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Home Remedies For Dizziness: Procedure, Recovery, Risk & Complication

What is the remedy about?

Dizziness is an ailment which is very common and there is hardly any person who has not experienced it ever. There are several home remedies which can help in alleviating the symptoms of dizziness. Deep breathing is the best means to improve the conditions of dizziness. It helps in the providing an adequate amount of oxygen to all parts of the brain which can relax the nervous system and alleviate dizziness. One of the most common causes of dizziness is dehydration which happens when our body doesn’t get enough water for a prolonged span of time. When you are feeling light-headedness, try drinking some water and in case that appears tasteless to you, you can drink herbal tea with some honey or even fruit juices. Even dizziness is caused by low blood sugar level at times, and you should make sure that you have optimum levels of blood sugar, especially if you are diabetic. You should have well-regulated meals from time to time to steer clear of vertigo and lightheadedness. Ginger is one of the practical home remedies for dizziness and studies have proven that is much more effective than the counter drugs. When you are feeling dizzy, you can either chew in raw ginger or have ginger tea which can aid in curing the problem. Ginger helps in improving blood circulation all through the body, which in turn, reduces the symptoms of dizziness. Have you ever thought that Indian gooseberry and coriander seeds could effectively help in alleviating dizziness? Both of them are rich sources of Vitamin A and are regarded as the best herbal remedy for these health problems. If you often suffer from dizziness to the point that it intrudes into your daily activities, you can deseed the coriander seeds and add some water a to it along with 2 tablespoons of coriander seeds and keep the mixture as it is all through the night. You can strain it the next morning and consume it. Doing this for a few days will not only cure the chronic dizziness but also prevent it from returning.

Are there any side effects?

As it goes with any home remedies, here also the home treatments for dizziness do not have any potential threats or side effects. For instance, there are no side effects of practicing deep breathing techniques, but if you think of the benefits, then there are an uncountable number of reasons why you should indulge in these practices. But there are certain factors to keep in mind while using these techniques, such as people with chronic bleeding habits should not consume too much of ginger as it could aggravate bleeding problems. On the other hand, there are some individuals who are allergic to Indian gooseberry and may develop a cough and cold. Also, you should make sure that the ingredients thus used is fresh and is not contaminated; otherwise it would lead to more health complications rather than alleviating your present condition. Dizziness could be a symptom of some underlying condition or disease which is much dangerous than the dizziness that you are going through. Make sure that the home remedies do not interfere with the medications that you are taking. This point is worth considering since it is believed that Indian gooseberry sometimes interferes with the efficacy of homeopathic medicine. It may not be possible for you to discern whether you should take a home remedy or not and therefore, it is advised to consult with an expert who can evaluate your overall health condition and recommend the proper home remedies as per your individual health condition.

What are the post-remedy guidelines?

The signs and symptoms of dizziness include a feeling of faintness, passing out, light-headedness, whirling, motion problems and many other issues. Also, the home remedies should be followed all through the year whenever the symptoms show up again. You should maintain a healthy lifestyle which in turn, can keep your blood sugar and blood pressure at optimum levels. It is very crucial to control the underlying conditions that have led to dizziness. For example, dizziness could stem from heart diseases, blood pressure fluctuations, brain disorders, medications like antibiotics and pain-killers, metabolic disorders such as dehydration and hypoglycemia, anxiety, stress, depression and sinus infections. You should consult with an expert to find out the cause of dizziness and try to treat it so that you can prevent light-headedness and dizziness in the future.

How long does it take to recover?

Depending on the severity of dizziness, it can take about a couple of minutes to some hours to control feelings of vertigo, lightheadedness and other such disorders. Also, if it is a result of some underlying condition, then treating them can help in speeding up the recovery process. The aim of the home remedies for dizziness is not just centered on controlling the discomfort temporarily but also sparing the individual from future attack. It is important to note that if you are suffering from any chronic condition with vertigo and lightheadedness as a symptom, then it is important to carry on with the treatment process until it is completely cured.

Are the results of the remedy permanent?

