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Home Remedies For Headache: Procedure, Recovery, Risk & Complication

What is the remedy about?

It is important to discover what the cause of your headache is, in order to treat it. Sometimes a headache has no underlying cause but is the result of a problem with the brain, blood vessels, nerves, head and neck muscles, in the area surrounding the skull. A headache can also be the result of an underlying illness such as inflammation of the sinus, influenza, ear infections, brain tumor, etc. There are over 150 different types of headaches that range from cluster headaches, migraines, tension headaches and acute headaches to chronic headaches.

To treat the symptoms of a headache, here are some effective remedies:

  • a. Ginger in lemon tea: To prepare this, take a glass of hot lemon tea and soak a piece of the ginger root in it for ten minutes. You can drink this tea once a day until a headache subsides. If you apply a paste of ginger and water to your forehead, you will experience an instant relief from the pain.
  • b. Basil - It is useful in treating mild tension headaches. It is a natural muscle relaxant for tense neck and head muscles. To make a home remedy with basil, boil a cup of water, add three basil leaves and a spoon of honey to it. Drink this cup of tea once a day, until a headache subsides. You can also inhale basil from a bowl of hot water or chew fresh basil leaves, for instant pain relief.
  • c. Head and neck exercises: These exercises can help improve blood circulation and provide relief from the pain. One exercise is to slowly rotate your head clockwise first and then anti-clockwise. Another exercise involves placing your thumb under your chin and pushing your head upwards, very gently, until you are facing the ceiling. Hold this position for around 8 seconds, then slowly lower your head and gently push it downwards, until you are facing the floor. Then gently push your head towards the right side, until it is in line with your shoulder and do the same on your left side. Hold each position for 8 seconds. Now repeat this process three more times.

Are there any side effects?

In general, there are not many side effects for the home remedies that treat headaches. However, it is advised to refrain from consuming an excess of lemon tea. Lime is acidic and an overconsumption of lemon juice can lead to acid reflux and corrosion of your teeth. It is also important to take care while following the neck or head exercises. If the instructions are not followed properly, it can lead to a strain of neck muscles.

What are the post-remedy guidelines?

For the treatment and prevention of headaches, along with these home remedies, it is important to make some changes to your lifestyle habits. It is important to stay hydrated, drinking lots of water will help clear your system and avoid headaches due to constipation or dehydration. In order for these remedies to be effective, you should eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. It is advisable to avoid food that contains MSG or an excess of sugar and drinking caffeine or alcohol in excess. Other habits that you should avoid in order to prevent headaches, is sitting in front of the TV or computer for prolonged periods and undertaking a strenuous activity for hours, in the sun.

How long does it take to recover?

The recovery time for a headache depends on the cause and the intensity of a headache. For a mild tension headache, the remedy may be effective and the pain could subside within a day. While for migraines and cluster headaches, the recovery time could last from a few days to a week.

Are the results of the remedy permanent?

These home remedies are effective in providing relief from the pain and in alleviating the symptoms of a headache. However, the results might not always be permanent, since it is always possible for a headache to recur. A chronic or an acute headache that is caused by an underlying illness will persist until the root cause has been treated.

Is there any training or experts required?

There is no special training or expertise required, in order to use these simple home remedies. However, while following the neck and head exercises, some guidance might be necessary.

Effectiveness: High Side Effects: Low Time for Recovery: Medium Price Range :

Approximately Rs 100 to 300

Training Requirement:

These home remedies for headaches usually do not require any special training or expertise.

Popular Health Tips

How Homeopathy Helps Manage Headache?

