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Home Remedies For Throat Pain: Procedure, Recovery, Risk & Complication

What is the remedy about?

Throat pain is generally caused by a sore throat, along with symptoms of itchiness and irritation in the throat. It may not be a very serious condition, but makes you feel uncomfortable and you can face difficulties sleeping at night. The following home remedies can help to soothe your throat pain:

  • Having honey directly or mixing it in your cup of tea can help you get rid of your throat pain. It is considered to be a natural and effective healing agent, thus speeding up the healing process.
  • Salt water helps in killing the bacteria that is present in your throat. It breaks down the secretions and helps to soothe a sore throat, relieving you of the pain. Mix a small teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and gargle with that solution every three hours.
  • Peppermint has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory as well as antiviral properties that encourage faster healing. It also has menthol content, which aids in thinning the mucus and calming sore throats. Mix peppermint oil with almond, olive or coconut oil and apply on your throat for faster results.
  • Fenugreek is another natural remedy for treating throat pain. It has the ability to kill the harmful bacteria that causes inflammation or irritation. You can consume fenugreek seeds, drink fenugreek tea or use its oil to apply on your throat.
  • Garlic contains a compound known as allicin that can effectively fight infections. The antibacterial properties can help in soothing the pain you experience in your throat. You can consume it in its raw form or include it in your diet.

Are there any side effects?

The side effects of the home remedies include:

  • In case you are allergic to honey, it can cause irritation and lead to certain problems in the system. Also, consuming honey in excessive amounts can lead to diarrhea, constipation, stomach cramping or bloating. It must be consumed in moderation.
  • Fenugreek should be avoided in case of pregnant women, as it can cause allergic reactions.
  • Consuming raw garlic can cause a burning sensation in your mouth, make you feel nauseated, trigger a vomiting tendency and result in bad breath. In case you have undergone a surgery recently, consuming too much of garlic can also cause bleeding.
  • Peppermint oil can cause allergic skin reactions or a headache in some cases.

What are the post-remedy guidelines?

The post remedy guidelines are as follows:

  • Avoid having anything cold till your throat pain gets better.
  • You can add a humidifier in your room. The moisture present in the air often helps in healing pain caused due to a sore throat.
  • If you are consuming garlic, remember to brush your teeth afterward. That will help in improving your breath.
  • Drink water as much as possible.
  • Avoid fruits that have high citrus content, as they may cause irritation in your throat.
  • Avoid spicy as well as acidic foods.
  • Try to stay away from smoke or any kind of chemical fume that may cause inflammation and worsen your throat pain.

How long does it take to recover?

If you immediately start treating a throat pain with these home remedies, you can see an improvement in your condition in 2-5 days. Sometimes, it can take up to a week to treat the throat pain. Generally, the symptoms or pain do not last for more than 5 days.

Are the results of the remedy permanent?

A throat pain can be cured if the symptoms are diagnosed and proper treatment is meted out. However, if you get affected by an infection in your throat again, the pain can return.

Is there any training or experts required?

There is no training required for treating throat pain with these home remedies. They are easily available in stores and you can prepare the remedies yourself. However, in case you have some specific allergies or health condition, you can seek your doctor’s opinion before trying out any of the methods.

Effectiveness: High Side Effects: Low Time for Recovery: High Price Range :

Approx Rs. 50 – Rs. 360

Training Requirement:

There is no training required for using the home remedies. In case of specific health conditions, you can consult your doctor before opting for any of the remedies.

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Viral Throat Infection - 6 Ways They Can Be Managed!

