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Kidney Damage & Diseases - How To Diagnose & Treat It?

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Kidney Damage & Diseases - How  To Diagnose & Treat It?

Taking care of the health has become a difficult task these days due to the fast running of life. Hence, often some of the internal organs such as kidney suffer from some of the most critical issues.

Importance of kidney in human body
The bean-shaped organ in the human body, kidney functions in a number of ways such as:

  1. Regulating the body fluid volume,
  2. Eliminating both anions and cations,
  3. Maintaining proper plasma concentration of urea and glucose,
  4. Maintaining the alkalinity or the acidity in the blood,
  5. Eliminating waste products along with toxic substances from the body,
  6. Maintaining necessary elements in the body.

Diseases caused to kidney
Some of the major diseases that are caused to the kidney are:

  1. Oliguria or Anuria in which formation of urine decreases,
  2. Polyuria is when urine passes at frequent intervals sometimes with constituents such as pus or blood,
  3. Pyelitis or Nephritis that causes inflammation of the kidney pelvis,
  4. Uraemia causes abnormal urea amount in blood,
  5. Dysuria leads to pain during urine passage.

Causes and diagnosis of kidney damage
Kidney damages can be caused due to various reasons such as high level of stress, having a wrong diet that has more amounts of junk food, and due to a lesser amount of physiological activities. Also these days a number of people prefer to take medicines on the advice of a local pharmacist. This is often considered as dangerous because not all medicines suit everyone’s system and this can cause damage to the kidney. Only a doctor knows which medicine will be suitable for you. Normally, to diagnose kidney damage, albumin or serum creatinine test is required. But apart from this also a few symptoms are high blood urea, decreased haemoglobin and also high blood pressure.

Ayurvedic Ways To Treat Kidney Damage
Ayurveda has suggested a number of natural ingredients that can help in treating damaged kidney.

  1. Fruits and nuts
    • Dry fruits like chilgoza, almonds and pistachio help in toning up the weak kidneys,
    • Mango helps in strengthening the kidneys,
    • Pineapple and watermelon seeds removes kidney stone,
    • Juices such as coconut water, bel juice, amla juice, and similar helps in treating spleen related issues,
  2. Easily available vegetables
    • Leafy vegetables such as spinach are also helpful in treating kidney damage,
    • Cucumber, pumpkin, and water gourd are other items that help in relieving urinary troubles. Either juice of these ingredients or pulp can be taken for the cure,
    • Root vegetables such as carrot and radish is also very much effective in curing kidney issues,
  3. Other options
    • Juice of onions is another Ayurvedic way of treating urinary infections or kidney damage,
    • Another way of treating kidney damage can be through flowers of Moringa or Sahajan.

Of course, there are medicines also available for the treatment purpose along with surgeries, but it is always better to try the natural items first to avoid side effects.

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