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Home Remedies For Headache: Procedure, Recovery, Risk & Complication

What is the remedy about? Are there any side effects? What are the post-remedy guidelines? How long does it take to recover? Are the results of the remedy permanent? Is there any training or experts required?

What is the remedy about?

It is important to discover what the cause of your headache is, in order to treat it. Sometimes a headache has no underlying cause but is the result of a problem with the brain, blood vessels, nerves, head and neck muscles, in the area surrounding the skull. A headache can also be the result of an underlying illness such as inflammation of the sinus, influenza, ear infections, brain tumor, etc. There are over 150 different types of headaches that range from cluster headaches, migraines, tension headaches and acute headaches to chronic headaches.

To treat the symptoms of a headache, here are some effective remedies:

  • a. Ginger in lemon tea: To prepare this, take a glass of hot lemon tea and soak a piece of the ginger root in it for ten minutes. You can drink this tea once a day until a headache subsides. If you apply a paste of ginger and water to your forehead, you will experience an instant relief from the pain.
  • b. Basil - It is useful in treating mild tension headaches. It is a natural muscle relaxant for tense neck and head muscles. To make a home remedy with basil, boil a cup of water, add three basil leaves and a spoon of honey to it. Drink this cup of tea once a day, until a headache subsides. You can also inhale basil from a bowl of hot water or chew fresh basil leaves, for instant pain relief.
  • c. Head and neck exercises: These exercises can help improve blood circulation and provide relief from the pain. One exercise is to slowly rotate your head clockwise first and then anti-clockwise. Another exercise involves placing your thumb under your chin and pushing your head upwards, very gently, until you are facing the ceiling. Hold this position for around 8 seconds, then slowly lower your head and gently push it downwards, until you are facing the floor. Then gently push your head towards the right side, until it is in line with your shoulder and do the same on your left side. Hold each position for 8 seconds. Now repeat this process three more times.

Are there any side effects?

In general, there are not many side effects for the home remedies that treat headaches. However, it is advised to refrain from consuming an excess of lemon tea. Lime is acidic and an overconsumption of lemon juice can lead to acid reflux and corrosion of your teeth. It is also important to take care while following the neck or head exercises. If the instructions are not followed properly, it can lead to a strain of neck muscles.

What are the post-remedy guidelines?

For the treatment and prevention of headaches, along with these home remedies, it is important to make some changes to your lifestyle habits. It is important to stay hydrated, drinking lots of water will help clear your system and avoid headaches due to constipation or dehydration. In order for these remedies to be effective, you should eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. It is advisable to avoid food that contains MSG or an excess of sugar and drinking caffeine or alcohol in excess. Other habits that you should avoid in order to prevent headaches, is sitting in front of the TV or computer for prolonged periods and undertaking a strenuous activity for hours, in the sun.

How long does it take to recover?

The recovery time for a headache depends on the cause and the intensity of a headache. For a mild tension headache, the remedy may be effective and the pain could subside within a day. While for migraines and cluster headaches, the recovery time could last from a few days to a week.

Are the results of the remedy permanent?

These home remedies are effective in providing relief from the pain and in alleviating the symptoms of a headache. However, the results might not always be permanent, since it is always possible for a headache to recur. A chronic or an acute headache that is caused by an underlying illness will persist until the root cause has been treated.

Is there any training or experts required?

There is no special training or expertise required, in order to use these simple home remedies. However, while following the neck and head exercises, some guidance might be necessary.

Popular Questions & Answers

Hi doctor. My wife has got pregnancy. Now she is 1 month 10 days pregnant. She is suffering from severe headache. She can't have good sleep in day & night. Last month she was diagnosed and result is migraine. Now she is suffering with same. So, what medication and home remedies should be taken to control migraine without any problem to baby.

Advanced Infertility, MIS TRAINING, FICMCH, PGDS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS, Masters in Reproductive Medicine(UK)
Gynaecologist, Faridabad
paracetamol is asafe pain killer during pregnacy as far as migraine is concerned ,it usually has a triggger,try to recognise it and avoid the same relaxation and stress free lifestyle recommended avoid junk food and keep hydrated
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Pressure behind eyes from last 20 days. Sometimes pain in present behind one eye alternatively which lasts for few seconds to minutes. Headache present in Temples, Forehead or Front portion of head. Other Problems: Spondylitis. Sneezing and cough. GERD (GI problems). Anxiety.

DNB Ophtalmology, MS - Ophthalmology, MBBS, Fellowship in Medical Retina, Fellowship in IOL & Cataract Microsurgery
Ophthalmologist, Faridabad
Since u r having sneezing n cough...sinusitis is most likely the cause of eye pain.. but it should be a little more constant...sinusitis related pain is unlikely to be episodic and lasting for a few seconds only. Anxiety can also trigger stress in...

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