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My Name is Manan Sharma and we are here at Sound Therapy Clinic, by the name of Sound Yoga and the company name is Manan Wellness. Sound Therapy Clinic, it’s a new word for the people who just think that we listen to the music and music can create a lot of emotional, different kind of emotion, evoke different kind of emotions in us. It’s the same thing what we do here, with the tools called Singing Balls and the Gongs and Shamanic Drums and other musical instruments like Hand Drums, and Crystal Balls. So what we do here is, basically, we treat Psychosomatic Disorders. What do you mean by Psychosomatic Disorders? Psychosomatic Disorders are when we are into lot of stress. Stress is okay for us. Stress is negative and positive both. But, when we do, when the stress is more than what we, our body can contain. It is chronic and through chronic stress, we get a lot of disease like headaches, migraines, IBS, digestive disorders. We will get into constipation or sometimes on nervous system, we get into diarrhea and chronic depressions and pains like back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, leg pain.

All the pain comes from, what we call it a psychosomatic pains. So all the psychosomatic pains can be lessened, can diminish and can be very very, like cured eventually through the sound because we do brainwave and trainment technique. What is a brainwave and trainment technique? Brainwave and trainment technique is a technique to actually shifting of your brain wave, which is actually a beta, is a stress state of brainwave and the alpha is a light sleep and then the theta is a deep sleep and delta is a very deep sleep, like you get memories and you don’t remember even, when you slept and when you wake up. So, it is also called meditative. So, in sound therapy clinic, we treat disease as a chronic brainwave beta state.

So, we want people to get into apha, theta or delta, to get, resolve their disease through this chronic beta. So, we were talking about brainwave and trainment. Brainwave and Trainment is a technique which actually shifts chronic beta state, which is a stress state and we need it. I am in front of you, playing Gong, is a beta state. If I am in a light alpha state, sleep state, I cannot play this Gong properly. So we need this state but when it is more than and we don’t sleep, our body doesn’t repair and recover from it. So we shift this state to Alpha, Theta or Delta to get the repairment. Actually the hormonal release, the proper balance hormonal release, when we get into deep relaxation and a very good sleep state.So, the people come here with these kinds of problems with stress, anxiety, headaches, migraines, psychosomatic pains.

Even the cancer patients, they get the integrative sound therapy, just to get a good sleep and the sleep in bio- rhythmic pattern they have change and a good sleeping cycle they get, they get out of digestive disorders. You know, even the cramps from the legs and the hands and also they get out of the tensions and blockages and the muscle tensions. It has already been researched in a few countries. In Europe and America already that the music or these kinds of vibrating sound therapy can actually treat arthritis also shrink the cancer tumors too. So, the most common disease we can treat with this is like, sleeping disorders. The people, who don’t get really good sleep, they can get deep relaxed sleep through some sessions with this and also we can treat headache, migraines, which are very chronic disease for, especially for the women because they take so much pressure and stress and because of pressure and stress, they get into migraines. So, headaches and migraines and also the back pains, the people, who are, work so hard in their offices, sitting positions, they have the neck, shoulder, pains, neck pain and also the back pain all the time. Some of these pains are basically because of the pressure they get.

They get into a lot of stress and even, because of the stress, they don’t get out of it and they don’t get a good sleep. It is a very deep relaxation sleep, here, what people get in 1 hour of session and they get almost 5 hours sleep in just 1 hour, it’s so deep and they get out of this kind of a problem and they get, in few sessions they get treated and go home with happy hormones. When we are into stress, out hormonal release from out glands are imbalanced. Then, if they are not imbalanced, we get into some kind of a hormonal imbalance disease and we call it also autoimmune diseases. This kind of therapy actually evokes and increase the activity, parasympathetic activity inside the system and decrease the sympathetic activity and balance the central nervous system, autoimmune nervous system.

So, if you are talking about heart disease, cholesterol, high blood pressure and because of all these, emotional trauma comes and you get into fits, like get into panic attacks or you get into depression. They all can be treated because deep relaxation, the relaxation response overcomes the stress response immediately through this therapy. Sound Therapy is very good for chemotherapy patients, specifically the people who get the 3rd and 4th stage cancer and that is very unfortunate, they were going to get 12 to 18 chemos, sometimes 24 chemos but our body doesn’t take more than 4 chemos at once and then it causes a lot of traumas and also physical pain and plus nausea and plus they go into fever, numbness. So, this whole therapy actually counters those effects very easily and make a body sustainable for the next chemo. So, when you go and take the chemo and when you are taking 10th or 8th or 7th chemo and your doctor says, please do the test and then come to me and when your body response is not there, they actually cancel the chemo cycle and give you another date. So this therapy actually enables the body to contain for the next chemo, ready you for the next chemo and this is very good therapy for the chemotherapy patients.

Like you can see, the Gongs and the Singing Balls, make a vibratory effect and it is like 70 to 80% of our body contains fluid and the sonic waves go inside our organs, our muscular skeleton system and also till the cellular level and it actually recreate our atomic structure and give a vibratory effect and the sonic waves create a pattern and so to rearrange the whole structure in itself and create a deep relaxation response to the body, so the disease can get treated by this. My education in Sound Therapy is from Peters Institute. In 1999, we did the first course in Germany, in Peters Institute and after, till, almost 6 years, I did a lot of courses with them in different method, sound methodology with Gongs and Singing Balls and Personal Treatments and Women-Centric treatments and Kids Treatments and we are practicing for almost 15 years in this therapy in India. We have a centre in New York, we have a centre in Dubai, we have a centre in Bengaluru to treat a Psychosomatic disease through sound.

Thank you.

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