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Quit Smoking - Treatment, Procedure And Side Effects

What is the treatment?

A lot of people are addicted to the fatal habit of smoking. However, there are many treatments available that can wean an individual off smoking. If one categorizes them, the treatments would fall under the following heads:

  • Pharmacological ways – These ways are typically the ways that would involve nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). This type of therapy would aim to replace the deadly nicotine with something, which is similar in the chemical structure. However, the ill effects of nicotine will be eliminated. The prolonged use of NRT will eventually wean the individual out of nicotine.
  • Home remedies - These will take a longer time for an individual to wean from nicotine, although this therapy is considered the best in the longer run. There are minimal side effects when home remedies are applied. Individuals are usually distracted from nicotine during the therapy. Detoxifying drinks are administered for the body to release the inhaled toxins.
  • Placebo & rehabilitation therapy - Placebo treatments are the kind of therapies, which will mock the smoking activity. The individual will be subjected to something called electronic cigarettes. Smoking the same will not generate the nicotine smoke, but psychologically, the individual will have the satisfaction of smoking.

How is the treatment done?

There are many ways to quit smoking. The various weaning ways will have set procedures and rules to be followed. The individual undergoing that treatment is kept under strict supervision and denied nicotine completely. Let us look deeper into the treatment ways!

- Nicotine Replacement Therapy(NRT) - The treatment will allow the body to absorb lower doses of nicotine except for the tar. Tar is nothing but carbon monoxide, which is the trouble creator. This therapy will eliminate sudden withdrawal symptoms, bad moods, and cravings. NRT molecules are available in different forms which aim to eliminate smoking. The various forms are:

  • Inhalators
  • Skin patches
  • Chewing gums
  • Tablets, syringes and lozenges

Patches will have a low speed of nicotine release. The patches are often advised to be taken off in the night. Chewing gums, inhalators and tablets have a higher rate of release, and might elevate the cravings. Only a single type of NRT will not be enough to wean out the bad habit. However, a combination of the above examples can together be taken up to 8-12 doses to show up any visible effect.

- Home remedies - Home remedies basically aim to heal the damage that has been caused by the hard part of the nicotine toxin. This toxin will permeate the body and cause damage to the cells, especially of the lungs. A home remedy with water is one of the widely used weaning methods. The absorption of extra amounts of water will force the toxin out of the body. Tobacco and nicotine in synergy cause a lot of damage to the cells. The same can be revived or reversed using water. Drinking water at regular intervals and under prescribed levels will ensure complete flush out of the toxin.

Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

Ideally, an individual who has reached the highest level of nicotine contamination is eligible for treatment. However, upon doctors’ advice, all addicted individuals need not undergo treatment. The “quit smoking” treatment will again invite a sudden toll in the body. The changes, though for long-term benefits, will push the body into accepting the same. Weaning a bad habit will trigger bad moods and hyperactive individual nature.

Treatment should be taken under supervision and care. The withdrawal symptoms can be severe, and one need to be patient. Getting a high fever or a strong headache are signs of the weaning process and hence, you should not panic.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

The people who should be exclusively refrained from this treatment are:

  • Pregnant women
  • Children below 18 years
  • Breastfeeding women
  • People suffering from kidney problems and
  • People who encounter problems like epilepsy and eating disorders

The above categories of individuals refrain from such treatments because putting the body in a strict routine is not possible with them. A pregnant woman cannot be exposed to those patches and strict diet as she will have her own drugs to be administered. A combination of both will have ill-effects on the little one.

Are there any side effects?

Well, every treatment administered to the human body will end up in side effects. The severity of the side effect might differ from one to another. Since, NRT is the widely-used method of weaning, side effects related to the drug used are common. The possible side effects are:

  • Sickness: The state of being sick is the trend while under the therapy. The main reason behind this are the withdrawal symptoms and effects of the drug. The body will tend to feel weak and lean as the sudden kick from nicotine will be missing. The slow release of nicotine will make the body weak.
  • Constipation: Another most occurring side effect is constipation. This condition is due to the pharmacodynamics going inside the body due to the drug. Excretions will be affected majorly, as the therapy will try to eliminate the contamination of nicotine from all the major biochemical pathways.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

A typical “quit smoking” treatment would last for about 8-12 weeks. However, the real care and struggle come post treatment. The adopted ways are quite easy to give away unless the following guidelines are adhered to:

  • Stay away: Keeping yourself away from areas and groups that are smoky is a mandate. It is necessary that you keep away from people who smoke. Passive smoking is again deadly! Post treatment, the body signals will move towards returning to smoke. This happens due to the undying need for nicotine. Exposure to surrounding nicotine can trigger the need back.
  • Eat healthy: Eating healthy food like fruits, vegetables and juices will bring back the health to normal. All the side effects that were evident should vaporize. Fruits and other veggies will also improve one’s immunity and help fight any infections.

