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Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Strengthening Bone Health With Homeopathy!

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Dr. Gauri Kadlaskar PalsuleHomeopathy Doctor • 12 Years Exp.MD- Homoeopathy
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This women’s day let’s resolve our bone health issues to stay stronger for longer and live happier.

A woman’s health is not only centered around menstrual problems or obstetric conditions; good bone health also plays a significant role in the current fast-paced lifestyle. Being fit is more crucial than ever!  A woman's body goes through many changes affecting her bone health, and she needs to be aware of these changes and their effect on the bone structure, for example, during pregnancy and menopause. However, there are other factors as well that can affect bone health and women should not ignore.


There is a significant transfer of calcium from mother to the foetus and infants during pregnancy and lactation. As far as the symptoms are concerned, body ache and backache are common. Women should not ignore the pain causing a restriction in the movements and leg and finger cramps. Repetitive cramps indicate that the calcium levels are low and especially when you suffer from pain in the ribs or shin bone, you must visit the doctor. The bone mineral density falls and rises between 3% and 10% through this period. Homeopathic medicines like Calcarea Phos, Calcarea Carb and Calcarea Flour can help reduce these symptoms, and the exact dosage and combination depends on the individual case. Along with medicines, regular walking and consuming calcium-rich foods, for example, milk and milk-products, curry leaves and Amaranth grain (Rajgira) are advised.

A 30-year-old pregnant woman came to my clinic. I set up a diet plan and exercise regime along with other supplements. In the eight, month, she complained of leg cramps. She had discontinued the calcium supplements. I told her about the importance of vitamin D and calcium during pregnancy and prescribed medicines. Her pain was reduced in the follow up three weeks later.


Lactating mothers lose more calcium than through the pregnancy, to the tune of 280-400 mg daily. Therefore, mothers must keep track of their diet and exercise regularly. Body ache makes it difficult for women to perform daily activities. Not lactating is not the solution; a mother must continue lactating to provide sufficient amounts of calcium to the baby. Mother’s body recovers within 6 months after she stops lactating. However, if issues persist, homeopathy has some effective medicines.

A 35-year-old mother to an 18-month-old baby complained severe body ache for almost a year along with bilateral wrist pain. She thought of discontinuing to breastfeed the baby. After examining her, I prescribed medicines and a diet plan and advised her to continue breastfeeding the child. After the fourth week follow up her complaints reduced drastically, and after three months she was symptom-free.


The two age groups in menopause are peri-menopausal and menopausal. Women in the peri-menopausal age group generally complain of aggravated arm pain, especially during the night, and the slightest touch aggravates the pain. They may also suffer from spondylitis and osteoarthritis. Whereas the 65-years-and-above age group may present with fractures, primarily of the wrist bone, vertebral compression fracture, for example. Even after the surgical treatment of the fracture, the patient must be treated for osteoporosis to address the risk of developing further fractures. Homeopathic medicines like Lachesis, Zincum Met, ZIncum Phos are useful in cases of bone loss or osteoporosis due to lack of oestrogen. Symphytum is also a helpful remedy in case of fractures.

A 62-year-old lady complained of pain in her arms and dorsum of her foot on the slightest of touch. Her Bone density test (BMD) showed a T-score of -2.9 while her foot X-ray showed an old stress fracture. She started suffering from bone pain after her ovaries were removed but ignored it. I prescribed her homeopathic medicines for six weeks, and a follow up showed about 50% relief.


Osteoporosis is the condition of reduced bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue with an increased risk of fractures. Low calcium intakes, lack of knowledge regarding bone health, vitamin D deficiency, early menopause contribute to osteoporosis. Other factors include age and genetics. Our body keeps on losing bones and creates new bones. At the age of 30, bone mass is the highest; after which age the loss is more than regeneration. One should be more careful if the weak bone trend runs in the family.

Clinical features:

Here the symptoms do not show up until the disease has progressed. Mostly, the cases are of fragility fractures which can affect any bone; however, the most common sites are distal wrist (Colles fracture), vertebral fracture and femoral neck fracture.

A 42-year-old lady suffered from pain in her arms and shin bone for almost a year. These complaints started after the second child's birth. She started consuming vitamin D and calcium supplements, but her diet lacked the necessary calcium. Her BMD indicated osteoporosis; I prescribed medicines, a diet and a regular exercise regime. Within a year, the test results were better, and the patient was relieved of symptoms.


Osteopenia is a precursor to osteoporosis and is a less worrisome condition, though it has similar risk factors as those of osteoporosis. Medical intervention may not be necessary, but one should take care. Women suffering from osteopenia must check the probability of turning into osteoporosis.

A 37-year-old lady suffered from body aches and bone pain. Her BMD tests showed osteopenia. Her history of smoking since college days was also one of the causes. After a long-term, regular treatment her BMD reports are better.

One must follow a calcium-rich diet and exercise regularly. Women in the peri-menopausal stage must go for tests to check future osteoporosis and take precautions. Lack of vitamin D can lead to problems like osteomalacia and rickets. Non-smoking and losing excess weight will help maintain good bone health and resolve issues if any. 

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