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Home Remedies For Weight Loss: Procedure, Recovery, Risk & Complication

What is the remedy about?

Obesity is a condition where you tend to accumulate fat in various parts of the body. Obesity or weight gain results from a number of factors like lifestyle factors, genes and hormonal problems. The remedies described below will help you keep your weight at optimal levels.

Lemon juice combined with honey is a great home remedy for weight loss. In addition, lemon contains Vitamin C which is good for your skin.

Raw apple cider vinegar (with mother) can boost one’s metabolism and help in breaking down fat. Drinking a tablespoon of vinegar before each meal is a good way to control one's appetite.

Eating fresh curry leaves in the morning is a well-known ayurvedic remedy for obesity. It has a compound called mahanimbine which has fat burning capabilities.

Drinking 2-3 cups of green tea on a regular basis also helps with weight loss. It is full of antioxidants that are good for skin and hair.

In addition to this, exercising regularly is a good way to burn calories. You can include walking, jogging or even strength training in your daily routine to lose weight.

Are there any side effects?

There can be side effects, if, in a bid to lose weight quickly, one starts to overdo things. Exercising too hard can lead to exertion and even injury. Consuming too much lemon juice can cause your teeth abrasion. Similarly drinking too much apple cider vinegar can also lead to complications. It is thus advised not to overdo the home remedies.

What are the post-remedy guidelines?

Once you start to follow the remedies for weight loss, you need to follow certain guidelines. This is to ensure that you don’t gain the lost weight back. They are –

  • Avoid consuming unhealthy food.
  • Don’t stop working out.
  • Limit your portion sizes.
  • Avoid foods that are high in sugar.
  • Avoid foods that are deep fried.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Lead an active lifestyle.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol.

How long does it take to recover?

The time it takes to lose the unwanted fat/weight depends on the initial weight. It also depends on how strictly one adheres to the remedies. Generally, it may take around 20-30 days to see a noticeable difference.

Are the results of the remedy permanent?

No, the results are not permanent. If you go stop following the remedies then you may gain back the lost weight.

Is there any training or experts required?

When it comes to exercise, correct posture is important so as not to injure yourself. Thus consulting a physical trainer can be beneficial.

Effectiveness: High Side Effects: Very Low Time for Recovery: Medium Price Range :

Approx Rs 500 - Rs 10,000

Training Requirement:

In case of diet, there is no training required. When it comes to exercises, however, you may need to consult a trainer.

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Breast Augmentation & Lifting - How it Can Help?

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Visakhapatnam
Breast Augmentation & Lifting - How it Can Help?

Each woman has a unique silhouette and one of the characteristic elements of a woman’s silhouette is the curve of her breasts. Some women who are not happy with the shape and size of their breasts may opt to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Women who feel that their breasts have lost their shape after pregnancy or as a result of weight loss or those who have asymmetric breasts may also choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery. This is a cosmetic surgical procedure through which the size of the breasts may be increased by placing synthetic implants under the skin.

This procedure is usually performed under general anaesthesia, where an incision is made under the breast, around the areolas or under the arm through which the implant may be placed. This incision is usually made such that it is camouflaged by the natural contours and creases of the breast. The implant is usually placed under the pectoral muscle or placed directly below the breast tissue above the pectoral muscle.

The placement of the implant depends on the type of implant, the degree of enlargement desired etc. the incisions are then stitched close or closed with surgical tape. The results of breast augmentation surgery should be immediately visible after surgery.

After the surgery, the patient may feel some pain and soreness around the breasts for the first 48 hours. There may also be itchiness and the patient may find it difficult to raise their arms properly. The patient may also experience slight swelling and discolouration which should resolve itself within a few days. The doctor may also advise the patient to wear a compression garment or special lingerie to support the breasts.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, what one person considers good looking, another may not. Hence, it is important to find a cosmetic surgeon who has a similar point of view as the patient. Before undergoing the procedure, ask to see before and after photographs of the doctor’s earlier patients. If possible show your doctor photographs of what you would like your breasts to look like after surgery. This will help you achieve the results you desire. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon.

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Fat Injections - An excellent alternate to Silicone Breast Implant for Breast Enhancement !