How long does it take to recover?

As soon as the therapy ends, a new phase of recovery begins. Your strict routine and medications will slowly take turns to heal the damaged lung and associated respiratory system. At the beginning, withdrawal symptoms will take charge and make things a little difficult for you. Bad mood and behavioral changes are inevitable. However, complete healing might take 2-3 years’ time. Momentary relief will start within a few weeks of treatment.

What is the price of the treatment in India?

Generally, Indians always keep a mindset of being reasonable in everything that they do. The skin patches used as NRT will cost about INR 700-800. Overall, the treatment would cost around $10-12. The same might vary due to the differences between the treatment centers.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

Well, the results of the treatments are permanent and will not turn temporary until one decides to. Quit smoking will become a part of your routine and you should exactly know what do to keep yourself in that. The treatment requires commitment and discipline. With the right attitude, the results can be forever. Temporary relief will become permanent with only your discipline. Results can reverse at any point if you fall weak and give into your old bad habits.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

This kind of addiction seldom finds alternatives. Nevertheless, there are a few ways that will let you quit smoking. They are:

  • Psychological training will train your mind to learn the ill effects of smoking. Your mind will be filled with so much of negativity about smoking that you will be forced the habit.
  • Fear is another weapon! Animated effects of smoking in lungs and respiratory systems will scare the smoker.
Safety: Medium Effectiveness: Medium Timeliness: Medium Relative Risk: Medium Side Effects: Medium Recovery Time: High Price Range: RS. 700 - Rs. 800

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4 Easy Ways To Quit Smoking!

Dr. Deepak Subramanian 88% (10 ratings)
MS - General Surgery
General Surgeon, Chennai
4 Easy Ways To Quit Smoking!
How Smoking Impacts Your Organs? As you inhale cigarette smoke, about 7000 carcinogens stir the crevices of your body. In India, about 3,00,000 people die every year due to smoking-related issues. Here's a list of 5 such organs, which are the most affected by cigarette smoke. 1. Your lungs - Your lungs are probably the first organs to bear the wrath of cigarette smoke. Majority of the lung cancer cases are due to smoking. Other diseases include bronchitis and emphysema. This smoke paralyzes the cilia lining the inner walls so much so that it overproduces mucous. When the mucous builds, respiration suffers. Asthma and cancer follow. 2. Your Skin - Your skin also gets affected up to a huge extent if you smoke. You could have deep circles under your eyes, wrinkles on your skin, and stretch marks, if you continue smoking over time. Also, there lies the risk of major health issues like skin warts, psoriasis, skin cancer, and wounds, which may take longer to heal. 3. Your Penis - Studies revealed that you can take longer for an erection and find it difficult to maintain it if you are a heavy smoker. Studies have also revealed that men who quit smoking had longer and firmer erections. 4. Your Liver - Smoking increases the chances of you suffering from liver cancer dramatically. According to studies, half of the liver cancer cases are due to smoking. Obesity can also take place if you're a heavy smoker. 5. Your Eyes - Smoking affects your eyes to the extent of making you blind. Partial vision loss, glaucoma, cataracts, dry eye syndrome, and diabetic retinopathy are some of the other diseases you are susceptible to if you smoke. Despite the negative effects, quitting smoking can save you from all of these potential health hazards. Here are some ways to help you quit smoking. 1. Nicotine Replacement Therapy - There are a few nicotine replacement tools in the form of nicotine nasal sprays and nicotine inhaler, which you can use to quit smoking. 2. Chew on something - You should try to chew on some candy, or a gum, or anything crunchy and satisfying once you start getting restless for a cigarette or any other form of nicotine. That usually helps. 3. Relaxation techniques - If you are resisting tobacco strongly, it can be very stressful indeed. Take a break from whatever you are doing and go out for a walk, practice muscle relaxation, yoga or deep breathing to keep the craving out of the way. 4. Get involved in some physical work - Getting involved in some work will surely go a long way in reducing your craving. You can also try out physical exercises like squats, running, or jogging. Otherwise, you can also indulge in some needlework, or anything, which involves concentration or physical work.
2979 people found this helpful

