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Appendicitis - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

What is Appendicitis ?

Appendicitis is a condition which illustrates inflammation of the appendix.

Appendicitis may be acute or chronic. This condition can happen in every one of us at any time. However it has been observed that it mostly occurs between the ages of 10-30. Appendicitis occurs more in men than in women. Complications from this disease can be serious and fatal if it is not treated in time.

Causes of Appendicitis

In most of the cases the cause for appendicitis is not known. There can be several causes for developing this disease. Experts believe that one of the main conditions for developing appendicitis is an obstruction in the appendix. This obstruction can be complete and also partial. When there is a complete obstruction in appendix, it calls for an emergency surgery.

Obstruction in appendix often happens due to accumulation of fecal matters, which results in:

  • Worms
  • Enlarged lymphoid follicles
  • Tumor and
  • Trauma

When appendix get obstructed, it leads to multiplication of bacteria inside the organ, which in turn leads to formation of pus.Increased pressure inside appendix creates pain as it compresses the blood vessels inside the organ which can even lead to gangrene. So in severe cases this obstruction often calls for an emergency surgery.As, if the appendix ruptures, fecal matters can fill the abdomen, ruptured appendix can lead to peritonitis, which is a deadly condition that can be a cause for sepsis.Peritonitis also affects organs like the cecum, bladder and sigmoid colon, which when inflamed can be fatal for the patient. However, instead of rupturing if the infected appendix leaks, it can form an abscess. Though abscess is less dangerous than peritonitis, but still then it can be really harmful for the patient. Primarily appendicitis is diagnosed by performing a physical examination on the patient. The doctor looks for tenderness in the lower right quadrant of the patient’s abdomen. However, if the patient is pregnant the pain can be in a place higher up the abdomen. In case of perforation of the appendix, the patient’s stomach may get hard and swollen.

How is the condition treated?

Apart from physical examination doctors also perform other tests to diagnose this disease and rule out other illnesses.

Urinalysis, pelvic examination, abdominal CT scan and X-ray are conducted to rule out possibilities of urinary tract infections, pelvic infections and other abdominal complications like peritoneal abscess respectively.

Even pregnancy test and chest X-ray is conducted on the patients at times to rule out possibilities of ectopic pregnancy and right lower lobe pneumonia, before arriving at a conclusion that the patient is suffering from appendicitis.

Appendectomy or surgical removal of the appendix is the only remedy of appendicitis.

Treatable by medical professional Require medical diagnosis Lab test required Short-term: resolves within days to weeks Non communicable
Loss of appetite. Abdominal pain, tenderness, nausea and vomiting. Fever

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Popular Questions & Answers

On 9th October I have pain at my right side adobeman then Dr. said appendicitis 7.9 mm after 3 days I have done my cycle scan whole adobeman the appendicitis size 5.6 mm so what will I do operate or not?

When acut appendicitis occure its inflammed that why size increase but after medication its normal but when 1st attack of appendicitis occure than 2nd attack more dangerous even some time life-threatening so you can go for elective laproscopic ape...
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Hello doctor I got surgery last year that was appendix operation with laparoscopic .I am getting pain in testes. Doctor said that stitches compressed with nerve .what was the treatment of compressed nerve lower abdominal please tell me.

Hello there is no such entity that stitches compressing nerve after lap appendectomy. Kindly get your scrotal USG done and consult another surgeon for a second opinion. Get one urine examination done too.
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5 months before there's done appendix surgery on my stomach middle section having 13 stitches. I want to start a gym now. Like lifting heavy weights. Does it will affect on my surgery? Having muscular body is my goal. Please consult me.

In five months wounds heal. Still as you have very large wound, you can start gym very slowly with abdominal belt in place. Let me know your progress.
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What is Appendicitis ?

Causes of Appendicitis

How is the condition treated?

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Here are health-related tips of Appendicitis Hello friends! Now I am going to talk about an entity about which way you and everyone has been hearing since our childhood an Appendicitis , and Appendicectomy, an operation for that. We all hear this ...
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