given without worrying about how they might affect other medication prescribed to the patient. Homeopathic remedies not only provide relief from the pain caused by bed sores but also help cure blisters and soothe the pus in ulcers. Some common homeopathic remedies for bed sores are:

  1. Arnica: Arnica is the best homeopathic remedy for bed sores that have made the skin turn blue-black in appearance. This may also be accompanied by soreness, itchiness and a feeling as if the bed is too hard to lie down on. Arnica helps reduce the blue-black spots and also prevents the formation of pus.
  2. Apis Mellifica: Bed sores that are rose coloured and accompanied by a burning sensation and pain on the spot that worsens with touch can be treated with this homeopathic remedy. In such cases, the patient may also have a desire to uncover the affected limb or area to reduce the burning and pain.
  3. Carbo Veg: Bed sores formed in areas where the skin turns blue due to cold but where the skin simultaneously sweat excessively can be treated with carbo veg. This patient may also complain of itching that worsens with warmth and towards the evening. In some cases, these sores may also bleed.
  4. Arsenic Album: Ulcers that give off an offensive discharge can be treated with this homeopathic remedy. Such ulcers are often also quite painful and this pain worsens at night and with the cold. The person may also be weakened by the ulcers.
  5. Silica and Hepar Sulph: Bed sores that are filled with pus can be effectively treated with silicea. In cases where this pus turns bloody, hepar sulph may be prescribed. In such cases, the patient may also complain of extreme pain and sensitivity around the ulcers. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a homeopath and ask a free question.
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Anxiety-induced Premature Ejaculation

MD - Psychiatry, Diploma in Child & Adolescent Psychology , MBBS
Psychiatrist, Pune
Anxiety-induced Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a condition that causes a lot of stress, especially as you age. In order to know more, you should understand premature ejaculation well. It is a condition wherein one ejaculates before or immediately after sexual penetration, with little or no sexual stimulation. This leads to poor sexual performance and anxiety issues.


There is no specific cause for premature ejaculation. Regular issues such as sex with a new partner of having sex after a long time might trigger this condition. Factors such as anxiety, stress and guilt may also result in premature ejaculation. It may also be caused by medical issues such as an injury to the genitals or other hormonal problems.

In this article, the factor that will be focused on is anxiety that most often leads to premature ejaculation. Being anxious or nervous about one’s sexual performance can result in this condition. Your mind may be preoccupied with whether your partner is enjoying the entire experience or about the proper functioning of the genitals. Both these factors bring about anxious thoughts and thus, may make one unable to control his ejaculation. One ultimately stops focusing on the entire experience and starts to overthink.

How to Control Anxiety Before and During Intercourse:

  1. Go Again: If it happens the first time, then shoot again. Try another round and you may find that you are able to control your ejaculation better.

  2. Be honest about it: Being honest about the entire situation will reduce anxiety about the performance. Your partner may be understanding and would process the situation better. Thus, with subsequent sexual encounters, you are sure to get better.

  3. Take matters in your own hands: If the partner is aware of all the limitations, one can use other methods such as oral sex or other foreplay methods (read fingering and fisting) to satisfy her.

  4. Decide if You Need More or Less Foreplay: For some guys with PE, foreplay increases anxiety, because they become more and more anxious as they wait for the event. For others, foreplay decreases anxiety, because it gives them a chance to relax before the event takes place. Find out what helps you and talk to your partner about it

If none of the above mentioned methods seem to work, you can fall back on medications.

Certain medications such as antidepressants are used in the treatment of premature ejaculation. They use a two pronged approach; on one hand they reduce anxiety and on the other, this very trait leads to delayed ejaculation, which in turn helps remedy the situation.

Controlling Premature Ejaculation:

PE can hit you at any age. But the good news is that when your PE is caused by anxiety, it’s something you can also reduce by using the tips above to help control your anxiety and get used to the lovemaking experience. You will need an understanding partner, but most partners are understanding when they care about you, and eventually you’ll be able to fully unlock the sexual prowess inside you. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor and ask a free question.