It is common to feel dizzy at times without any underlying health complication that has led to it. In such instances, the home remedy for dizziness can yield a permanent result and even if it comes back, you can always repeat the home remedies. Hence, it primarily necessary to understand the cause of the issue. With the understanding, following the appropriate home remedies can provide long-lasting health benefits.

Is there any training or experts required?

There is no specialized training or experts required when you are taking home remedies for dizziness. But it is important to understand whether the remedies would effective results or lead to unwanted side effects. For this, it becomes necessary to consult with a trained expert, particularly if your symptoms keep coming back or it is arising from certain health complications as the diagnosis is the key to any treatment.

Effectiveness: High Side Effects: Very Low Time for Recovery: Medium Price Range : Approx INR 0 - 10 Training Requirement: No

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Why Saying No Is Important For A Healthy Life?
The very simple two letter word No appears to be in my professional (and sometimes personal experience) a rather tough word to formulate. On the surface of it, it seems to be simple and straightforward. However, in reality, it can be very hard to say. As humans, we are constantly trying to seek validation and acceptance from our peers and society in general. Which is why people a lot many times agree to things that they do not want to do. This can in part be due to the inability to disappoint someone they love and care about. It is also easier to not say no as it helps us maintain connections with people. Even though the end result could overburden us. The repercussions of this absence of disagreement is critical. By over-committing ourselves, we are actually consuming the majority of our positive energy and using it somewhere where we might not want to. This takes away from our own goals and needs. It leaves us tired and we greet each day like it is simply one more battle or hurdle to cross. We also give up our own basic needs for space, stillness, relaxation and imagination and are bound to our committed state. To avoid this, we must first acknowledge our own needs and priorities for both mental and physical well-being and joy. For this, one may have to know when saying "yes" will fulfill your requirement for rest, relaxation or self-awareness. When we do this, the unfounded dread of not being socially acceptable for saying "no" gradually dissipates. Here are three reasons why saying "no" can prove to be beneficial: You will have more 'Me' time: The extra time made by saying "no" will, at any rate, prevent that forced clock from ticking. It will make you feel like you are in- charge of your own time and destiny. This can truly lighten up your mood, lift your anxiety and bolster your health. Rather than saying yes to going out for lunch or a party that you feel obligated to go to, but might not want to, simply practicing the art of saying no. You will automatically feel happier when you are sitting at home, relaxing rather than forcefully socializing. You will not regret: At first, you may be reluctant to say"no" because of a self- created fear of passing up a major opportunity or the fear of missing out. As a general rule, nonetheless, in case that you need to say"no," odds are you have much better explanations for you not being there. If you do go for it, you might regret it afterwards thinking that you could have done something better with your time rather than having completely wasted it. You & your friends will respect you for it: No one wants to be taken for granted. However, in case you continue saying "yes" to each demand or supposed opportunity that doesn't resonate with you, it will be how individuals will come to see you and behave towards you, as too available. The more you say "yes," the more individuals will generally expect things of you. So, try saying no when you mean no instead of saying yes just to please someone else. They will respect you for it. Personal boundaries and personal space are very important and we owe it to ourselves to say no to other's demands on our time & energy. It's part of self- love & care.
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Stuck With Blackheads - 5 Amazing Home Remedies That Can Help!

