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I am 27 years old male and I have some yellow and black stain in my teeth and in inner side also even I am doing brush 2 times in a day (morning and night) and not takes any drugs like tombakoo, sigrate or etc. How can I remove this? even I changed my tooth paste.

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You can go for cleaning of your teeth by a dentist. This will help in removing stains and give you a sparkling white shining teeth.
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So you are doing perfect job like brush twice a day no tobacco, still you are suggested to go for scaling every 6 months and polishing of teeth to maintain brighter whiter teeth.
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Please visit a dentist & get scaling and polishing done followed by bleaching. All stains and discoloration will dissappear.
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Hello, the yellow and black stains can be removed by a dentist. We can examine your teeth, if deposits are external we can do a cleaning and polishing procedure for you. If stains are intrinsic a whitening procedure can be really helpful.
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I need to examine them clinically, if these are extrinsic it can cleaned with dental scaling and polishing, if the stains are intrinsic then then the treatment plan will be accordingly, you may consult me for same.
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Get your dental cleaning done by dentist.
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Reduce intake of stain causing drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine, cola drinks use of baking soda along with your tooth paste can help in improving tooth whiteness rubbing banana peel over teeth is helpful for whiteness of teeth.
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Get scaling done with your local dentist.
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Visit dentist and go for professional cleaning (scaling).
You would need a professional cleaning.
Please visit a dentist and get your scaling done.
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Sometimes stains don't even removed by brush or paste. So you must visit dentist for treatment.
all you need is scaling. That is cleaning of teeth by professional. These stains are result of negligence in brushing and excessive intake of tea or cofee.
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From your description. It appears that you have tartar of your teeth. All you need to do is to visit your dentist and get the cleaning done. It's very good that you don't have any habits like cigarette and tobacco. But still some tartar formation can occur.
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Consult dentist & get scaling done.
Kindly get scaling and polishing done. Brush your teeth twice daily using correct brushing technique.
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Changing tooth paste will not help, please consult your dental surgeon who will do cleaning and polishing and remove the stains and you will be fine.
Hi , once the stains form on teeth, they need to be cleaned by a dentist. Even though you brush nicely, it is advisable to get your teeth cleaned once every year.
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Dental stains could be by many reasons, few to name are, tobacco, tea/ coffee, pan etc. These stains can be easily removed by scaling (cleaning and polishing) for more info Consult.
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Scaling and polishing will help. If still doesn't goes, then bleaching.
Once you should go to the dentist for the scaling and bleaching of the teeth handbook should used miserable water and follow proper oral hygiene including brush 2 times a day before meal and after meal mouth wash.
Sir you need to get a dental check up done once in 6 months which is very important. And what basically required for you as per your complaint is scaling. Scaling is basically mechanical cleaning of your teeth which is done in the dental chair n its healthy if done by some qualified dental surgeon
No need to change the tooth paste Go to dentist you require for bleaching/ veneering.
Only dentist can remove it please visit dentist some have more bacteroides which gives black stain in spite of maintaining.
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Hi, even if we do 2 times brushing and do not have any ill habits still over a period of time teeth can have deposits and stains on our teeth. Many times our toothbrushing technique can also be wrong. For this you should atleast once in year get a professional dental cleaning/scaling done by dentist. Regards Dr. Avinash singh.
Scaling (cleaning) will help you come out of this problem.
It is very common to get stains over teeth surface. You can go for procedure called scaling. This will clean your teeth and return your sparkling smile.
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Thanks for your query. Sir, you should go for professional cleaning (scalling, toget rid of these stains. This procedure remove existing stains and improve your oral hygiene. Thanking you. -dr. Akanksha shukla.
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Stains will not be removed by toothpaste. You have to get your teeth cleaned.
Hi, you need to get a professional cleaning done. If that does not help then you may go for teeth whitening.
Visit a dentist and get the cleaning done of your teeth the problem gets solved.
Stains r normal occurrences they r basically of two types intrinsic n extrinsic, normally its extrinsic stains which appear when you r grown up they r caused by various food items which r coloured as tea, coffee, colas n such drinks they appear on front of teeth, those occurring at back r often because some iron depositing bacteria normally occurring in the mouth n come as a line just above the gum line. Once they have occurred r difficult to remove by brushing alone n require professional help a good scaling polishing n if required bleaching can do the trick with any dentist a periodontist is the best person to attend.
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Hi, get a professional scaling & polishing done.
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Get cleanup done at regular interval of 6 months.
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Its not about d fact tat you brush your teeth twice but how do you brush. Tat is on what technique you brush. Also if your teeth alignment is not proper then your brush cant reach everywhere n only then you develop these stains. You ll need a professional cleaning which is called scaling. Depending upon the severity of your stain you can do it in single or multiple sittings. Even then you r not satisfied, you can do power bleaching which will enhance your shade by three or four values. No point changing your tooth paste. Change your brushing technique.
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The only treatment is scaling/cleaning.
Reasons a) use of tea / coffee b) improper brushing c) long use of beverages tretmen a) cleaning of teeth b) cement filling in areas wid black spots c) visit your dentist every six month.
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