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Male Sexual Problems

MBBS, PGDUS, Fellowship In Aesthetic Medicine, Advance Course In Diabetes - USA, MD - Medicine
Aesthetic Medicine Specialist, Delhi
Male Sexual Problems

No matter what the age, social status or the sexual orientation is, sexual health is an important part of a man's life. In general, male sexual problems involve not being able to get or maintain an erection, difficulty reaching orgasm or ejaculating too soon. Sexual problems can affect any man, whether he is straight, gay, transgender or a bisexual.

Types of Sexual problems in Men:

1. Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

This is when you can't get, or keep an erection. Most men experience it at some point in time, and the causes can be physical or psychological. Physical causes include diabetes, heart diseases, and high blood pressure. Unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol, and illegal drugs, as well as some prescription medicines, can also cause erectile dysfunction. Psychological factors could be worry about money, work, relationship, family, and even about not getting an erection.

2. Premature Ejaculation

This is when you ejaculate sooner than you would like to. It is a problem only if it bothers you or your partner. Premature Ejaculation has several causes like anxiety or guilt, low levels of certain brain chemicals, being very aroused or stimulated and infection of the urethra or prostate.

3. Loss of Sex Drive

Your interest in sex, also called libido, can vary over the course of life. Losing your sex drive, or libido, is common. It can be linked to a number of reasons, including emotional or relationship issues, health problems, certain medications, and reduced level of male hormones.

4. Low Testosterone

A gradual decline in testosterone is normal in men as they get older. But for a man who is healthy and has age on his side, having no interest in sex is not normal. The low levels can have many reasons including diseases, injuries to the genitalia and certain medications. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor and ask a free question.

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Premature Ejaculation - 7 Ayurvedic Ways To Treat It!

BAMS, M.D.Alternative Medicines
Ayurveda, Belgaum
Premature Ejaculation - 7 Ayurvedic Ways To Treat It!

Are you experiencing an orgasm unusually sooner while having intercourse? This may be an indication of premature ejaculation, which is also featured by minimal penile stimulation. Premature ejaculation is a condition where you reach sexual climax quickly, causing premature or early ejaculation. Ejaculation within one minute of having sex is referred to as premature ejaculation. Ayurvedic cure for premature ejaculation is considered to be effective and there are remedies for all symptoms and causes.

Here is a list of the most important Ayurvedic remedies for the treatment of premature ejaculation:

  1. Herbs: Mix the herbs Ashwaganda, Bala and Vidari together in equal parts, add a spoonful of it in hot milk and drink it. Some other essential Ayurvedic herbs, which help in treating premature ejaculation include Speman tablets, Asparagus, Jatiphala, Garlic and Drumsticks.
  2. Dietary changes: Several dietary changes are required for treating premature ejaculation, following Ayurvedic principles. Consume food items such as cereals, fish, bananas, nuts, lettuce, shellfish, and vegetables like fennel, onions and celery. Honey is essential and should be taken regularly. There are several food items you should avoid taking which include coffee, tea, alcohol, processed food, food containing excessive white sugar and white flour, and denatured foods.
  3. Lifestyle modifications: Ayurvedic principles firmly state that you need to quit smoking completely for the prevention of premature ejaculation. You also need to keep away from sexual activities and should avoid too much masturbation.
  4. Saffron and milk: Milk is considered to be very essential in Ayurveda and having milk with saffron and almond is effective for treating premature ejaculation. Almonds should be soaked overnight and blended with hot milk. You can also add cardamom and ginger to the drink.
  5. Ayurvedic massage: You can undertake a special leaf bundle Ayurvedic massage for treating premature ejaculation. This technique is called Elakizhi.
  6. Yoga: Regular yoga is essential for curing premature ejaculation. There are several yoga positions such as the shoulder stand or arvanga asana, the fish or matsya asana, and the plough or hala hasana, which are beneficial for premature ejaculation management.
  7. Green onion seeds: Add water to green onion seeds and drink the mixture.

Premature ejaculation leaves you feeling frustrated and affects you emotionally because of your disrupted sexual life. This condition is also capable of affecting your relationship with your partner because of unsatisfactory sexual activity. Premature ejaculation lowers a man’s self-esteem and drains him of confidence. 

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Popular Questions & Answers

Hi, I have a proper erection whenever we start the activity, but soon during foreplay I discharge or the in a few second inside, even if little rubbing and also leads me to discharge, just got the diabetes checked and it's 7.8.otherwise I am healthy guy. vitamin b12, and the are found out to be less. Seeking an advice.