Dr. Alok Kumar 93% (757 ratings)
BHMS, VLIR Belgium, Canadian Academy Of Homeopathy
Homeopath, Navi Mumbai
How Homeopathy Helps Manage Headache?
Headache or cephalgia, though is not a serious disease, but the condition has become a part of our daily life for most most of us. Homeopathy form of medicine classifies the headache into two major types i.e. primary headache and secondary headache. Sinusitis, excessive stress and strain to spinal cord or neck due to improper posturing are the major cause for primary headaches. Secondary headaches are just the warning signal of any other serious pathological disease condition in our body. It might be because of any trauma in head, craniotomy surgeries, and compression of nerve endings because of growing tumour in neck or brain. Homeopathy is an ancient form of medicine which identifies the exact cause of headache for the person and treats accordingly. Thus, the treatment modalities change from one individual to the other. Homeopathic medicines for headache: Belladonna, Pulsatilla, Nux vomica, Bryonia, Gelsemium,iris, Sanguinaria and spigelia are the commonly used homeopathic medicine to treat any type of headache even if it is migraine. Homeopathy also advices certain self care remedies to relieve headache Exercises and massage: Doing exercises and massages improve the circulation and thereby relieve the headache. Proper posturing: Identify the postures that causes excessive muscle contraction and strain to the neck and spinal cord. Maintaining good posture helps in relieving headache because of muscle contractions. Rest: Headache indicates that your body is lacking adequate rest. Relax and sleep to relieve headache is the best natural way to calm your body from stress. Eat small frequent meals: Headache sometimes may also occur as a result of low glucose level so split your meals and have as small frequent feeds. Include foods such as spinach, olive oil and tofu or pumpkin seeds for person who get headache as a result of hypoglycaemic effect. Cold compress: Applying ice pack over your forehead helps in relieving the nagging type of headache. Stay hydrated : Dehydration is the main cause of headache so have frequent sips of water to maintain the hydration status.
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Headache - 5 Common Types & Affects!

Dr. Naba J Borah 88% (10 ratings)
MS (Surgery), Mch (Neurosurgery)
Neurosurgeon, Guwahati
Headache - 5 Common Types & Affects!
One of the most common neurological conditions men and women suffer from is a headache. Headaches usually vary in terms of location, intensity and duration and may be treated with simple home remedies or over the counter medications. One of the most renowned types of headache is known as a migraine. Other common types of headaches include sinus headaches and tension headaches. Migraines: Migraines are very painful headaches that may be accompanied by a feeling of nausea, vomiting, increased sensitivity to light and a pounding pain in the head. They are caused by a change in concentration of neurotransmitters in the brain which in turn make blood vessels expand thereby bringing on a migraine. Tension headaches: The pain of a tension headache is considered mild or moderate in comparison to migraines. This type of headache is characterised by throbbing pain on both sides of the head and pain in the neck and behind the eyes. Tension headaches are caused by the contraction of muscles in the head and neck. Cluster headaches: Cluster headaches are characterised by a series of short yet intense headaches that may occur every day or several weeks or months. In most cases, they recur on a seasonal basis i.e., people tend to get them at the same time of the year. The pain caused by cluster headaches may be more severe than that of a migraine but these headaches do not last as long. They are caused by the activation of a specific nerve pathway that is responsible for facial sensations. Cluster headaches are the most uncommon type of headaches. Rebound headaches: In most cases, a headache can be cured with over the counter remedies. However, excessive or incorrect use of these medications can cause a rebound headache. These medications may trigger another headache when their effect wears off. This makes the person retake the medicine leading to a vicious cycle. Rebound headaches are most often caused by medicines that contain caffeine. Secondary headaches: While the above types of headaches are categorised as primary headaches, a headache that is caused by another condition is known as a secondary headache. Secondary headaches are commonly caused by severe hypertension, sinusitis, pharyngitis and other types of head trauma. Tumours, subdural hematoma or other conditions that take up space in the head can also cause secondary headaches. Secondary headaches are a greater cause for concern than primary headaches and should not be ignored.
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5 Pros & Cons Of Hormone Therapy

Dr. Shrideep Parab 89% (2337 ratings)
Gynaecologist, Pune
5 Pros & Cons Of Hormone Therapy
A hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus and is often accompanied by the removal of ovaries. In such cases, women are said to experience surgical menopause. This is because the ovaries are the main producers of estrogen. Surgical menopause is usually more severe than natural menopause as there is a sudden drop in estrogen levels. Estrogen is responsible for a number of functions that affect the brain, bones, skin, heart and blood vessels. Hormone therapy is often advised to counteract this loss of estrogen. There are two main types of hormone therapy. 1. Hormone therapy with estrogen and progestin 2. Hormone therapy with only estrogen. The former is advisable foe women suffering from surgical menopause. Like any other form of treatment, it has its pros and cons. Pros 1. It protects young women from diseases associated with menopause. A hysterectomy is usually performed on women under the age of 50. In such cases, hormone replacement therapy can protect the women from heart diseases. Removing ovaries before menopause can also increase the risk of Parkinson's disease and dementia. Hormone replacement therapy can help negate these risks. 2. Reverse menopausal symptoms. Menopause is associated with a number of symptoms such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes and insomnia. Hormone replacement therapy can help treat these symptoms and give you a better quality of life. 3. Other health benefits. Hormone replacement therapy can also help fight osteoporosis and strengthen bones. It is also known to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. Cons 1. Side effects. Hormone replacement therapy interferes with the natural hormone production. Thus it can cause a number of problems such as premenstrual syndrome, swollen breasts, headaches and nausea. 2. Increased risk of health issues. Though the odds are low, hormone replacement therapy can increase your risk of having a stroke or heart attack. It has also been suggestively linked to breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Thus, the choice of whether to have or not to have hormone replacement therapy after surgical menopause is not easy to make. You must consider factors such as your age, lifestyle, family medical history and habits while making this decision. Do not rush into a decision and take your time. Talk to your doctor about the amount of medication needed and the delivery method most suited to you. HRT can be taken in the form of pills, a patch, gel, vaginal cream or a slow releasing suppository. This should also be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.
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Recurrent Headache - How It Can Be Treated Through Ayurveda?

