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Cloudnine Hospital

Cloudnine Hospital

Gynaecologist Clinic

CTS Nos.1084/C & 1186/A, Siddhachal Arcade Link Road, Malad West,
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₹ 1,000 at clinic

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Our goal is to provide a compassionate professional environment to make your experience comfortable. Our staff is friendly, knowledgable and very helpful in addressing your health and more

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04:00 PM - 07:00 PM

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Menstrual Irregularities
Menstrual Irregularities


I am Dr Nikhil D Datar I am a senior gynaecologist practicing in the area of Mumbai. I am attached to Cloudnine hospital, lifewave hospital and Yashoda hospital which is situated in Malad and Goregaon area in Mumbai.

Today I am going to give you some kind of information about a very common problem that women face and that problem is excessive heavy and sometimes irregular bleeding during or in between your periods. Well this is a very common problem that is found and many a times women tend to neglect this problem. Now first of all it is very important to understand that excessive menstrual fluid or blood loss is not good for the health and that's why it is very important that you visit the doctor and get yourself treated. The commonest cause of anaemia that means less of haemoglobin in the body is because of this problem. So that's why it is very important to find the causes of the problem and also treat the problem. Very commonly we find problems of fibroids, problem of adenomyosis, problems of endometrial hyperplasia which is thickening of the lining of the uterus and hormonal imbalances being the causes of such a kind of situation. But women unnecessarily get worried they think that something is going to wrong with them and that's why they don't come to the doctor, so they should go to the doctor because treatment for these type of problems are relatively very-very easy, extremely safe and even if occasionally, the small surgery is required you will recover and go back to your house just in a span of 3 days. There are so many good medications that are available today that simple medical treatment or taking tablets can also help you significantly. So my request to all of you is do not shy away from going to gynaecologist, do or through check up find out the cost and very easily get yourself treated. It is very important that you live a very healthy and a very fruitful life at all points of time. On Lybrate platform you can book a consultation appointment or even do an online chatting with me.

Thank you.

Diabetes During Pregnancy
Diabetes During Pregnancy


I am Dr Nikhil D Datar I am a senior gynaecologist practicing in the area of Mumbai, I practice mainly in westerns aboves of Mumbai. I am attach to Cloudnine hospital, Lifewave hospital and Yashoda Hospital situated in the area of Malad and Goregaon.

Today I am going to speak to you about a very burning issue that is diabetes and blood pressure that occurs during pregnancy. Many of times these are the problems that are not detected by the people because usually patients do not have any great suffering or any great symptoms. So it is very important that you go to your doctor on regular basis and get yourself check mainly for the blood pressure as well as for the sugar level during pregnancy. These are two problems which if detected in time they can be treated very-very well and you get a very successful outcome, so you can definitely be a healthy mother and give a birth to a healthy baby. However, if it all these things are not taken care of then it can really be a dangerous thing. Both these problems occur because of the fact that you are pregnant, so it means that unless and until the delivery takes place these problems are not going to go away. Both blood pressure and diabetes can have significant side effects on the mother's health as well as on the baby’s health. So it is very important that the obstetrician that you are going to on both hands checks on the mother's health as well as the baby’s health and keeps that balance between these two situations. Senior obstetrician were well experienced can take care of such kind of problems very-very well and as an what I told you that early detection, quick and immediate treatment, regular kind of follow-up, diet, exercise and medical management frequent and regular monitoring can give you a brilliant outcome and you will have a very-very successful pregnancy and healthy baby at the end of the pregnancy.

I wish you all a good luck and of course Lybrate platform is there on which you can take an appointment for me or you can also do an online consultation or chatting with me. Thank you.

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Doctor in Cloudnine Hospital


Dr. Nikhil D Datar

Gynaecologist33 Years Exp.
MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, DGO, MBBS , FCPS, DNB, FICOG, LLB
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Cloudnine Hospital Reviews


Ankita Prakash

Sep 21, 2021

Dr Nikhil Datar is the calming factor to any concerned parent.. his Joyous And funny nature ensures there is absolutely no inhibition in the mind of the expectant mother. His knowledge and professionalism is unquestionable.. Extensive knowledge mixed with a witty nature along with a calming more


Hiral Nanda

Jul 25, 2021

I first visited dr Nikhil Datar for uterine avm(artery vein malformation) as the name suggest it was a very very rare thing that had happened ... he explained to us so briefly nd peacefully.... in emergency I came second time to him through scan we came to know that I was bleeding internally I had more


Maleka Lehri Singh

Jun 09, 2018

I was referred to Dr Datar by my husband's colleague. I was carrying my first child at the age of 40 and my pregnancy was anything but smooth to say the least. Nausea, gestational diabetes, High BP and to top it up my worrisome pessimist nature, belief that if something can go wrong, will go wrong. more


Radhika Vaidya

Nov 23, 2019

I was referred to Dr. Nikhil Datar by my Sister in law , during my first pregnancy. Before that I visited to other lady gynaecologist in different city. My husband and me were in so much stress due to our first gynaec experience. After first visit with Dr. Datar, we both were so confirm and more


Neha Limaje

Mar 10, 2018

Dr. Nikhil Datar is an extremely professional, promissing and a very responsible Doctor I have come across. I have almost decided to go for c section on demand as was scared of pains involved in normal delivery and discussed same with the dr. But he explained me of not going for c sec as I was more

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