Smoking Effects And How To Quit Smoking

Dr. Anuneet Sabharwal 88% (138 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Delhi
Smoking Effects And How To Quit Smoking
When you smoke, you not only harm yourself, but also the people around you. Your lungs aren t the only organs affected by tobacco; smoking has lasting effects on the mouth, nasal cavity, stomach, pancreas, kidney, liver, rectum etc. Smoking affects you physical and mental health, and can easily become an addiction. Smoking increases a person s risk of suffering from many types of cancer including oral cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer etc, as well as the chance of having a stroke or cardiovascular disease. It can also cause diseases like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Emphysema. Smoking speeds up the ageing process, and triggers the formation of wrinkles. It can also cause cavities, gum disease and suppress appetite. Heavy smokers often have difficulties with their sexual functioning by having difficulty reaching an orgasm, and can even be infertile. Men may have difficulty maintaining an erection, while women who smoke are more likely to suffer from complications during pregnancy. Decreased bone density and weakened eyesight are some of the other long-term effects of smoking. When it comes to quitting smoking, there is no one technique that can work for everyone. Smoking is an addiction that becomes a part of your normal routine, and hence, quitting cigarettes can be very difficult for many people. To successfully quit smoking, one must address both the addiction, and the habits that accompany it. The first step to quitting smoking is to set a date for when you will have your last cigarette. Inform your friends and family about your decision, especially those who you used to smoke with and ask for their support. If you feel you may be tempted to smoke around certain people, it may be a good idea to avoid them for a while. Given that smoking is a habit, it is natural to crave nicotine. You may experience withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, frustration, restlessness, insomnia, fatigue, constipation headaches and a reduced attention span. To cope with these effects, remind yourself why you quit in the first place. Find ways to distract yourself and reward yourself from time to time for not giving in to nicotine cravings. To cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms, you may want to try cigarettes substitutes like nicotine gums or nicotine patches that deliver small doses of nicotine at regular intervals without the tar and other chemicals found in cigarettes. E-cigarettes, although popular these days, are not a safe alternative to smoking. Alternative therapies such as hypnosis and acupuncture can also help quit smoking. Consult your Psychiatrist, and be in regular follow up with him/her to stay clean and healthy.
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I'm bad smoker i want to leave it. Please suggest me some good medicine please help.

Dr. Shashank 91% (242 ratings)
Ms. Counselling & Psychology, BHMS
Homeopath, Hyderabad
you can use Homeopathic medicine Adven D Tox drops daily 2 times 20 drops in cup water it will definitely help you

Sir /mam mera ek frend ha vo 5 years se daily corex syrup, rescof,lupicope ,qurex, onrex ,wincerex sir ye daily 1 ya 2 pita hi ha tb tak chaan nhi milta ise nd uska beahvior bhot chir chira type rhta ha or shak karne vala behavior nd ek din usne mujhe ki use subha washroom me bhi problem hoti thi nd vo ye syrup pine ke baad bhot jyada mithi chaay pita ha phr cigreete hi cigreete pita ha candy crush me laga rhata ha sir kya aap mujhe koi medicine bta skte ha jise ki vo ye chor ske.

Dr. Garima Sharma 92% (415 ratings)
General Physician, Fatehabad
Hi lybrate-user, your friend has gotten addicted to cough syrup. The best way to treat an addiction to cough medicine is by booking into a rehabilitation centre, where the individual will receive supervised medical detoxification as well as group therapy and addiction counseling which will help in educating the individual about their disease and what they must do to get into recovery. Once this has been completed, it is may be recommended that the patient attends a secondary care treatment centre, which may come in the form of outpatient treatment or residing in another part of the clinic that specializes in secondary care addiction issues. In secondary care, patients have the chance to deal with underlying causes & conditions, such as low self esteem or abuse that may hinder their chances of a full recovery or if not dealt with lead them to a relapse. Tertiary care is also available for those who completed treatment and want to assimilate back into work and home life in a structured manner with addiction support to ensure they remain sober and clean. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

Can you please suggest me how to quit cigrate. Due to cigrate am geetin problem in my chest.