DM - Endocrinology, MBBS, MD - Medicine
Endocrinologist, Bangalore
Hi lybrate-user, lifestyle modification is very essential, also focus more on your diet and exercises. Expose your body in early morning sunrise. Avoid stress and anxiety for your sexual problems. Want some basic details for further clarification, please contact sexual medicine physician for premature ejaculation or come for private consult. Thanks for posting your question.
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I am 45 years old and married late. I could not lead a satisfactory sexual life. Sometime there is erection problem and some time pre mature ejaculation. What should I do?

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Urology
Urologist, Trivandrum
If you are stressful, try to reduce it. Usually half of your problem is solved. Do some blood tests like blood testosterone level, TSH, LFT, HBAIC, RFT.
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On behalf of my female friend, she got married 2 months ago, but since then her husband do not treat her like her wife. She thinks because her husband is a introvert & shy he may not able to feel comfortable, so she tries to seduce him for taking their relationship a step ahead. But he refuses. She thinks may be he like some other girl, but 2 days ago they make love for the first time & he ejaculate within 1 minute. Since then he do not even talk with her properly & try to avoid making love one more time. She is so upset & worried with her husband behaviour. How can they both get rid of this problem.

MCh(Minimally Invasive & Robotic Surgery), MS - Surgical, MBBS
General Surgeon, Guwahati
I suppose it to be an arranged marriage. They will get along with each other with time and the problem will be sorted out automatically. Males often gets too excited while coming near a female for the first time. Ask your female friend to continue to make her husband comfortable by building up the relationship as a friend first.
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My marriage was almost 4 years and I have a 18th month child too. But when I used to have sex, my defusing happen in a few second. What cause it?

Psychiatrist, Mehsana
Hi thanks for question. Mainly early ejeculation happen when we make physical relationship after long time. Because we have so much urge for same. Due to that. Advise: do masturbation before that or start tab. Pexep cr (12.5) at night dose for month. You will improve.
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Table of Content

What exactly is a premature ejaculation?
What are the causes of premature ejaculation?
How is the diagnosis made?
How is premature ejaculation treated?
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Premature Ejaculation

I am Dr. Vikas Khanna. I am working as a counselor in Delhi & Gurgaon. So, today I will talk about premature ejaculation. A very common sexual problem occurring in almost 1/3 of the population. The psychological component which is normally ignored in premature ejaculation is the personality of the individual. People who are agitated, often have this problem. So, the nervous system is very agitated. And one is always in hurry to do things. The conduction of the nerves is very high. And that could be due to the deficiency of zinc and magnesium.

How can we get rid of this problem? There is no magic pill for premature ejaculation. One has to attend to the core personality issues which is always impatient and in hurry to do things. It is always in your head. All sexual problems are rooted in your head. One has to work on personality and see how he can slow down himself on these activities. Indulge in lots of sports like golf. You have to start doing things slowly. As you know the agitation and the stimulation is directly linked to your breathing pattern and sometimes you see your breathing becomes very fast when ejaculation happens. So, relaxation of mind through breathing is mandatory for the sustained sexual act to occur.

Now let's talk about the causes. One has to eat magnesium-rich diet and zinc like almonds, dark chocolates. The most important thing is to work on your patience. Work on your nervous system which is agitated. A lot of people who have anxiety, depression also suffer from premature ejaculation. Couple therapy helps you a lot. Performance anxiety also brings the problem of premature ejaculation. The couple has to be taught that how to be slow down in a sexual act. There are a lot of herbs which also comes in supplements and there are few homeopathic remedies which also help in slowing down the conduction of the nerves. Must remember that the conduction is the desensitization of your nerves and psychology is directly linked with very fast conduction of nerves. For any help, you can consult me at Lybrate.

Thank You.
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All About Premature Ejaculation!
The impact of psychological and biological factors on ejaculation

Good morning I'm Dr. Pradeep Aggarwal. I have done MBBS MD in many subjects of my interest you can consult me for diabetes for any chronic problem like Allergy, Asthma infection, sexual problem and also for a cosmetic and dermatological purpose. Today we'll talk about premature ejaculation.

premature ejaculation is a disease in India almost 1 out of 3 men suffer from it and although it is a treatable disease, many men find difficulty in presenting their symptoms. They feel embarrassed about it,but if you seek treatment there is definitely a cure. Basically as per the WHO as per the psychological Indians engine of psychology guideline.

there are three criteria when we say the patient is suffering from premature ejaculation.

