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3D CT Scan - Humerus Test

3D CT Scan - Humerus Test

CT scan is one of the finest techniques that help in making the complete diagnosis of particular disease. CT scan of humerus bone is done when the regular x-ray is not working as it should or when the x-ray is unable to detect the real issue in the bone. Such issue can be a Hairline fracture, Cancer at its early stage, Growth cell analysis, tumours and so on. Although anything can be detected with the x-ray when it comes to bones, the 3d CT scan is used for the proper visualisation of the affected area.

There are no special preparations required before the test. All you need to do is follow the instructions given by the doctor. However, just before the test, the patient is prepared for the CT scan and also the different setup like the table position, field of view and kernel are prepared. Without these preparations, the exact diagnosis cannot be made. These preparations are essential for the identification of the clear bony edges and surface detail. It is one of the most crucial steps for the surgeries.

As stated above, the CT scan for the Humerus bone is used to detect the problems that are not
detected by the X-ray. In medical terms, it is used for the determination of the normal three-
dimensional relationship between the humeral and the glenoid plane of the individual patient.
1. All the images from the CT scan are gathered into a unified image with the help of digital
2. Then the image is studied to know the issue with the bone.
3. Based on the study the proper diagnosis is made which lead to a good treatment of the
disease or problem.

This CT scanning protocol consists of a localizer and a detailed axial scan of the humerus.
1. Set the table height in such a way that the area to be scanned is centred in the scan field.
2. The patient is laid down on the table and instructed not to have any movement.
3. There should not be any movement of the table between the images for a complete unified
4. 2 separate image sets with a maximum field of view of 20 cm are captured.
5. Most of the times only the bone region is captured.
6. Throughout the process, a soft tissue/moderate reconstruction algorithm, with no edge
enhancement is used.

Average price range of the test is approximately Rs.1000-5000 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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