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Stuck With Blackheads - 5 Amazing Home Remedies That Can Help!
Blackheads can cause a lot of social embarrassment and anxiety for many people as they look like ugly blemishes on your skin. Although blackheads are a skin problem, they could be manifestations of other internal problems as well. There are many topical remedies to tackle blackheads but a holistic approach such as the one provided by Ayurveda will be a more effective solution. Why do we get blackheads? If you have oily skin, this is a serious problem for you. The oil secreting glands on your face and nose known as the sebaceous glands produce oil to protect the skin and keep it hydrated. Excess production of this oil clogs the pores of the skin and expands them. As more oil keeps pouring, it gets clogged in the pores even more and then becomes hardened when it reacts with air forming blackheads. These blackheads may make you look weak and tired and the only solution is to take regular skincare, so that they don t come back. Some natural ayurvedic treatments of blackheads which you can follow- Use Tomato Paste- The easiest option is applying tomatoes on the affected area. They have antiseptic ingredients which have a good impact on your blackheads. Apply some tomato pulp on your skin and leave it overnight. Wash the face in the morning with lukewarm water and see the results. Mashed Potatoes- Mash some raw potatoes and rub it on the affected area. Keep it on as a mask and then wash it off. Regular usage of this will heal the skin and reduce the problem of blackheads greatly. Oatmeal Powder and Rose Water Mix- Mix oatmeal powder and rose water and leave it on the area prone to blackheads for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it with cold water. Regular usage should show results quite quickly. Lemon Juice Lemon juices are effective in killing blackheads. However they may make your skin quite dry. Hence use groundnut oil to dilute it and keep the skin hydrated. Use this mixture on your face and wash after 15 minutes. Apple Cider Vinegar and Cornstarch These is an excellent combination to get rid of blackheads. You can apply it on your face, keep it overnight and then wash it off with warm water soaked in a soft cloth. These are some of the natural Ayurvedic tips to get rid of your blackheads. In order to make sure that they don t recur, drink lots of water to flush out the toxins. Clean your skin regularly with a mild face wash regularly. It is also important to ensure that your lifestyle remains healthy and balanced or else these problems may keep coming back.
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Asthma - Ayurvedic Treatment For It!

Dr. Vijeshwar Kumar Gupta 84% (10 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Moradabad
Asthma - Ayurvedic Treatment For It!
The most common respiratory disorder, asthma, is an allergy. Allergy is when the body s immune system recognizes something in the system as foreign (or antigen) and produces what are known as antibodies. These antibodies cause allergic symptoms ranging from skin rashes to breathing issues to even anaphylaxis. People who have asthma dread the spring season when the air is full of pollen, and they have severe attacks. In simple terms, what happens during asthma is the air pipes narrow down, leading to symptoms of chest congestion, breathlessness, coughing, and wheezing. Ayurvedic belief is that asthma is caused due to some triggers like stress, exercise, cold air, and excessive pollen. These increase the Kapha component or dosha, which leads to mucus formation in the air passages leading to narrowing of the airways. Some causes include: Weak lung tissues Damp environment Cold and/or stale food Increased ama (mucus) formation Strange as it may sound, Ayurveda believes that impaired digestion causes asthma. Management: Ayurvedic belief is that managing asthma requires effort aimed at various things including food changes, exercise, and airway management. Some of the significant tips are listed below. Increase consumption of honey and warm liquids like herbal teas Eat a lot of old cereals and whole grains (rice, barley, oats, green grams, etc.) Reduce dairy products as they are difficult to digest and hard on the stomach Avoid white flour, oily foods, sugary foods, cold-stored foods, processed foods, and fried foods. These again are hard on the stomach and not easily digested. Exercise should be done in moderation, as too much exercise can add to the shortness of breath and congestion Try various home remedies and repeat what works for you well. Black pepper powder in warm milk can help relieve the congestion. Ginger root can be powdered along with black pepper and stored as a powder. This can be mixed in warm water or milk and consumed 3 to 4 times a day Steam inhalation where cumin seeds can also be added to the water is found to be very beneficial. A concoction of guava leaves, black pepper, milk, and water can be boiled. This, when consumed for over 6 to 8 months, helps improve immunity. Neti therapy where the nasal passages are cleared of mucus is also a very effective way to improve breathing and keep the airways clear. Stress management either through meditation or mild exercise is very important, as asthma is known to worsen during periods of stress. Herbal oil massages also help improve circulation and nerve supply and therefore improve immunity. Ayurveda believes these improve immunity and thereby control asthma.

Alcohol Related Liver Diseases - Ways Ayurveda Can Help With It!

