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Breast Reduction: Treatment, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects

What is the treatment?

Breast reduction is normally done in women with the help of a cosmetic surgery that helps to reduce the size and weight of large and heavy breasts. This helps a person to get aesthetically pleasing breasts that suit his/her physique as well as personality. A cosmetic surgery may be able to treat sagging breasts and improve their symmetry by making them smaller, lighter and firmer. On the other hand, gynacomastia is the enlargement of the gland tissue of the male breast. This condition occurs when the grandular or breast tissue in men shows some abnormal growth. There are a number of ways to reduce male breasts.

Breast reduction is used alleviate pain in the neck, shoulders, back and also to remove the discomfort during any kind of physical activity. Furthermore, the cosmetic benefits that a woman can experience from breast reduction surgery are firmer breasts that help a woman to appear younger and more appealing overall appearance will be due to better proportioned breasts. A woman will also look better both in and out of clothing as breast reduction surgery helps to stretched areolas and the large nipples. She will be able to fit into that form-fitting dress and be the center of attention at a party.

In most men, pubertal gynacomastia gets resolved on its own. Parenteral or transdermal testosterone therapy is done if a man is suffering from hypogonadism.. A patient will have to undergo medical or surgical treatment if he is suffering from idiopathic gynacomastia or residual gynacomastia. A man who has been suffering from enlarged breasts and have not benefitted from medication is eligible for breast reduction surgery. Testosterone therapy also helps to reduce male breasts.

How is the treatment done?

Male breasts are surgically reduced with the help of reduction mammoplasty. The chest is flattened by reducing the size of the breasts and this helps to improve the shape of the male chest. When the breast tissues are extremely heavy and it causes the areola to sag, the location and size of the areola is generally adjusted. Liposuction is performed if the male breasts develop due to excess fat. A narrow canula is used to suction off the excess fat in this procedure.

There are different methods by breast reduction can be done in women. If a woman wants a shorter and a less invasive procedure, she can opt for breast reduction by liposuction. However, liposuction is good for those who want slight to moderate reduction in the size of breasts and there is no sagging to correct. Vertical or lollipop breast reduction can be availed by those women who want a moderate reduction in breast size and who have noticeable sagging. This process involves the making of two incisions. The first is around the edge of the areola and the second one is made from the bottom of the areola to the inframammary fold. A surgeon is able to remove excess fat, skin and breast tissues because of the pattern of this incision. The inverted T or ‘Anchor’ breast reduction procedure involves the making of three incisions. One incision is made around the edge of the areola, one vertically from the areola to the breast crease and the third one is made along the crease below the breast. This procedure allows for a considerable reduction of breast size and also enables the correction of sagging and asymmetry.

Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

A man is eligible for treatment of gynecomastia if he feels that he has unusually large breasts and he experiences some discomfort due to this condition. Reduction mammoplasty can be performed in a person only when he/she does not have any other serious health complication and if he/she can physically endure the surgical procedure. A woman who has large breasts and so suffers from pain in the back and neck, skin irritation and posture problem is eligible for breast reduction surgery.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

A man, whose breasts have developed during puberty and those which get reduced on their own, is not eligible for treatment. A man will also be not eligible for reduction mammoplasty if his condition can be treated by other means like hormone therapy. A woman, who can reduce the breast size by reducing weight or by adoping a healthier lifestyle, is not eligible for treatment. Pregnant women and women will a serious condition should consult a doctor before going for this surgery.

Are there any side effects?

Some of the side effects that a woman can experience after breast reduction surgery are thick scarring, problems in healing wounds, loss of sensation in the nipples, permanently being unable to breast feed and red or lumpy breasts due to fat necrosis. In men, when breast size is reduced with the help of testosterone, there may be some side effects. These symptoms may include disturbances in sleep, mood swings, increased risk of heart attacks and strokes and reduction in the size of testicles.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

A man who has undergone surgery should restrict normal physical activities till at least after 3 weeks after the surgery. They should also not go into the direct sunlight till the bruising and the selling subsides. I case of women, the final results of breast reduction surgery are only visible after a period of 2-3 months. The doctor may advise a woman to take oral painkillers for the first few days after the surgery in order to deal with any pain that she may experience. A woman can wear a surgical bra to deal with the pain and also to support the healing breasts.

How long does it take to recover?