Dr. Manoj Virmani 88% (277 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Alternate Medicine
Ayurveda, Karnal
Recurrent Headache - How It Can Be Treated Through Ayurveda?
Headaches are one of the most common symptoms experienced by most people. While a headache is not a disease per se, it is a manifestation of some underlying disease and can affect the quality of life. The underlying cause could range from something as innocuous as a hunger headache to a slightly more severe one like migraines to underlying neurological and vascular conditions like temporal arteritis. Common forms including a sinus headache, tension headache, cluster headaches, and migraines. Ayurveda believes that the body goes through disease if there is an imbalance in one of the key components of the body, Vata, pitta, and Kapha. Restoring the balance will take care of not just the symptom but restore overall body health. Relief, therefore, is longer lasting with Ayurvedic solutions. Depending on the type of a headache, the imbalance varies, and treatment would differ and is aimed at restoring the lost balance. Massage: Using natural oils like peppermint oil, lavender oil, or castor oil to massage the forehead or the temples can produce great relief. This also causes improved circulation and nerve stimulation, leading to pain relief. Add substances that produce cold like khus khus, buttermilk, ghee, and coconut water. Try castol oil and shikakai for hair wash and see a headache vanish. A mixture of green tea with a lemon squeezed in is one of the quickest reliever for a headache. A paste or lemon rind that is applied externally on the forehead and temples also provides relief from a headache and a soothing effect for the affected individual. A paste of cinnamon mixed with any essential oil or plain water can also be applied on the forehead and/or temple region for relief from the pain. Watermelon juice with sugar reduces the heat produced by the body and relieves a headache. Crush some ginger, add it to water, and bring it to a boil. This contains a lot of oils from the ginger, which is very soothing for the stomach. This has pain relieving properties and helps in relieving headaches. A glass of warm water with honey in the morning on a daily basis takes care of chronic headaches. It is advisable to drink this on an empty stomach daily. In addition to the above remedies to relieve the headache, the following measures should be followed for prevention and/or reducing the frequency of headaches. Diet: Eating right by avoiding headache-inducing substances like cheese, chocolates, eggs, etc. On the other hand, going hungry can lead to hunger headaches. Exercise: The neck, shoulders, and scalp should be eased frequently through regular exercise. This also improves blood flow, thereby reducing headaches. Try these measures and see your headache disappear.
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Cervical Osteoarthritis - Physiotherapy Treatment For It!!

Dr. Anjana Gupta 86% (45 ratings)
Diploma in Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy), DPT
Physiotherapist, Delhi
Cervical Osteoarthritis - Physiotherapy Treatment For It!!
Cervical osteoarthritis is also known as cervical spondylosis. It is a medical condition which involves changes in the joints of neck, bones and discs. This is generally caused due to the deterioration of the muscles owing to old age. With age, the cervical spine breaks down and loses all its fluids. This leads to stiffness in the spine. It occurs usually in middle aged and old aged people. This causes stiffness and severe neck pain. Corrective surgery is helpful to cure Cervical Osteoarthritis. Symptoms of Cervical Osteoarthritis: Pain and stiffness in the neck. Headache which usually emerges from the neck. Severe pain in the arms and shoulder. Not being able to turn the head or neck fully while driving. Muscle spasm and abnormal reflexes. Grinding sensation or noise caused while bending the neck. Cervical Osteoarthritis can be cured by physiotherapy in the following ways: Heat modalities- In this method the pain and stiffness is reduced by putting heat on the affected area. This type of therapy is called heat therapy. Neck exercise- Regular stretching and bending exercises for the neck can reduce pain and stiffness Manipulating therapy- This form of therapy is used by massage therapists. They massage and manipulate the joints so that the muscles can function smoothly. Hydrotherapy- This therapy involves exercising in a pool. Hydrotherapy is extremely beneficial for people having severe joint pain and stiffness. Cervical traction- This is a common non-surgical treatment which cures pain in the neck by opening the cervical foramen (hole or passage). Physiotherapy is the most natural and safe way of curing cervical osteoarthritis. If you are diagnosed with cervical spondylosis, you should start physiotherapy as soon as possible.
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I loose sperm every time while urinating and I have continuous back pain and headache. Also I having pain in my testicles. I'm scared to discuss it with my parents and doctor. Can it be cured with home remedies.