M.Ch - Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Surat
Fat Injections - An excellent alternate to Silicone Breast Implant for Breast Enhancement !

Fat injections also known as Autologous Fat Transfer for Breast Enhancement/ Augmentation is rapidly becoming popular. This is so because it wipes out the requirement for breast implants by using extra fat from your own body to enhance your breast size together with giving a beautiful shape.

Fat injection can lift-up as well re-shape the sagging breasts making them firmer by adding the volume lost because of lactation, ageing or weight loss. Common areas to harvest fat are tummy, thighs & buttocks. In past, there were worries that the fat may obscure detection of early breast cancer on breast X-rays (mammograms), but now it is considered absolutely safe.

While everybody may not be a perfect candidate for Fat Transfer for Breast Enhancement, it has great advantages. These are as follows:
1. It is an absolutely safe alternative as it uses material (Fat) from your own body, so no need to remove it in future even due to some possible rare problems encountered with Silicone Breast Implants (like capsule contracture, implant rupture or infection)
2. Breast Enhancement can be combined with Liposuction of other concerned body parts (Best out of Waste-Utilizes the removed fat for enhancement !)
Still, it has got some disadvantages as follows:
1. Compared with Silicone Breast Implants, this procedure is technically more demanding to create natural curves of breast out of small saggies- needs finest skills and artistic views on part of operating Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon. 
2. Each breast has its own limitation to accommodate the volume of newly injected fat and enhancement beyond that may require a 2nd session.
3. Some portion of the injected fat undergo resorption after the procedure and the breasts will decrease in size after some time to require a 2nd touch-up session to get best results.
4. A thin-lean lady may not be a good candidate for this procedure not having extra fat to inject.
5. Newly enhanced breast with this technique may undergo minute changes in size with body- weight fluctuations. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon.

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Symptoms and Treatment

MBBS, MS - General Surgery , DNB (General Surgery), MNAMS (Membership of the National Academy), Fellow HPB Surgery & Liver Transplant (Singapore) , FICS - RPSLH - RPSLH
Gastroenterologist, Hyderabad
Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Symptoms and Treatment

Inflammatory Bowel Disease needs to be controlled in the initial stage only so that severe symptoms can be prevented. There are a few easy treatments that need to be followed for getting instant relief and quickest recovery. 

What are the commonest signs of Inflammatory Bowel disease?

  1. Fatigue and fever: Low-grade fever can be experienced, which might invite fatigue, tiredness and weakness. Your energy levels will become too low, and thus you will lose your concentration to work. 
  2. Diarrhea: This is regarded as the commonest signs of all, and it can be quite severe in a few cases. 
  3. Stool with blood: If you find blood with stool, then it is a serious case, and this sign confirms clearly that you have got IBD.
  4. Cramping and abdominal pain: Ulceration and inflammation within digestive tract might invite both cramping and abdominal pain. Vomiting and nausea are the other two symptoms that are associated with the same.
  5. Weight loss: Your digestive system can get disturbed as a result of which you might lose weight on a frequent note. On the other hand, your appetite will get disturbed, and you will suffer from malnutrition.

What are the best ways to treat Inflammatory Bowel disease? 

  1. Lifestyle change: Proper diet should be maintained, and you should include foods with low fats, high fiber and others. Non-spicy and non-dairy foods are quite suitable in this case. Smoking, alcohol drinking and other bad habits should be curtailed from the diet. Eat healthy and drink water in abundance. 
  2. Surgery: Only for dealing severe conditions, especially ulcerative colitis and crohn's disease, surgery is chosen as the best option but this decision is normally taken by the doctor. 
  3. Medications: Specialized medications are being used like anti-diarrhoeal medications, pain relievers, and iron supplements, Vitamin-d and calcium supplements, vitamin-12 supplements and many more.
  4. Home remedies: There are few commonest homemade therapies that can treat IBD, and they are meditations, probiotics, acupuncture, turmeric, aloe Vera, fish oil and others. These remedies are the safest of all, and thus no side-effects will be faced.
  5. Doctor's assistance: Without doctor's help, you will not be able to get the quickest recovery from IBD. Therefore, you got to visit the clinic regularly in order to get the perfect treatment. There are a few therapists who can help you to get rid of unwanted emotional difficulties. A support group can also be joined for receiving moral support. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a gastroenterologist.
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Suffering From Excess Facial Hair - Get Your Hormones Checked!

MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DNB, DM - Endocrinology
Endocrinologist, Gurgaon
Suffering From Excess Facial Hair - Get Your Hormones Checked!

Every woman likes to look into the mirror and find not an extra strand of hair on her face, be it the upper lip or near the ears. While it is not uncommon for women to have hair on these and other areas, most women resort to multiple ways to get rid of this. The pattern of this unnecessary hair growth is very similar to the pattern seen in males normally.

This condition of excessive hair growth is known as hirsutism and can be caused by multiple causes, as listed below.

  1. Genetic or racial: While the European women have a more clean face that is free of hair, the Mediterranean and Indian women are highly likely to have more facial hair growth. There is also a strong family history relation, and it is hereditary.
  2. Androgens (testosterone): This is a male hormone, essential for the development of male sexual characters. Though it is present in very minute amounts in all women, in some, there could be higher than these minimal levels, leading to minor masculine characters, facial hair being one of them.
  3. Hormonal imbalances: There are multiple hormonal issues which can manifest as increased facial hair growth. The two most common ones include polycystic ovarian syndrome ((PCOS)) and adrenal conditions including tumours, Cushing's syndrome, and hyperplasia. In all these cases, there is increased amount of androgens, leading to excessive facial hair.
  4. Medication side effect: Some medications like testosterone, cyclosporine, anabolic steroids, and Minoxidil also lead to increased amounts of facial hair in women. Some other medications used to treat migraines, seizures, schizophrenia, and hypertension can also cause hirsutism. This is indirectly due to increased levels of male hormones in the system, producing these effects.
  5. Birth control pills: These also affect the hormone levels and lead to increased facial hair.
  6. Obesity: Most women with facial hair are also on the heavier side, and most people have a reduction in hair once weight is managed.

Treatment: The underlying cause should be treated for controlling hair growth. If there is an inducing medication, an alternative should be looked at. While hormone levels can be altered, in most cases, not much can be done. These need to be dealt with using one of the following methods - depilatory creams, waxing, plucking, shaving, laser reduction, electrolysis, and weight loss.

When reading through the above, it is obvious that a lot of causes for hirsutism point towards hormones. This also helps identify hormonal abnormalities in the earlier stages. This helps to identify hormonal disorders in their earlier stages, which are managed with lesser complications. The next time you feel there is more hair on your chin or cheeks, get your hormone levels checked. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult an endocrinologist.

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Menorrhagia - Is It Common During Puberty?

MBBS, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Noida
Menorrhagia -  Is It Common During Puberty?

A girl’s first period or Menarche marks her transition from a ‘girl’ to a ‘woman’. Most girls have their first period between the ages of 11 to 13 depending on their genetic structure, body weight, nutrition and maturity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis. Periods are usually irregular in the first two years and gradually settle into a pattern. Along with the duration of the periods, there may also be fluctuation in the amount of blood being lost. Puberty menorrhagia can be described as excessive vaginal bleeding during menstruation. This can occur up to the age of 19 years.

One of the characteristic symptoms of menorrhagia during puberty is having to change tampons or sanitary napkins every 2-3 hours. Periods that last more than 7 days can also be a sign of this condition. While the average amount of blood lost during menstruation is 30ml, adolescents suffering from this condition can lose up to 80ml of blood. Other symptoms include acne, pale skin, the growth of excessive facial or body hair and palpitations of the abdomen. These indicate an imbalance of hormones within the body.

In most cases, this condition is caused by anovulatory cycles. This can be described as a menstrual cycle in which an egg is not released by the ovaries. Anovulatory cycles may be triggered by sudden changes in hormone levels, drastic weight loss or weight gain, stress, extreme levels of exercising and an imbalanced diet. The use of hormonal contraceptives and infections may also cause excessive menstrual bleeding. Less common causes of this condition include endocrine disorders, systemic illnesses and structural lesions such as cervical polyps or fibroids.