A person will be able to start with her normal physical activities within a couple of weeks of the surgery. However, strenuous activities should be avoided for about 4 weeks. Thus it will take about a month to recover from a breast reduction surgery. A person generally requires 4-6weeks to recover from the swelling and scarring associated with a breast reduction surgery.

What is the price of the treatment in India?

Gynecomastia or surgical reduction of male breasts generally cost around Rs 60,000 in India. Testosterone therapy used to treat male breasts requires the administration of injections. Every injection of testosterone costs around Rs 5000. Breast reduction surgery generally costs between Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 1,50,000 in India.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

A woman will generally get smaller and lighter breasts for a lifetime after a breast reduction surgery. However, the breasts may sag as an inevitable result of aging. Furthermore, the shape, size and appearance of the breasts may change if a woman becomes pregnant again. It is also important for a woman who has undergone breast reduction surgery to maintain her weight in order to experience the results permanently. A man may again develop large breasts as the result of the side effects of any medication.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

Some of the natural ways by which a woman can reduce the size of her breasts are by doing cardio and strength-training exercises, aerobic exercises, by performing some special massage and by consuming ginger, green tea and flax seeds.

Safety: Medium Effectiveness: High Timeliness: Medium Relative Risk: Low Side Effects: Medium Time For Recovery: Medium Price Range:

Rs 5000 - Rs 150000

Popular Health Tips

Male Breast Surgery - What Should You Know?

Dr. Jasbir Singh 92% (98 ratings)
MCh - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Mohali
Male Breast Surgery - What Should You Know?
One of the most common cosmetic procedures performed in the world today is that of breast augmentation or reduction. This is a fairly common surgery wherein depending on the requirement of the patients; the breasts are either made bigger with the help of implants or reduced in size by excising fat and tissue. Although a majority of these patients are female, there are an increasing number of male patients, who opt for male breast surgery as well. The need for male breast surgery- The requirement for male breast surgery arises due to the occurrence of Gynecomastia or the development of male breasts. In this condition, fat and glandular tissues are stored within the male chest in the pattern of female breasts, thus giving it a feminine look. This is a common occurrence among men and can be a cause of social embarrassment for the man as well as affecting his self-esteem. Some of the causes for gynecomastia or male breasts would be Excessive Weight Gain. Hormonal changes within the body where testosterone levels drop due to conditions such as Hypogonadism (in men, the inability of the testicle s to function correctly) and estrogen levels increase. Medications used to treat other disorders such as certain anti -depressants, cancer medication, and anti-anxiety medications among others. Excess consumption of alcohol and certain drugs. Hyperthyroidism (excess thyroid secretion by the thyroid gland). It isn t always just fat! While many people tend to blame male breasts due to the accumulation of fat, this may not be the case always. Even skinny or people with an athletic build may notice misshapen chest that has more of a feminine appearance and thus would like to correct that. This is obviously caused by hormonal factors and genetics of body shape as well rather than just being obese or overweight. Types of Male Breast Surgery- Male breast surgery revolves around breast reduction and contouring to give it a more flat and toned look. This can be achieved in either of these ways: Liposuction This is a fairly common procedure and is minimally invasive; meant to suck out the fat through a small opening on the skin. With the help of liposuction, doctors can easily contour your chest to have a more masculine look by removing the excess fat. This procedure is a very popular one as it takes less time to recover and also isn t invasive. However, this is used as an option for male breast surgery when the problem isn t acute. Surgery to remove excess tissues and fat If the male breasts have excessive glandular tissue and the problem is acute, a more extensive form of surgery wherein the glandular tissue is excised may be required. However, this is also not very invasive and you can get back to your regular routine within a few days after surgery.
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Breast Reduction - Things You Must Be Aware Of!