Dr. Paresh J Thakkar 87% (15 ratings)
Ayurveda, Ahmedabad
Alcohol Related Liver Diseases - Ways Ayurveda Can Help With It!
The liver is a vital organ in our body because it performs many important functions. This includes filtering harmful substances in our blood, producing bile to facilitate digestion of food, storing energy and nutrients as well as producing hormones and enzymes that the body uses for performing essential functions.However, too much consumption of alcohol can affect the liver, lead to serious consequences related to our health, and also result in an alcohol-related liver disease (ALD). An ALD may, in turn, cause disruption of the digestion process and weaker immune system. It may even increase the risk of developing cancer. Causes: As the name suggests, the prime cause behind the development of the alcohol-induced liver disease is the consumption of alcohol for a long duration. However, some of the other causes behind the development of alcohol-induced liver disease include the presence of an existing liver disease such as fatty liver or hepatitis, inherited liver disease, or a liver disease induced due to excessive or prolonged consumption of certain drugs. Alcohol-induced liver diseases (ALD) can be of three types. Alcoholic fatty liver disease: Alcoholic fatty liver disease or steatosis occurs due to the deposition of fats in the liver, which is an end result of excessive alcohol consumption. Alcoholic hepatitis: Too much of alcohol consumption can also lead to liver inflammation, which is called alcoholic hepatitis. Alcoholic cirrhosis: This alcoholic-liver disease occurs when the liver is scarred due to excessive consumption of alcohol. In this case, the healthy and soft liver tissues are replaced with dead and hard tissues. Symptoms: Some of the signs and symptoms, mostly related to ALD, are not noticed in the initial stage. It is only after a few years that the symptoms may appear. Some of the common symptoms include abdominal pain, loss of appetite and weight loss, swelling in the abdomen as well as the legs, feet, and ankles, a yellowish appearance of the skin, itchy skin with hair loss, and bleeding and complications such as liver cancer or ascites. Diagnosing alcohol-related liver disease is based on your history of alcohol consumption. But, there is no single test that can detect this type of disease, so a combination of tests will be suggested by your physician before a specific type of alcoholic liver disease is diagnosed. Ayurvedic home remedies Ayurveda is known to be greatly beneficial for the treatment of alcohol-induced liver diseases. The use of natural ingredients like herbs can not only treat the liver disease but also promote the overall well-being of the liver. The treatment will include abstinence from alcohol, as it is very important when it comes to undoing the damage that alcohol has caused to your liver. The natural ingredients that can treat alcohol-induced liver disease include: Phyllanthus or bhumi amla: This natural ingredient acts as a liver cleanser. A great Ayurvedic herb, it will also rejuvenate your liver and protect it. Turmeric: Packed with antioxidants, turmeric can improve your liver s health considerably. Additionally, its antiseptic and antiviral properties will help to prevent the buildup of virus that causes hepatitis B or C. Green Tea: Another amazing remedy that works in an amazing way is green tea. The catechins present in green tea supports the functioning of the liver. Flax seeds: Flax seeds prevent the hormones from circulating in the blood. This reduces the strain on the liver and promotes the well-being of your liver. Additionally, it is also recommended that you choose a healthy diet filled with fresh vegetables and fruits and reduce the consumption of salt, oily, and spicy fried food. Too much of strenuous exercise must be avoided as well. Home remedies are supportive only in case of Alcoholic fatty liver, but if you are suffering from alcoholic hepatitis and ALD related liver cirrhosis you must need proper line of treatment under a well experienced and expert Ayurvedic doctor.
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PCOD - Treat It With Ayurveda & Don't Let It Affect Your Life!