While menorrhagia is common during puberty, if it continues for over three months, you must consult a doctor. Depending on the factors triggering this condition it can be treated with hormonal or non-hormonal medication or even a combination of the two. Treatment for this condition must be tailored to each patient while keeping in mind her age, family medical history and co-existing medical conditions. Hormonal treatment for excessive menstrual bleeding can take the form of oral contraceptives or progesterone tablets. Non-hormonal forms of treating this condition include iron supplements and medication to reduce blood flow. You should also eat more food that is rich in iron and vitamins while reducing intake of proteins and spicy foods. Home remedies for this condition include drinking a tea made with coriander seeds or adding cinnamon to your usual cup of tea.

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Popular Questions & Answers

I am gaining weight I have thyroid problem other than menses issues also which I am facing for last 2 yrs. Stress is also there. In spite of dieting and exercise I am putting on weight n for last 2 months I have put on 3 kg weight. I feel very frustrated and depressed because of my weight. I want to reduce weight, I am trying all home remedies for weight loss, and also joined yoga classes. why I am putting on weight. Can you suggest some medicine to reduce weight.

Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Bangalore
Dear Lybrate user, Are you taking medicines for your Thyroid problem. If not, consult General Physician/ Endocrinologist for the same. Increase in weight should be evaluated by General Physician. There is possibility of PCOS too. Get Ultrasound of lower abdomen done and consult Gynaecologist. If there is PCOS, treatment for latter is likely to reduce weight and vice versa. If all the investigations are normal, consult Dietitian and physical trainer.
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Hallo Doctor I am facing HEEL Pain in my left leg last 2 weeks. And also I want to reduce my weight kindly suggest me some home remedies for weight loose and HEEL Pain.

MBBS, MD - Anaesthesiology, FIPM, Fellowship in palliative medicine, certificate in interventional pain management, Multidisciplinary pain management course
Pain Management Specialist, Pune
Heel pain is most likely due to plantar fascitis. The treatment mostly is conservative and lifestyle modifications to achieve maximum functionality with minimum pain. Follow these lifestyle changes religiously to get benefit. 1. Reduce body weight as obesity will aggravate the stress on heel. 2. Avoid exercises like running / walking on hard surfaces. Stop such activities when you start developing pain. 3. Roll your feet on bottle of cold water for 20 mins 4 times a day or can apply ice pack. 4. Use shoes with silicone sole inserts. 5. Do calf muscle and heel stretches daily. 6. Avoid prolonged standing or sitting. 7. Use night splint to keep foot flexed at night. Stop using it once pain is relieved. 8. Use analgesics like ibuprofen for decreasing pain and inflammation. With proper lifestyle changes as above 90 % patients have relief and functionality. If pain is very severe and persistent, consult a pain specialist to get injection in plantar fascia.
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I am smoking for around 4 years per day I would smoke 10 to 15 cegirates now I want to stop smoking so I need some advice to quit smoking and how to clean my lungs for clearing the tar and life a healthy life and also I need some home remedies to reduce my belly fat.

MD - Pulmonary, DTCD
Pulmonologist, Faridabad
quit smoking and do breathing exercise and lungs will be alright. Fix a date for quiting. Take help of friends and family in encouraging you to quit. think daily why you want to quit or benifit of quiting. Fix small targets and on achieving those rewrda your self. can take nicotine replacement gums to reduce nicotine withdrawal symtoms. can join a quit smoking programme.
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What is the remedy about?
Are there any side effects?
What are the post-remedy guidelines?
How long does it take to recover?
Are the results of the remedy permanent?
Is there any training or experts required?
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How to Get Rid of Excessive Weight Gain?
Hello everyone. My name is Dr Ranjana Arora. I have done BPT, Bachelor in Physiotherapy which is four and a half year course, MPT which is Masters in Orthopaedics and Physiotherapy. I have certification in Gym instructor and I have done Matrix Rythm German therapy Instruction course and a Prenatal and Post natal exercise trainer. I have experience of more than 14 years in this field.

Today I am going to discuss Central Obesity which almost every Indian is facing. A Belly fat. Today we will discuss what is Belly fat or Central obesity or Abdominal fat. What are the causes of belly fat? How to get rid of this problem? How to measure waist size to classify as an obese person? and what are the risks associated with it?

What is Central Obesity?