On the basis of that, we will decide the patient is suffering from premature ejaculation.

first when a patient is unable to control or unable to delay his declaration when he's already emasculate with in one minute of intercourse and if he is unable to satisfy his partner in sexual activities. So we will talk about the cause. Basically, we divide cause into two types that are biological cause and other is emotion and Secretary emotional causes come when a person is in fear that someone might come and see him. Sometimes person feels guilty in having sex that is also a psychological calls and sometimes he may have anxiety or performance issues that make him unable to have a sex or sex with a proper caliber sometimes that is there is biological cause also like abnormal brain chemicals abnormal hormone thyroid issues, infections, inflammation and many genetic issues also make him unable to do sex with a proper of ejaculation period. So these are basic cause that is reason of premature ejaculation.
premature ejaculation as concern can be divided into two parts

one is primary premature ejaculation that occurs when persons have difficulty in having sex or have a pre ejaculation problem for the first time when he has sex and
second is previously if he has normal sexual habits and suddenly he feels symptom of premature ejaculation that is called as secondary premature ejaculation
treatment of premature ejaculation can be divided into five parts-

first concerned with a thorough medical revolution that what is causing premature ejaculation, we have to see the patient we have a certain test that we prescribe to the patient and a thorough evaluation is done to decide what is causing the premature ejaculation.
Then the treatment part can decide first always first in the sexual therapy that we guide patient that whenever you have sex with your try to make her wife her girlfriend to reach the climax excite to the level that he is at the end so that they can satisfy him at that time.
Second is the controlling breath and thought cycle we always auspicious take a long breath when they have sex or when they are doing premature ejaculation by taking a long breath they can delete ejaculation periods.
We can also prescribe the patient some exercise like squish technique. Squish technique is perfect items can lead to better treatment of ejaculation without any medicine patient just have to when is just about to ejaculate he has to press his penis low level that he was unable to ejaculate and then when the arch pass he can place his penis and then after again 30 seconds he can continue with the sex. By that how he can regulate his ejaculation habit and he can delay the ejaculation periods by doing it for long time.
Apart from this certain medicines like antidepressants are also there some oral anesthetics are also available that can delay the ejaculation periods vision can apply that anesthetics like lidocaine and xylocaine jelly over there penis and all the time it will decrease the sensitivity of the penis and they are able to do sex for the long time.
That is how we can treat premature ejaculation if you have any further queries or any question you can consult me on lybrate.
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Effective Tips For Premature Ejaculation
Hello friends! I m Dr. U.C.Shangvi, Sexologist from Mumbai.

Aap sab ka suagat hai gupt agyan parsara mein. Aaj ka veshay hai yeh dil mangey more. So many couples are seen who are well settled, bunglow,car, and everything is there but still they are unha ppy. Unko kuch ziada chahye. Aur who condition hai premature ejaculation sigra patan. Buhat hi dard hota hai jab patti aur patni ek dosre ko pyar kerte hain bawajud bhi satisfy nahi ho pate hain. Ganga ke kinare beth ker pyasa hi reh gaye hain. Aur iska bina elaj rasta bhi nahi nikalta hai.

Aam tor per premature ejaculation is connected with anxiety and excitement. Yeh unmarried and married dono ko satane wali samsya hain. Jab unmarried masturbation kerta hai hanstamatoon kerta hai and girlfriend ke sath sex kerta hai aur isi tarah jab married person buhat dinon ke baad sex kerta hai naye naye shadi hue hai unko bhi yeh satati hai. Excitement buhat excitement anxiety performance anxiety or followed by darr shanka apratbhao guilty conscious, naak kat jati hai.

Aur yeh sharam jana condition bar bar hone se ek viksa shargam ek viks chakar ban jata hai. Confidence khatam hojata hai. Dawa kerna buhat hi zaruri hota hai. Aam tor per insan anesthetic spray, badeer kerne wala aushad,condom, mann ka diverse kerna kabhi kabhi asthemethan kerke primary excitement ko khatam ker dalna koshish kerte hain. Kabhi kabhi kamyabi milti hai nahi bhi milti hai. Kaye dawaen ati hain jau veejay astambaq rakhti hain.