Bnchy Wellness Medispa 86% (304 ratings)
Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences (BNYS), in yoga and naturopathy, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Ayurveda, Delhi
PCOD - Treat It With Ayurveda & Don't Let It Affect Your Life!
Are you suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome and are looking for an ideal remedy? Polycystic ovarian disease or PCOD is a common female health condition. It is a complex disorder and involves several factors which include insulin resistance, obesity, irregular menstrual bleeding, insufficient ovum production, and abnormal menstrual cycles. PCOD commonly occurs during the reproductive age of a woman and accounts for being a major cause of infertility. According to Ayurvedic principles, PCOD occurs primarily due to the imbalance state of your doshas. The dosha vaishanmya is linked to the symptoms of PCOD, and the relationship between the doshas and lakshans is permanent. Treatment PCOD is associated with stri beeja and rajah formation, along with medhodhantu to some extent. These should be attended to while the condition is being treated. The Ayurvedic treatment of PCOD aims at providing ideal care by correction of the ama dosha. By this, you achieve koshta shuddi, which in turn regularizes your tridoshas. The way or approach towards Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD includes the following: Treatment of agnimandya at both dhatwagni and jataragni levels. The alleviation of sroto avarodha is an essential part of PCOD treatment using Ayurveda. You should undertake purificatory therapies which are based on the grade of your doshic vitialation, and the exact area of affliction. These should be followed by rasayana drugs, which are free radical scavenging agents. The regularization of the apana Vata is essential as well. You must firmly avoid vihara and kaphkara ahara. Yoga and meditation are very important for the Ayurvedic treatment of PCOD. You should perform yoga asanas regularly. Some of the ideal postures for PCOD management include sarvangasana, matyasana, and shavasana. It is also very important for you to work out regularly, undertake different physical exercises. This will make your overall life much healthier. You must follow a healthy, balanced diet regularly, which should consist of fresh vegetables and fruits. Ayurvedic herbs for the treatment of PCOD The varuna crataeva nurvala is an effective herb which helps in the clearance of channels, which reduces your cyst s size. You can try hareetaki because of its amazing laxative effects, which reduce the morbidity of your body. Bilva or aegle marmelos heps in reducing the size of your growth, via its digestive effect. Strotasshuddhi is required and herbs likes Punarnava, kaphhar medicines are advised. Phytooestrogen sources and female tonic Shatavari is very much advised. Agnimantha, similar to lions. Lake er dhareyjata Guduchi is another effective remedy for PCOD and has a rejuvenating effect. Kanchnar is the drug of choice for Thyroid as per AYURVEDA, Strotasshuddhi is done by using Trikatu, Punarnava and other medicines. Rasayan like Shatavari are advised for enhancing female hormones. If you are experiencing any symptom of PCOD, it is recommended for you to visit an Ayurvedic practitioner. This ensures that proper diagnosis is undertaken so that you can start treating the condition as early as possible.
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Popular Questions & Answers

My mother is suffering from dizziness from last week .she has taken many medicines but not worked so pls tell me the medicines or home remedies to treat with this.

Dr. Gunjan Saini 91% (2240 ratings)
Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Haridwar
Dear user Take arjun kwath in morning And ashwshila in night Avoid oily and fast food Consult for best result.
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My sister age 17 years have low blood pressure problem not so much low it's 5-10points down but becoz of this she have headache problem or little bit dizziness problem please suggest any home remedy or coffee help in low blood pressure problem.

Dr. Col V C Goyal 94% (8917 ratings)
CCEBDM, PG Diploma In Clinical cardiology, MBBS
General Physician, Ghaziabad
1.Take more salt. 2.No alcohol 3.Take More fluids 4.Regular exercise and walk for 30 mts if can do comfortably 5.Do not get up suddenly from lying down position- first move your feet and ankle while lying down, then sit up on the edge of the bed for few mts and then stand up slowly 6.Raise head end of bed at night by putting blocks/ bricks 7.No heavy wt lifting 8.Avoid constipation and straining at stool 9.Take small frequent meals may be 5 times a day 10.Take less sugar and rice and potato 11.Rest for 10 mts after eating U need some medication also ,For medicine contact on private chat..

Hi all respected doctors, I am in a problem because of my sleepiness, Plzz suggest me anti sleeping medicines which are available easily in markets or suggest me any workfull natural way to get out of this problem. Plzz help me I am preparing for my 12 board exam.

Dr. Parvez F. A. 91% (1701 ratings)
General Physician,
Have balanced diet, regular sleep and light exercises and avoiding addictions if any must suffice. Keep a close watch on these things, even if you insist medicines can be prescribed after a counseling session so as to enable you study longer and Increase memories of both the types i.e. Long term and short term. Regards.
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