Dr. Amit Gupta 90% (12 ratings)
MBBS, MS - General Surgery, DNB - Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Gurgaon
Breast Reduction - Things You Must Be Aware Of!
There is no denying the fact that a perfect figure can enhance your personality to a great extent, adding an alluring charm that people will find hard to ignore. The size of one's breast can play a significant role, affecting one's overall appearance. Heavy breasts can be physically discomforting (skin maceration, backaches, neck and shoulder aches, problems during exercises or physical activities,) not to forget the public humiliation and mockery that it brings along. Some men with a medical condition known as Gynecomastia also end up having enlarged breasts making the situation awkward and embarrassing for them. To deal with the embarrassment and physical discomfort, many people retort to the various breast reduction surgical procedures. The breast reduction procedures have helped millions of people achieve the desired breast shape and size. However, the success of the breast reduction procedures depends on many factors. There are things that a person should be aware of before opting for a breast reduction. A breast reduction surgery or a reduction mammoplasty is no small thing. It is a decision that is going to make an impact in your life and overall appearance in ways beyond your imagination. You cannot expect the surgery to work miracles overnight. Be more realistic about your expectations and do not take such an important decision in haste. Not every individual with enlarged breasts can undergo a breast reduction. A person has to be physically fit (without any medical conditions) with sound mental and emotional stability. People who are severely obese and those into heavy smoking are often considered unfit for the surgery. For pregnant and lactating women, an immediate breast reduction surgery may not be a wise idea. Teenagers and adolescents are considered unfit for a breast reduction as their breast are yet not fully developed and matured. The minimum age for a breast reduction is 21 years. Your choice of the surgeon is crucial. While an experienced surgeon can bring about the desired result with minimum or no complications, an inexperienced surgeon can worsen up things for you. Research on the surgeon, their credentials, work history and success rate well. The breast reduction surgeries involving the latest and advanced technologies will be an expensive affair. Make sure you are financially prepared to take the plunge. The recovery time following the surgery may stretch between six-seven weeks (or even more in some cases). During the recovery, there will be restrictions and precautionary measures that a person should follow. Lifting heavy articles, indulging in strenuous and rigorous exercise and physical activities should be avoided for at least four-six weeks (or as the doctor recommended). Driving is a big No for a month or two or as advised by the doctor. Depending on how well your incisions heal, there may be some pain and swelling in the breasts.The breast for the first few days may also appear sensitive and tender. For better support, wear a well-fitted bra (preferably an athletic or a sports bra). Consult a doctor in the case of severe bleeding, excruciating pain, hematoma or a loss of sensation in the breasts and nipples that lasts longer than usual.
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Enlarged Breast In Men - Know About Its Treatment!

M.Ch.(Burns & Plastic Surgery), Fellowship of The Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS), MBBS, MS - General Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Bangalore
Enlarged Breast In Men - Know About Its Treatment!
When it comes to a man's physique, enlarged breasts can be quite embarrassing. This is a condition known as gynecomastia or "men boobs" or " enlarged breast in men" and affects more men than you would imagine. It may affect one or both breasts. It can result in terrible embarrassment, teasing, and social trauma. Many will try to hide it with thick loose shirts, avoid bare chest activities like swimming, exercises etc and withdraw from public exposure.Though it does not pose a significant health risk, it can affect a man's psychological health and lower his self-confidence. The good news is that men suffering from this condition do not need to live with it. Male breast reduction surgery or gynecomastia surgery, aims at reconfiguring the contours of a man's chest by removing excess breast fat & if needed extra gland tissues. The only permanent solution to this condition is surgery. This is because fat tissues are not solely responsible for enlarged breasts. Often glandular tissue is present in excessive amounts as well. Patients need careful evaluation by Plastic Surgeon & sometimes if needed by endocrinologist to determine the source of their breast enlargement. Gynecomastia surgery is usually a daycare procedure. It is performed by Plastic Surgeons under local anesthesia with liposuction being the most preferred procedure. This procedure begins when the surgeon makes a small incision on each side of the chest. These incisions are usually placed along the natural contours of the body, around the edge of the areola or near the armpit so as to reduce the visibility of scars. Excess fat and glandular tissue are then sucked out of this incision. Simultaneously, the surgeon sculpts the other tissues in the chest to redefine chest contours. Patients are usually advised to wear a compression garment after the surgery to support the healing tissues and minimize swelling. Results of this procedure are visible almost immediately. Recovery from gynecomastia surgery is usually quick and many men find themselves back to their normal routine within a few days. However, vigorous exercising and heavy lifting should be avoided for a few weeks after the surgery. The patient may also experience slight soreness and minimal pain that can be relieved with over the counter pain killers. The results of this procedure are generally permanent if there are no hormonal abnormalities. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid drugs that influence your testosterone levels. Regular exercise can also help tone the chest muscles and maintain the achieved good shape of chest. It is really a very simple but rewarding surgery for the male & it definitely boosts his confidence, body image & self-respect.
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Powerful Tips to Lose A Man's Boobs Naturally!