The central obesity, Belly fat or Abdominal fat is when an excessive amount of fat is deposited around the stomach and the internal organs have reached to an extent where we can have a negative impact on the health, is called Central Obesity. People suffer from many problems such as high risks of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes. And other problems are like High BP, they cannot walk, breathlessness, insulin resistance and many other problems.

How to measure a waist size to classify as an Obese?

In order to measure a waist size, we can simply go for BMI (Body Mass Index). A BMI between 25-29.9 is considered as over weight, a BMI of 30 is considered as Obese and a BMI between 25-34.9 with the waist size of 40 inches in a male and 35 inches in the female has a risk of developing Cardiovascular diseases of Central Obesity and the associated problems with it.

How can we get rid of this Belly Fat?

If our diet is more and exercise is less, then the calorie intake will be more and the consumption of energy is less. We will land up with the accumulation of fat in the internal organs and the abdominal area. After a certain age, our muscles become loose and the energy required for calorie burn is less because our muscle mass goes down. So if we have less muscle mass, then fewer calories are burnt as required in our body. As we age, less calories are consumed and required. So if you consume more of the calories at a later age, you will undergo Central Obesity. So, how can we get rid of it? Here are the few tips,

Avoid intake of sugar.
Avoid sugar-sweetened carbohydrate drinks, reduce carbohydrate.
Increase protein to the diet. It will help you out for the long term.
Increase intake of Fibre enriched food.
Exercise is one of the best way. You can go for running, walking, ball aerobics like crunches on the ball, reverse crunches, straight vertical leg crunches. These are the best exercises to reduce belly fat.
You can have luke warm water added with honey in empty stomach.
You can have mint, herbal tea which will help in reducing belly fat etc.
Or you can easily contact us on Physio Slin fit wellness Centre which is a complete health hub. we have four care centre here which will help reduce your belly fat. Also, we have an advanced way of physiotherapy which is Matrix Rythm German Therapy for instant pain relief and mobility and in helps in future weight loss management. You can also try weight loss massage which is included in our slimming part. We havanti-ageing department. We have aerobic function exercise studio as well.

You can also contact me through Lybrate.

Thank you.

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Post-pregnancy Weight Loss
How to lose weight Post-pregnancy
How to lose weight Post-pregnancy

Hi friends! This is Neha Chandna Ranglani, a dietitian and nutrition educator practicing in Khar Mumbai since eight years. Today I am going to talk about post pregnancy weight loss and I am sure this is the most important thing for a new mother. Being a mother itself is an overwhelming feeling and there can be no more joyous feeling than giving birth to a new life on earth. But due to so much of physical emotional and mental changes that a mother goes through there is one question which always keeps popping in her mind and that is, "how am I going to get back to my pre pregnancy body?". We need to keep one thing in mind that this is a very crucial period for you and your baby, you have not put on that weight overnight so you cannot lose it overnight. It s a process and you have to follow a proper procedure to do that and you atleast need to give yourself a six week time to get used to the new routine before stepping into the whole new weight loss program or doing anything drastic that can help you to lose weight. The best way to lose weight is at the rate of half a kg per week. So let s see how you can lose this weight slowly and gradually without affecting your health too much and here are the following ways with which you can do that.

1. Breast feeding- So it is very important to breastfeed your child, not only to lose weight but also to form a very good emotional bonding with the new baby and breastfeeding is the best exercise to burn away calories and all the extra fat that you have put on so make sure you don't stop breastfeeding till at least one year and keep feeding your baby so that you lose and burn all the extra calories that you have accumulated during your pregnancy.

2. To eat eat eat- Yes it is very important for you to eat properly and not starve yourself. Now mothers kind of starve after pregnancy thinking that they will lose weight with starving because they are so scared of putting on more weight, but let me tell you that when you starve you actually lose your muscle mass and lots of muscle mass can reduce your metabolism which can again lead to weight gain, so please don t starve. Starving can also make you more hungry towards your next meal and you tend to eat more in your next meal and all the excess food will then go and stored as fat so the best idea is to eat and not to yourself.