Lekin is mein ek sab se bari baat dimagh mein rakhi hai key eh dawa habit forming nahi honi chahye kyoun ke kaye baar aisi ausi is mein mix ki jati hain ke jis se adat ban jaye. Iske bina aap na reh sako. Qua sometimes is dangerous to the vital organ like kidney. Squeeze technique kiya jata hai. Jab penis ko hum massage karenge dherey dherey tight hue ga.

Tight hone per jab lagega ke averia nikalne wala hai tab head aur body ke bech ka katna kerte hue jaga ko daba ker 4 sec daba ker rakhna hai 1001 1002 1003 1004 tab tak seezna thanda hojaega thori dair ke baad kewal pani le ker wapis dabayen wapis massage karenge wapis dabaenge agar averia nikal gaya tau jaldi dabayenge isse pokees bhi open up hojaenge aur shamta barhti hai ek conditioning hoti hai ke kis tarah se control kerna. Second do gotti aur anus sandas ki jaga ke bech ke muscle ko tight kerna hai.

Jab ap isko tight karenge tau penis ka jau do hissa hai who bahiri hissa mein squeeze technique se faida hua ga aur andar ke hissay ko kegal exercise yeh muscle ke exercise se faida hota hai. (inaudible5:24)lena hai aur 1 2 3 4 5 tak pakar ker rakhna hai aur chor dena hai. Swasan ki aabhi bhi chalu rakhni hai. Din mein 3 baar subah dupehar sham aur ek samay 5 baar yeh exercise kerni hai wapis 2 gotti aur sesna ke peche aur sandas ki jaga ke bech ka muscle perineum bola jata hai.

Third exercise gooda ko andar khenchna hai tight kerna hai loose kerna hai tight kerna hai loose kerna hai din mein kam se kam 5 se 10 baar kerna haiso just inner cell squeeze technique, perineum ko tight kerna loose kerna, aur gooda ko andar lena yeh natural bina kuch dawa khaye bataya gaya opaye hai. Premature ejaculation ke liye it is one of the best remedy. Hypnotism bhi kafi asar kerta hai. Jab insan dara hua rehta hai shankashill rehta hai kaye kaye nervousness aye hue rehti hai tau sambhav mein problem hone lagta hai tau agar hypnotized ho ker issey mann ko shant kiya gaya ho issey naya guidance diya gaya ho tau kafi asar dikhaye deta hai. Detail mein agar apko sambhavaan chahye tau lybrate through ap mujhe zarur contact ker sakte ho.

Thank you!
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How To Overcome Premature Ejaculation?
Hi viewers!

This is Dr. Imran Khan. I m a sexologist working here in Gurgaon. In last video wediscussed about the erectile dysfunction, a very common and very frustrating disease as well.

Ajka jau topic hai who hai Premature ejaculation. Yeh sach kahun tau premature ejaculationerectile dysfunction se ziada frustrating hai kyoun k eek baar excite hone ke baad phi rap waqtse pehle discharge hojate hain tau yaqeenan ek bara embarrassing situation who create kertahai. Aur dono hi partner us mein equally suffer kerte hain. Mein 3 parts mein is ko divide kiyahai ke premature ejaculation hai kiya? Pehli cheez mein me apko bataunga ke prematureejaculation kehte kise hain? Number do yeh ke premature ejaculation ke kia kia causes hain.Aur tesra yeh ke kia possible treatment humare pas available hain. Tau me pehli cheez se shurukerta hun ke premature ejaculation kise kehte hain. Dekhen premature ejaculation jise hindimein sheedherpatan kehte hain aur unani zuban mein aur unani medical dictionary mein iseykehte hain surat e inzal. Tau premature ejaculation ki koi specific definition nahi hai lekingeneralize agar hum dekhen tau koi bhi mard erection aney ke baad vaginal entry se pehle yaentry kern eke baad 1 minute se pehle pehle agar discharge hojata hai tau usko prematureejaculation ki category mein rakhte hain. Tau ab hum atey hain ke iske kia kia causes hain. Whatare the main cardinal causes behind this particular issue? Tau me isme kahunga ke iska koi bhicause proven nahi hai keh yeh kahien ke ji isi waja se aisa hua hai. There are many causes andmany theories are there keh yeh is waja se hota hai yeh is waja se hota hai. Clinically jau menedekha hai aur jau doctors hum apas mein jab discuss kerte hain ke jau we have decided to someextent ke isme kia kia causes involved hain.