Dr. S. Sudhir 87% (10 ratings)
Sexologist, Pune
Powerful Tips to Lose A Man's Boobs Naturally!
A swelling of breast tissues in men due to estrogen and testosterone hormonal imbalance. This swelling in the chest could often resemble a breast. In babies and newborns, gynecomastia is caused by the estrogen from the mother. Breast buds and tissues are common in baby boys. They go away after a few months naturally. However, in some babies, they tend to stay. The result can be the enlarged breasts. In teenage years, the estrogen-producing hormones naturally tend to get into an overdrive mode and in many instances, if they are hyperactive the swelling in the chest region can occur during puberty. It usually goes away within 6 months to 2 years. In some extreme cases, the swelling can also be as a result of lung or liver cancer. Also, it depends on a little on lifestyle. Drug abuse and excess alcohol can cause gynecomastia. This may also be common in older adults where the skin loses its natural elasticity and tend to sag. Apart from it, their lifestyle also plays a detrimental part in its forming. Very few people put on weight uniformly all over their body. Some people put on weight around the abdomen and develop bellies while others put on weight on their thighs. For some, fat could also be deposited on the chest, while it may not be much of an issue for a woman but it can make male breasts protrude abnormally. Clinically, this is known as gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is not a serious condition and does not hamper a man s health but it can damage his self-esteem. In the long run, this can also be harmful for his psychological and emotional health. Thankfully dealing with it is easy. What are the symptoms and diagnoses? Gynecomastia is associated with enlarged breasts and in addition to that, it could feel rubbery or firm. Sometimes only one of the regions either the left or right side may experience this problem while the other side stays firm. It is diagnosed purely by a physical examination. Also, the lump may be checked for biopsy. Treatment 90% of the cases in babies go away on its own. There is no treatment required. However in young adults, if the conditions do not go away then surgery is the most treatable option under the circumstances. Getting medications and drugs that can decrease the tissue structure is not advisable as indirectly you might be playing with the hormones and they can tend to get risky after some time. Also, surgeries of the day are not just like taking out the enlargement. They also do concentrate on the features and shape too. You can technically sculpt the region while opting for such breast reduction surgeries. However, contrary to popular belief, surgery is not the only recourse. In fact, though surgically removing the fat deposits can have faster effects; these fat deposits may develop again over time. Thus, surgery is not a long-term solution. So, let s look at an alternative form of treatment which is Ayurveda as this can be very effective against gynecomastia. This is a holistic form of treatment that not only addresses the symptoms showcased, but attacks the root cause of the problem. In this case, fat deposits are caused usually by weight gain and slow metabolism, which makes it essential for the person to lose weight in order to treat this condition. Before you start on weight loss regime, starving yourself is no solution for this. Instead, one must eat food according to one s body type and needs. According to Ayurveda, there are three different types of doshas present in the body. An imbalance of these doshas could contribute towards weight gain and in turn gynecomastia. Depending on your body type, an Ayurvedic doctor will be able to advise you on the type of foods to eat and avoid so as to maintain a balance of the doshas. In addition to this, you must also exercise regularly. The best time to exercise is in the early morning. This raises your metabolism rates and helps your body utilize energy being created through the day instead of simply storing it as fat. Aim for at least half an hour s exercise each day. There are a number of yoga asanas that target the chest muscles and can help treat gynecomastia. These include the Dhanurasana, Gomukhasana and Natrajasana. These asanas burn fat in the chest and tighten chest muscles. When it comes to yoga, it isn t enough to simply perform the asanas, they must be practiced in the right way. Thus, it is always advisable to practice under a teacher s guidance. One of the biggest advantages of treating gynecomastia with Ayurveda is the absence of side effects. Unlike surgery, there is no hospitalization needed and you may continue your normal lifestyle as you get treatment. Once treated, there is a very low chance of the condition recurring and hence, this is a permanent solution. Self-care: While people do opt for weight reducing measures to keep gynecomastia under check it doesn t always work like that. The reason is these are not exactly what causes the enlargement. They are as a direct result of hormones. Hence weight reduction plans and medications may not work out efficiently. Also, experts would suggest going in for a surgery before going for an exercise regime in a gym. Some people do have a misconception that hitting the gym can take care of the swelling. However, it may not be beneficial and it would give out the desired impact. For complete treatment of your problem, you can Consult the doctor.
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Breast Reduction