Dr. Garima Sharma 92% (415 ratings)
General Physician, Fatehabad
Hi lybrate-user, There are a variety of herbs and supplements that can help people stop smoking. Rhodiola extract in the mornings can increase dopamine receptors. Dopamine is a hormone associated with mood. Too little dopamine can lead to anxiety and depression. Increasing dopamine receptors and uptake can make people feel happier, more energetic and less like smoking a cigarette. People often feel nauseated when they are in withdrawal from nicotine. Ginger root may reduce nausea. Lobelia can be toxic so caution is needed when using. 1. Oats Oats are a heart healthy food that is high in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, and folate. Eating oats can help lower levels of bad cholesterol and keep arteries clear, which helps to lower risk of heart disease. They also contain chemicals called avenathramides that can reduce stress, strengthen the nervous system, fight free radials, and combat high blood pressure. All of these benefits can be crucial for smokers who are at a higher risk for heart disease. Oats can also directly help smokers quit. An extract derived from green oats can ease withdrawal symptoms and help to decrease cigarette cravings. 2. Herbal Cigarettes: Herbal cigarettes can replace regular cigarettes and help break the addiction. Smokers become used to reaching for a cigarette in certain situations and at specific times during the day. Sometimes a cigarette is about familiarity or comfort more than nicotine. Herbal cigarettes contain fewer chemicals and carcinogens in regular cigarettes. People can substitute herbal cigarettes to meet their psychological need for a smoke without compromising their health. The main benefits of herbal cigarettes are that they are not additive. These cigarettes contain zero nicotine. They are made with herbs such as mint, cinnamon, clover, cornsilk, licorice or lemongrass. They also have some carcinogens so they should only be used as a short-term aide to break the nicotine habit and not long-term. 3. Garcinia Cambogia: This herb is very good for chain smokers. It suppresses the desire of smoking in the smokers. This herb also helps to lower the body weight as it contains hydroxycitric acid which has very good fat burning properties. 4. Mimosa - Mimosa is a non-addictive herb which gives relief from the anxiety and stress that comes after quitting smoking. Some of the people start smoking again after quitting it as they face lot of fatigue and anxiety afterwards. 5. Korean Ginseng is a natural herb to stop stress and anxiety. This herb can be taken in the form of capsule or tincture. It gives calming and soothing effect to the body and helps the people to fight with the depression that occurs after giving up smoking. Hope this helps. Good luck.
1 person found this helpful

I took blood vomit once. I had smoking habit. And till now over 2000 cigarettes I smoked past 2 yrs. What can I do to stop?

Dr. Rushali Angchekar 94% (51868 ratings)
Homeopath, Sindhudurg
stop smoking completely. Quitting smoking will improve circulation and lung function, lower heart attack and stroke risk, and slow the heart rate down. Homeopathy offers safe and reliable medicines for the treatment of nicotine and tobacco withdrawal. The following are homeopathic remedies that help with a tobacco detox. 1. Tabacum. 2.caladium 3. nux vom 4. ignatia 5. lobelia 6. staphy 7. plantago 8. arnica sex ..

I have smoking problem how should I stop this problem and also my penis is small how to big it.Please suggest me something.

Mr. Rajan P 93% (696 ratings)
M.Sc - Applied Psychology, Guidance &Counselling, B.A., Psychology, Pharmacy, 6-month Internship
Psychologist, Madurai
Smoking is not only your problem, but also a global problem. I suggest you some practices to get rid of the habit. But it is only Your Own will power/fortitude/guts, say whatever it is, it will only lead you to success. 1)Announce a particular date (within a week) on which you are going to stop smoking, to all your friends, neighbors, family members etc., 2) Enjoy smoking as much as possible till that date, but with 100% consciousness (just like meditation you should concentrate only at the smoking activity itself). 3)Make some arrangements so that you and your family members, particularly your parents, should be inside your home for a few days(more is better). 4) Be psychologically prepared to face some mood changes like feeling of losing something, thoughts about life without smoking is not possible, even headache, constipation, restlessness etc., all these are withdrawal symptoms and only temporary. Will loose strength day after day. 5)On the particular day close yourself inside home and start meditating (recite the mantra "I WILL NEVER SMOKE EVEN AT THE COST OF MY DEATH' to yourself very strongly and repeatedly). For the next few days do nothing else except this meditation. You will have the positive energy to fight against the habit. And again, it's your strong will power that gives you what you want. Your second question, size of the penis doesn't matter, it matters only the Erection of the penis. Bcs even a two-inche erect penis is sufficient to satisfy a woman sexually. So nothing to worry about it.
1 person found this helpful

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