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Last Updated: Nov 01, 2019
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Hearing Impairment: Treatment, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects

What is Hearing Impairment? How is the treatment done? Are there any side effects? How long does it take to recover? What is the price of the treatment in India? Are the results of the treatment permanent?

What is Hearing Impairment?

Hearing impairment is also called hearing loss or deafness, and occurs when you lose part or all of your ability to hear. Hearing Impairment or deafness is usually caused as a result of inner ear or neural damage, which may be caused by a congenital defect or injury or disease or is a side effect of a certain medication, exposure to loud noise or is a age related wear and tear.

The primary symptom in hearing impairment is an inability to hear sound, and for some, hearing may be possible with the help of surgery or a hearing device. Lip-reading skills, written or printed text and sign language often help with communication.

The condition can be treated with a cochlear implant, a device which is surgically implanted inside the ear which enables a deaf person to hear sounds.

The most common mode to treat hearing loss or deafness is to add a hearing aid. A hearing aid device is applied to the outer ear which amplifies more sound and improves hearing.

The treatment mainly depends on the type of hearing loss. Sensor Neural Hearing Loss is the most common hearing impairment or hair loss syndrome caused due to exposure to loud music or noise, head trauma, virus or disease, autoimmune inner ear disease, genetic hearing loss, aging (presbycusis) and malformation in the inner ear.

Addition of a conductive component generally tends to help a person to hear better hearing or may get help out an audiogram by underlying sensor neural component which presented a high-frequency loss.

How is the treatment done?

Visiting an ENT specialist (ear, nose, throat) is the first step is recommended would ensure that the treatment is done on a proper basis. The doctor will carry out the required tests and will help to determine the exact cause of hair loss. The treatment will run in a systematic manner and can be administered immediately. This is followed by the next set of tests and which are simple, but will vary in case there is an infection inside in the ear, or has the impairment caused due to some other reason and this is where the treatment steps tends to vary.

If there is any other problem other than the hearing loss or deafness caused due to other reason, or if some amount of swelling inside the ear or any abscess in the area, your doctor will initially assess the damage.

Some of the doctors prefer oral medication and certain exercises to be done before they start working on the cause. As the hearing impairment tends to have several types of symptoms, the doctor will start with the most suitable treatment. In case of injured inner ear structures, the doctor wait for the ruptured parts to heal. In case of Sensor Neural hearing loss, which can occur from a head trauma or abrupt changes in air pressure, which can cause inner ear fluid compartment rupture or leakage and can result to be toxic to the inner ear, doctors may treat it with emergency surgery.

Speech therapists are recommended for specialisation in voice rehabilitation, but at a later stage.

Who is eligible for the treatment?

Anyone who is experiencing any sort of problem in hearing by a single ear or both the ears, is eligible for the treatment irrespective of the age. There is no stipulated time period you need to wait, or you must wait to see if things worsen. You can visit a nearest E.N.T or Otolaryngologist to know what is the exact cause causing your deafness, and the required treatment can follow.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

There is no such restriction of age or condition regarding the treatment of the problem is concerned.

Are there any side effects?

As with the most of the case of almost all medications, there will be certain side effects that you should be vary of. Though hearing loss cannot be reversed completely, medicinal treatment or a surgery can have effects on your body. If you are allergic to any substance, it is best to discuss that with your doctor, so in case of medications, the doctor can prescribe medicines so that the medications that does not contain the allergen.

Though in case a hearing aid is used, the side effects almost run to zero, but wireless radiations may cause some disturbance.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

There are no specific post treatment guidelines for a hearing loss, as there is no permanent treatment. But for temporary deafness, it is recommended to stay in a less noisy environment and follow a standard procedure to help the damage to get cured.

In case of permanent hearing loss and if you are using a hearing aid, the most important guideline is to ensure that your ears are not exposed to any very noisy environment. It is also generally advised to maintain and follow certain guidelines to travel in high altitudes which will make sure your ears are safe. Generally ears are very sensitive and any random stimulus can cause you problem if you are not careful.

How long does it take to recover?

Initial hearing loss treatments can last anywhere between 20-40 days if a surgery is done or if the patient has to go through routine oral medications. As you continue to take your medications, you can notice a gradual decrease in the symptoms on a daily basis until it is fully recovered. But for a permanent hearing loss, it will probably never recover, and one has to depend on the hearing aid for the rest of his/her life

What is the price of the treatment in India?

The prices of hearing aids range from very low to quite high in India, and primarily depends on the size and quality of the device. They can range in price from Rs. 300 to Rs 50,000 and even above. The same goes for any oral medication that you might be taking in order to treat ear pain, but will be relatively cheaper.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

The results of being permanent depends on the type of deafness. In most of the cases, the hearing loss cannot be reversed. If your hear loss is a result of some other different condition you may have, treating the loss alone will only work for a short period of time. If pain is there, it will take days or weeks, the pain is will return to alert you of whatever condition you may be suffering from, though the generic ear pain treatment results are usually permanent.

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Hello Sir, I am 20 years old my problem is very long, my ear is not clearly catching voice. Please help.

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your doctor may recommend a hearing aid to help you improve your hearing , other option surgery , medication

I am 19 years old. I have hyperacusis. Is there any natural cure for hyperacusis?

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Hello lybrate-user, hyperacusis is a highly debilitating hearing disorder. First of all we want to know how old this disease is? In homeopathy there is good treatment of this disease but we want to know cause behind it.
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I have done audiology testing everything is normal and wax to removed but still I can hear beep or ringing sound continually. Please suggest me.

M.Sc - Audiology, BASLP
Audiologist, Delhi
Dear lybrate-user, You seem to have ideopathic tiinitus. Please have a tympanometry done for confirmation. In this case you can go for tinitus retraining therapy from a qualified audiologist. For detailed consultation you can contact me. Thank you.
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My father age 68 years suffering from hearing problem for last 2 to three so can he use hearing machine and which machine is good for him.

BSC - Audiology
Audiologist, Azamgarh
Yes he can use hearing aid use oticon hearing aid. According to audio gram.

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