Dr. Abhishek Vijayakumar 93% (1120 ratings)
MCh Plastic Surgery, MS - General Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Bangalore
Breast Reduction
What is breast reduction? Breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty, is a procedure performed to reduce the size of overly large breast. This is done by removing excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin to create breast that are more proportionate to your body. Who is a good candidate for breast reduction? The best candidates for breast reduction have large breast which interfere with activities of daily living. Also if your breasts cause neck, shoulder, and back pain or if your breasts cause skin irritations beneath the breast crease you may be a good candidate. Where is the scar from breast reduction surgery? The scar for breast reduction usually is a circular shape around the areola with a vertical line extending from the areola to the crease and a horizontal line in the crease (or an anchor pattern.) What are the possible risks of a breast reduction? Potential risks include bleeding, infection, seroma, pain, scarring, numbness, asymmetry, loss of sensation in the nipple, partial or total loss of nipple or areola, potential inability to breastfeed, fat necrosis, and need for additional surgery. How long is breast reduction surgery? Breast reduction surgery is usually 3-4 hours depending on the size of your breast. What is the typical recovery time for breast reduction surgery? This procedure can be done as an outpatient or as an overnight stay. You will be sent home on pain medicine and antibiotics. You will have surgical drains in place on each breast. You will be placed in a surgical bra that will need to be worn for 4-6 weeks following your procedure. You will need to be off work for 2-3 weeks dependent on the type of work you perform. You should not do any strenuous activity for 4-6 weeks following this procedure. How long before I can return to work? Most patients are able to return to work in 2-3 weeks depending on the work requirements. How long before I can return to normal activity? Most activities of daily living can be resumed within a couple of days. You will be given 5 kg lifting restrictions for the first few weeks following surgery. It is important to get up and move around within a day of surgery to help decrease the chance of developing a blood clot. Strenuous activities should be avoided for about 4-6 weeks or until.
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Popular Questions & Answers

SIR I have a breast enlargement my age is 25 before 2,3 years my left breast enlarges but I did not care about that now both breasts enlarge. I do a test namely TESTOSTERONE TOTAL SERUM@(CLIA) Results 354.36 units ng/dl BIO. REF.INTERVAL 241-827. The nipples in cold gets distracted but in summer it (nipples) enlarges more please sir give me some suggestion to decrease breast enlargement.

Dr. Karthik Ram 88% (17 ratings)
MBBS, DNB (General Surgery), Membership of The Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS), DNB (Plastic Surgery), Basic Microsurgical Course – Ethicon, Basic Laparoscopic Training Course, Basic Surgical Skill Course, National Trauma Management Course, Basic Coloproctology Course
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Bangalore
Hi. You are possibly suffering from Gynecomastia, a condition very common in Indian men. This is due to the presence of underlying gland tissues. The only solution is to get rid of the excess glands is using liposuction and gland excision. There are no non surgical alternatives that can address the issue promisingly. You can connect with in a private chat for more information and guidance on how the surgery is performed.

My issue is my big breast size due to that i’ve started facing back and shoulder pain. I’ve started doing exercises but its no help can you please suggest me some pills or something.

Dr. Sujata Sinha 93% (1459 ratings)
M.B.B.S, Post Graduate Diploma In Maternal & Child Health
Gynaecologist, Ranchi
There are some queries regarding your concern. If you can call or contact me, I will be able to give appropriate suggestions.
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I have a huge breast problem. My right side breast is bigger than left side in size. So,I very tensed. Please help me.

Dr. Rajesh Choda 93% (6937 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Zirakpur
Pl start stretching exercises and take fat reduction measures. There's massage oil made of herbs for nourishing breast tissues as well as tab for optimising glands size (kanchnar herb based). You may take for minimum two to three months.

Hi my gf age 19 years height 5.3 Wight 60 kg please help me now is horrible situation breast very speed growing now size 58 inches before I year its normal size 38 inches please advise me thank you.

Dr. Sajeev Kumar 90% (23572 ratings)
C.S.C, D.C.H, M.B.B.S
General Physician, Alappuzha
Excess growth of breast may be due to hormonal changes and need a check up . Reduction mammoplasty will reduce the size

My breast are lose and some what bigger. I have doubt can it is cause of my backside pain. Please suggest.

Dr. Aparna Bhat Rao 89% (58 ratings)
M.Ch - Plastic Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Bangalore
Large sized breasts can cause upper back, neck pain, bra strap area pain, etc. Surgical breast size reduction may relieve the symptoms and also lift them if loose, saggy.
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