Dr. Sudhanshu Pandey 89% (126 ratings)
ENT Specialist, Jaipur
Viral Throat Infection - 6 Ways They Can Be Managed!
The common reason why most of us get throat infections is because they are viral in nature. This means that if one person gets a throat infection then he transmits it to others by touching, coughing and sneezing etc. Viral throat infections can be managed easily. There are several home remedies that can alleviate your viral infection. However, it is suggested to consult an ENT specialist if the home remedy is not providing any relief to you. Gargling: It is one of the most popular methods of treating viral throat infection. All you need to do is mix one tablespoon of salt in 200 ml of water and warm the solution. When the water becomes lukewarm, take a small portion of it and rinse your throat with the solution. Take care that the solution remains within your throat and does not reach your stomach. Rinse your throat for 5 minutes and repeat the procedure after a rest of 2 minutes. Ensure that the water remains lukewarm for effectiveness. Inhalation: Another common method of ridding yourself of viral throat infections is to inhale steam. Boil some water mixed with eucalyptus oil. When the water starts developing bubbles, take your face near it, cover it and the pot containing water with a dry towel and inhale the steam. This procedure is inconvenient for many people because inhalation results in sweating, but the result is perceptible. You must inhale steam for at least five minutes. Once you are done with inhalation, avoid taking cool fluids like cold water etc., else the effect would be reversed and your infection might get more severe. Take lots of fluids: Strange as it may sound, viral throat infection can also be treated by taking lots of hot fluids. The warm temperature helps in neutralising the viruses, while the fluids prevent the dehydration of the body. Take hot tea, coffee etc. when you have an infected throat. Drink hot milk and turmeric: Many mothers administer this solution to their kids to treat throat infections caused by viruses. This concoction is best taken before sleeping in the night. Turmeric has been found to carry several anti-microbial properties. Avoid smoking: If you are a smoker, you must avoid smoking to alleviate your viral throat infection. Use decongestants and nasal sprays: These substances make breathing easier by contracting the swollen mucous membranes. Nasal sprays also help relieve runny noses and post-nasal drips, which are so irritating and inconvenient to many. However, avoid administering this remedy to small children. Since these sprays contain synthetic drugs, it is advisable to stick to prescribed dosages for different age groups. Please also consult your ENT doctor before administering the nasal sprays to yourself or anybody else.
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I am 26 year old girl. Recently I done cbc in which my esr was 30. I am just having symptoms like very warm sensation in throat, little warm in whole body, pain in ear. I was in stress frm last 6 month and not getting enough sleep. Is it due to my lifestyle problem? Because I do not think it is due to infection. I ate and drink simple homemade food. please tel me is anything to be worried about this?

Dr. Prashant Pawar 90% (175 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
ENT Specialist, Solapur
Hello, Whenever you skip your night's sleep your body try to cover the sleep when you get a little rest in daytime. When your body experiences such sleep deprivation for a longer period it acts the same way as it would in an infection, as organs and body tissues need rest to regain their work and work efficiently. Sleeping late at night may build up oxidants which may be harmful and you need to change your lifestyle.
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Today after running a distance of 1600 m in 6 minutes 19 seconds I feels something in my throat, I start coughing & get watery discharge from my nose. I think my dust allergy is increasing. Suggest me some home remedies.

Dr. Nash Kamdin 95% (3530 ratings)
General Physician, Mumbai
Dear Lybrateuser, - Do steam inhalation twice a day - do warm salt water gargles three times a day - mix one teaspoon of honey in warm water (one cup) & have in the morning - avoid all cold fluids including aerated drinks, have more of warm fluids tea, coffee, soup, milk - mix 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder in a cup of warm milk & have it twice a day - avoid spicy, fried, sour & junk foods - have 8-10 glasses of water for proper hydration.
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Hi. I was hospitalized last month for dengue and acute bronchitis now I am suffering from sore throat or you can say irritation in throat and runny nose leading to often sneezing. I get this every month and now I really feel helpless as doctor said it's also because of low immunity. The last time when my throat was infected I visited ent doctor and he gave me few medicines [medicine name Saral-d with content Diclofenac potassium & serratiopeptidase tablets, medicine Cloff 250 with content Clarithromycin tablets IP, medicine Lukotas HD with content levocetirizine Montelukast & (SR) ambroxol hydrochloride tablets and lastly medicine Acebrobic with content acebrophylline capsules 100 my)] and also explained me some do's and don'ts. It was cured completely by these medicines I found these very helpful but again I'm getting throat pain and runny nose. Please suggest me some medicines which I can take whenever I get these symptoms as I hate going to the doctor again and again. What do I do I'm really fed up of taking medicines almost every month also I sometimes try home remedies which hardly helps for me?

Dr. B.M Lava 91% (8477 ratings)
Diploma in Child Health (DCH), MBBS
General Physician, Bangalore
Madam, You are having recurrent respiratory infection. Avoid triggering factors. Take plenty of fruits vegetables dry fruits. Do yoga meditation breathing exercises. Go for walks I need more information from you for proper medical advice. Tell me lab. Reports, treatment taken. Contact me with details through Lybrate either by chat or by Audio call.

Which medicine or anti biotic is preffered if suffering from cold n cough during pregnancy. My wife having throat infection n cough since 7 days and shes not recovering from home remedies. please advise the antibiotic or effective medicine.

Dr. Reena Kawatra 93% (4461 ratings)
MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Gurgaon
let her have syp honnitus two to three times a day, also gargling and steam would help.Avoid Antibiotics,till the time it is absolutely essential.Tea made with a pinch of ginger, honey, pepper, cinnamon and tulsi also helps.
1 person found this helpful

I am having throat inflammation for more than 3 weeks. It is not yet recovered fully. Currently I am taking tusq d chewing tablet and some effective home remedies. Can you suggest me a good medicine. No antibiotics please. Thanks.

Dr. Rajesh Jain 91% (12582 ratings)
General Physician, Jalgaon
Please Take Tab septilin by Himalaya 2 2 for 3 weeks Do gargle with salt water Twice a day Re Consult me on lybrate after 5 days
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