Tau isko bhi me 2 parts mein categorized kerta hun. Ek hai mental disorder aur dusre hain physical disorder/organic disorder. Mental disorder ke jabapka cyclogical status kisi bhi waja se poor ho jaise anxiety, depression ya mian biwi kea psirelationship achay nahi hun ya apko performance anxiety ho, ya ap buhat stressed rehte hunkisi bhi waja se yeh is tarah ke causes mein involved rehte hain. Organic causes mein yehtajurba hai humara clinically we have seen this particular thing ke metabolic disorders jaisecardio vascular disorder, diabetes, thyroid ke issues chahe thyroid kam hota ho ya ziada hotaho, ya weak muscular stature yani jin logon ka musculature yani muscular status ho who weakho aise logon ko bhi premature ejaculation hote hue humne aam tor se dekha hai. Ek sawalisme humse aam tor se kerte hai ke masturbation ka kia role hai? Dekhen me masturbation keagainst hun tau me kabhi favor nahi kerta kyoun ke masturbation is an artificial and unnaturalact. Tau obviously mujhe lagta hai ke clinically mene dekha hai apne 15 saal ke experience meinke masturbation se apka sensitive becomes more sensitive. Jau apka penis hai uska jau skin haiwho ziada sensitive hojata hai. Tau jitna ziada penis sensitive hoga utni jaldi ap ejaculate kerjate hain. Tau is tarah kuch physical causes iske peche mojood hain. Ab hum atey hain teesrapart jau ke buhat important part hai ke iska treatment kaise kiya jaye. Dekhen mere pas all overindias people are coming to us and they are discussing this particular thing in very depth andthey are really very frustrated and embarrassed ke doctor sahib bara pareshaun hogaya hun and we have taken many treatments from many doctors even from many qualified sexologistlekin problem wahin ki wahin hai.

Tau iske peche wajah kia hai? Tau dekhen me 2 batein ismebuhat important batata hun. Pehli cheez isme yeh hai ke koi bhi doctor elaj ghalat nahi deta yaapni taraf se jaan booj ker ghalti nahi kerta. Han! Who kuch cheezain miss kerjata hai. Hota kiahai ke premature ejaculation ko dono hi tarah se handle kiya jata hai matlab isme combinationof therapies kaam kerti hain. Na sirf akeli dawaiyan kaam kerti hain aur na sirf akele dusre points woh dusre points jaise ki taraf me pehle ata hun dawaiyun se pehle. Premature ejaculation ko treat kerne ke liye usko cure kerne ke liye hum kuch techniques hum use kerte hain jaise kegal exercises hain, stop and squeezed techniques hain, thek hai na aur ek aur technique hai which is being you know advice by me they are not found in the books,in medical books aur in sexual books yeh meri taraf se me patients ko batata hun aur mene iske buhatache results dekhe hain. Ho sakta hai future mein kal kitabon mein yeh kal likha jane laga jistarah se kegal ko likha jata hai, stop and squuzed ko likha jata hai ke penetration ke doran kegel exercise ki jaye. I mean to say that when you have penetrated the vagina at that particular moment you do the kegal. What is the kegal exercises is the different part of the video where we explain the kegal and different techniques regarding to cure this particular premature ejaculation tau usme hum agey discuss karenge. Yahan sirf mein apko yeh batana chah rahahun tau yeh techniques aur iske sath sath psychotherapies. Matlab hum patient ko pehle sab sepehle tau kia kerte hain ke uska cause ke kia cause hai usko explore kerne ki koshish kerte hainusko pakarne ki koshish kerte hain, uske baad phir hum yeh dono hi techniques ko dono hi partko medicine part bhi aur yeh jau humara physical part hai usko combine kerte hain. Withpsychotherapy with counselling dono partners ko bhi bula ker discuss kerte hain. Believe me is pattern ke sath jab hum chalte hain tau yeh cure hojata hai. Han! Ek rule hamesha yaad rakheyepremature ejaculation chunke deep routed problem hai tau isme chamatkaar nahi hoga matlabyou shouldn t expect from your doctor that he is going to do something chamatkaar. So this should not be the you know the view point.

