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28 year old male from england. One night in the middle of january I suddenly woke up in what I can only describe as a state of panic. My heart was racing I was heavy breathing and my body went really stiff, this lasted for no more than 5-10 seconds it has only happened once but since then I have had a pain in the left hand side of my stomach it feels like a knot like something is in there that shouldn't be, pain in my back the lower and upper parts the pain in my back started on my left side but is now on both sides. I've noticed 2 squishy lumps at the bottom left and side of my back. I notice the discomfort in my stomach more when i'm sat down as to when stood up or laying down. I notice when I urinate a lot of urine comes out but no pain or burning sensation or no more frequent than normal. I have suffered with diarrhea for many years now sometimes I have to use the toilet right after eating. But some days I feel constipated. I can see undigested food sometimes in my stool. I'm sleeping well and haven't noticed any weight loss. I sometimes feel sick but haven't been sick since this started. I have had blood tests done and they have all come back normal. I also did a urine sample and that came back normal. I am currently waiting for an ultrasound scan on the 26th of april. I had the lumps looked at on my back by 2 different doctors and they both said they didn't think they were of any concern. I have recently become a father for the first time, my son is 6 months old and he is my absolute world. I have suffered with anxiety for many years and I am now back on 50 mg of sertraline daily, because of my anxiety I have convinced myself that I have kidney or stomach cancer I spent a lot of time googling my symptoms. I spend most of my time worrying and crying that my son is going to grow up without me. My family history that I know of is diabetes runs on the female side (grandmother, mum, sister) my sister and father both have ibs. In 2019 my mum had stage 2 uterus cancer but has recovered well after surgery. My grandfather died of a stomach aneurysm in 2001 he also had stomach cancer at the time of his death. I've tried to be as detailed as possible with this and any help would be really appreciated i'm just so scared I don't want to leave my son.

7 Doctors Answered
Dear Daniel, You seem to have health anxiety disorder. Apart from sertraline, please take therapy to get over it and live a better quality of life with your wife and son.
Hi Daniel i have gone through the limited infromation provided by you. provisionally it appears that you are suffering from anxiety disorder with a differential (other possible condition) of somatoform disorder. Pertaining to the pharmacological management of the condition, SSRIs (which includes sertraline) are the first line medication used in such condition. The only issue here is the optimization of it's dose, i dont know if you have ever taken more than 50mg per day for a prolonged period (weeks together) and perceived any additional benefit in the symptoms or distress. Dose of sertraline goes up to 200mg per day if you have atleast 30% improvement with the initial treatment. In my opinion CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) will surely provide some additional help in dealing/coping up with the condition, provided it is administered by a genuine therapist.
Hi lybrate-user, I can understand your worries. You must be feeling very scared due to your family history as you have a family to look after. But if the doctors are saying that there is nothing to be worried and your tests are also normal and still you are worried then I would suggest you to take some cognitive behaviour therapy sessions from a good psychotherapist. You may take these sessions online as well. Cbt works wonders in anxiety disorders. For further help you may contact me for online counselling.
Dear Lybrate user you need to calm down your mind first. Do not overthink. It's all happening because of this. As you have written that all your tests are normal then why are you overthinking and stressing out? Just relax. If doctors are saying that the lumps are nothing to worry about then have faith in them. You have been blessed with a son. So enjoy with that bundle of joy. Enjoy your fatherhood and stop stressing. The moment you will start focusing on your son, all your worry will be gone. Why have you convinced yourself that you might be having stomach or kidney cancer? Has any doctor told you? It's just your overthinking. Please stop it immediately because it will not let you enjoy your present moments. Do not look up in google for useless things, it creates stress. Just try to calm your mind, try meditation and yoga. It really helps. Do not cry, believe me, you are not sick. You are absolutely fine. Enjoy with your son, give him your love and attention and all your worries disappearing. Live in the present moment. You can also go for counseling wherever you are placed.
Hello and welcome to Lybrate. I have reviewed your query and here is my advice. Panic attacks and anxiety can be cured with the right kind of person centered therapy techniques.I suggest telephonic counseling and online psychotherapy for you. You can contact me for further advice and treatment options. Let me know if I can assist you further. Take care.
You appear to be suffering most likely from anxiety disorder with panic and somatic symptoms. Though settles one would help, there are better alternatives. Get a consultation from a psychiatrist for better outcome. Good luck.
Dear stress patients worry too much. Stress in today’s day & age where stress is high, feelings of frustration can emerge. It is our perception that can change our current negative situation into a healthy & positive one. Another way of perceiving these feelings of frustration can be by looking at them as an opportunity to push ourselves to go that little extra mile until we achieve our objective. However, there are times when we all can go around in circles; and being in this space can be quite upsetting and lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, frustration and can even cloud our mind and judgment. Exercise one hr daily, oil massage body, hobby, support from friends family, help others, weekly holiday, yoga, meditation drugs sertraline you may increase to twice daily.
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