Dr. Chandra Bhusan Mishra 89% (2275 ratings)
Homeopath, Kolkata
take hyosamus 200/5 dose. one dose daily for 5 days in morning empty stomach, and consult after that thanks.

Hello There, my brother (Age: 23)is facing a serious eye problem for the last 8 years. He experiences a lot of strain while studying or while looking at a computer even with glasses. He can not even read a single line on a computer. He can read 4-5 lines on a notebook but then he has a serious headache for the rest of the day. We have consulted many well reputed hospitals in India but all doctors are unable to diagnose him. Every test gives normal results. We have gone for MRI and every other test. Doctors have already ruled out muscle weakness. It would be really great if someone could suggest an alternative approach.

Dr. Arjun Kumar Singh 93% (1070 ratings)
MBBS, DOMS, MS - Ophthalmology, , Fellowship in phacoemusification
Ophthalmologist, Patna
Most of software professionals don't know how to work on computer for long time without giving trouble to eyes. While working on computer number of blinking drastically goes down from around 24 per minute to around 8 per minute leading to severe dryness causing burning, eyestrain, blurring of vision & headache. One should try to have normal blinking while working on computer, should look away from screen after every 10 minute , should take rest for 10 minute after every 2 hours& should wear antiglare glass. Software professionals should use lubricating eye drops 4-5 times daily (Systane ultra)&genteal gel once at bed time.

Sir I am 20 year old boy ,I am having a severe headache due to that I am unable to sleep since two night sir please tell me the reason and home remedies to get rid of it.

Dr. Himani Negi 92% (18697 ratings)
Homeopath, Chennai
Homeopathic philosophy does not favour the use of temporary painkillers or short cuts for the treatment of migraine or for that matter any disease. Homeopathy tries to go deep down into the cause of the problem and completely eradicate the tendency of a patient to have these migraine headaches now and then. That is why it takes some time for the medicines to show results. They do not have a short term or temporary effect like the allopathic painkillers. On the contrary, homeopathic medicines have long term effects and work to completely cure the migraine problem. After a couple of months of homeopathic treatment for migraine headaches, patients are pleasantly surprised to experience a completely pain free or headache free life. This is the beauty of Homeopathy.  

After delivery My wifes blood pressure is 90/170 And she suffer from fiver, headache Baby is normal Is that any home remedy for this situation.

Dr. Subhash Divekar 91% (2006 ratings)
Certificate in Basic Course on Diabetes Management, CCEBDM Certificate in Diabetes, MBBS
General Physician, Pune
Fever and BP are not related. Initially for fever Bed rest, plenty of oral fluids and Paracetamol Tablets 500 mg 3 times in a day for 2-3 days may be tried. If no relief see your doctor. Subsequently BP record for 3-4 times with some duration in between may have to be recorded. The readings will have to be evaluated by your doctor for further management if any. It will be important to know whether she had higher BP during pregnancy
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I am suffering from chronic cough past 1 week. Took antibiotics medicine after consulting physician with no cure. Took homeopathy medicine for cough from SBL but no cure. Is there any good Ayurvedic or herbal remedy for chronic cough & chest congestion with cold & headache. Please advice.

Dr. Gunjan Saini 95% (2246 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Haridwar
Sitopladi churan 25gm Trikatu churan 10 gm Paval pishti 10gm Swasari ras 20 gm Abhrak bhasm 5 gm Mix all and make 40 packet Take 3 time in day with honey And consult me on Lybrate.
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