Thank you very much. I think I have explain theimportant part of premature ejaculation.
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Factors Accelerating and Delaying Penile Erections
Hello friends,

I am Dr Prabhu Vyas, I am Sexologist, I have done my MS from Bangalore and PhD. MS there is a master degree in sexual problems, then a postgraduate diploma in sexual problems and a postgraduate diploma in psychological counselling and guidance. I have also done a PhD my topic was the factors accelerating depressing penile erection, successful married life, semen s, sexology, which are the very useful topics in the successful married life.

Today's topic is erections, by a topic of research is factor accelerating it depressing penile erections and Premature ejaculations many person do not get the erection properly. What is the reason behind that anxiety, depressions, fear of failure and so many reasons are there? The lack of blood flow in the penis when they get erections we find out the different problem, we find out the different reason, why the patient is not getting the proper erection and we have the team of specialist for this, we have the team of all specialist andrologist, neurologist and endocrinologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, MD Ayurveda we have the team of this specialist. If we find any difficulty regarding this we also called the other doctors also, many persons get the premature ejaculations, what is the meaning of the premature ejaculation, pre means before the intercourse it ejaculates, semen discharge before the intercourse done. Therefore, the second time they do not get the erections properly, therefore, they do not know any knowledge about this. We give the best treatment for this, we have the team of the specialist which give the best treatment to these patients and we pull the patient out and we tell them how to live the successful married life. There are so many myths about these erections there are different myths for the masturbation. In the world, 92 % male is doing the masturbation and 60% female are also doing the masturbation. There are different myths in the Indian cultures in India, it is the taboo they cannot utter any word about the sexual problems. If they think that if semen is lost everything is lost, they have so many misconceptions about the semen, masturbation and another thing. They think that they lost their power if they lost the semen. In semen there can be a azoospermia means at all no sperm in the semen. Sometime Oligospermia, Oligospermia is the less sperm are there, jo shukrajantu rehte hain, jo purush beej rehte hain, jo sperm rehte hain, ya spermatozoa rehte hain, wo kam rehte hain uske andar, is wajah se bhi kisi kisi ko bache nahi hote, ya koi bahut sare logo ko bilkul sperm nahi rehte, shukra jantu toh bilkul nahi rehte, spermatozoa to bilkul nahi rehte, uski wajah se baal bache nahi hote. Toh woh sabhi jhanche hum kar ke phir baad mein, toh patient ko right guidance karte hain hamare paas alag alag doctors hai yeh cheezon ke liye. Aur dono milke kis tarah se sukhi vivahit jivan jiye iske baare mein hum acche tarah se guidance dete hain aur kitne bhi complicated problem raha toh bhi hum puri team usko solve karte hain aur uske andar research karke, har patient ka alag alag criteria rehta hai, har patient alag alag rehta hai, har kisi ko ek hi iske andar nahi anka ja sakta, ek hi line mein nahi unko chalaya ja sakta, har case different rehti hai. Har kisiko erection ko problem rehta hai, toh kisi ko depression ho jata hai uska problem rehta hai, ya kisi ko premature ejaculation ho jata hai yani early discharge, jisko shighrapatan kaha jata hai. There are unconservation of marriage uske ander vivah ki apurtata, unconservation of marriage yani vivah ki apurtata, hamare pass koi koi patient aate hai 10 saal ho gaye shaddi ko, 15 saal ho gaye, 20 saal ho gaye, alag alag doctor ke paas jate hai woh aur file ki file rehti hai unke pass mein. Sabhi report normal, sabhi doctor ke paas visit pe ja ke, sabhi itne bade bade doctor ko bataya aur bacche nahi hue, report sabhi normal matlab reason kya tha, proper yeh tha ki they were unable to do the intercourse properly, woh sambandh nahi kar paate thye report bhale hi unke normal rahe, they were unable to do the intercourse properly woh sambandh nahi bana paate thye, toh bache hone ka sawal kaha aata hai. Isliye pehla question yeh puchna chahiye ki sambandh barabar hote hain ya nahi hote. Wahan se agar shuruvat ki toh bahut si problem solve ho sakti hai.

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