So now what you are supposed to eat? You need to start your day with a good breakfast which is going to boost up your metabolism. Especially with fruits. Fruits are awesome, they are filled with natural sugars and they fill up your liver glycogen stores so you have the energy to take care of your baby and deal with all the new things that you have to do. So make sure you include a lot of fruits in your diet. Then the next thing you need to include is good fats which come from coconut oil, nuts, coconuts, and seeds. So these are the good fats which have a lot of Omega-3 Vitamin E in them and you find, which help you to deal with all the trauma that your body has gone through, recover your hormones back and aid in weight loss. Now Omega 3 is again very important for your child s brain development so you need to make sure you include a lot of Omega 3 rich fruits in your diet so that your baby becomes smart and intelligent.

Then you need to include a lot of fiber rich foods in your diet which includes salads, green leafy vegetables and whole grains like oats, brown rice, ragi, jowar. All these things are so rich in fiber that they keep you full for a longer time and you actually don t get your hands on all the crap lying around you, so you need to make sure that your fiber intake is high, fiber also helps you to clear your bowels well which is a very important thing especially post pregnancy when women are facing constipation, fiber is the key ingredient for you to clean your stomach and you get your system rolling well. And it also helps you to keep your sugar level in control, so you don't feel hungry at odd hours and there are lesser chances of diabetes, so you need to make sure you up your fiber intake.

Then you need to include good protein food sources in your diet like eggs, nut milks, nuts, seeds, and you can also add some steamed sprouts or pulses which you can digest easily like Moong Dal or Masoor Dal which are easy on the stomach and do not give you gas or bloating because protein is again very important for the wear and tear and all the trauma that your body has gone through to help you repair all of that, so make sure you add your protein sources in your diet. Next is add some galactagogue in your diet, which means foods which help you to increase your milk production, like Jeera, Saunf, Methi seeds, alfalfa seeds. Now as your milk production increases you also lose weight indirectly. So these foods will help you to feed your baby better and lose weight faster.

Make sure you do not have very high salty or sugary foods because they can cause a lot of water retention and fat accumulation in your body. Make sure you remove all the high salty or sugary foods from your diet because they can cause a lot of water retention and fat accumulation in your body. Keep your processed food intake minimal, that is food which come in packs, tins or cans, just avoid them or omit them completely because they have a lot of artificial preservatives which can get into the milk and to your baby which we don t want. So keep all these things out and focus more on live and natural foods because they are easy to digest and they give you the maximum nourishment. Last but not the least, since you are feeding your baby there is a lot of dehydration that can happen so you need to keep drinking water continuously and make sure you are hydrating yourself well. So every half an hour drink 100 to 150 to 200 ml water depending on your thirst, keep sipping water regularly and don't miss out on drinking water to keep you hydrated and to keep your metabolism going on and help you in losing more fat.

3. You need to get active- So exercise and ideal diet go hand in hand to help you shed all the extra weight. So you can start exercising six weeks after normal delivery and eight weeks after cesarean delivery. 10 to 20 minutes of any activity that you like, like walking, jogging, swimming, body conditioning. And do something under a trainer's supervision and then slowly and gradually increase it to 30 to 45 minutes and then to an hour a day. Now this can really help you lose your post pregnancy depression and improve your blood circulation and metabolism which will definitely help you to lose that extra weight lying around you.

4. Make sure you keep your stress level under control- Now this can be quite difficult because with all the new routine and all the new chores that you have to do with your baby it might be quite intimidating for you to get adjusted to the new surroundings and to the new life that you have to take care of. It could be quite stressful, depressing, sometimes it could be quite overwhelming, but you need to make sure you don t let the stress get better and get over and above your mental state, because when you are more stressful the body starts storing more fat than losing fat. So you need to find out ways where you can control your stress, that could be through breathing, so do 10 to 20 minutes of some yoga or breathing exercises every day. Think positive. Yeah it is very important to control your thoughts. Negative thoughts are very easy to ponder on but it's very difficult to think positive and to maintain that. So make it as an exercise to keep thinking positive and to love yourself, because what a new mother does is only take care of her baby and forgets herself. You need to love yourself, take care of yourself as well so that the body really feels happy raises happy hormones and helps you to lose that weight.

For more information you can contact me through and I can answer all your questions and whatever queries you have you can drop in there in my profile. Thank you.
Having issues? Consult a doctor for medical advice