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What Type Of Diet Should You Follow In Winters?

Written and reviewed by
PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Chandigarh  •  5years experience
What Type Of Diet Should You Follow In Winters?

A person who wishes to lose weight will continue his weight loss regime throughout all seasons. As we all know, winter is the season of merrymaking and festivity, and the eating habits go for a toss. All mouth tempting dishes are available around New Year. The paranthas and samosas will always tempt you, especially during the festive season in winter.
But sadly, these tempting foods are also fattening. This makes you lethargic to go out for a jogging or gym. So one needs to have control and not eat these mouth-watering foods and watch out their waist. Therefore, one should watch for healthy options, no matter what occasion it is.

  1. Say good morning to lemon WaterThe best way to kick start a morning is to have a glass full of lemon juice with warm water. Drinking this lemon water helps you to lose extra kilos and will speed up your body metabolism. You can also mix a teaspoon of honey with it to enhance the effect.
  2. The king size breakfast: As we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There are many healthy options like dal or saag, stuffed paratha, steamed idlis, and dhoklas, tikki made of maize flour or oats flour or bajra, masala oats, midnight oats, flaxseeds, dry fruits like walnuts, almonds etc.
  3. Snacks: One can have different types of soups like tomato soup, carrot soup, mushroom soup, mixed bean and vegetable soup, chicken soup etc. Another option is to have a sprouted chaat.
  4. Sweet dishes: Everyone knows sweet dishes prepared in the winter season are the best treat to the soul. You can have sooji halwa, moong dal halwa, aate ka halwa, kaju halwa and chana dal halwa once or twice in a week.
  5. Healthy lunch and dinner: The best healthy option for lunch and dinner is to have roti with vegetable curry and raita. For non-vegetarian foodies, one can have roasted chicken, salmon, mackerel etc. The salad is a must that should be added which helps you to digest the food quickly and also aids in weight loss.

For any person, who wants to lose weight in any season, there are many healthy options which are easily available in Indian market. Specifically, the Indian food diet which includes green vegetables, dry fruits, and sprouts, non-vegetarian items like fish, chicken, eggs and dairy products is recommended. Winter season gives us much more options than any other season with carrot, cauliflower, cabbage, beetroot, orange etc. Therefore, winter season too will help everyone to stick to a weight loss plan.

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