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Our goal is to provide a compassionate professional environment to make your experience comfortable. Our staff is friendly, knowledgable and very helpful in addressing your health and more

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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Recurrent Pregnancy Loss


I am Dr. Gurmeet Kaur, Obstetrician, and Gynaecologist, Noida. Today I will discuss with you recurrent pregnancy loss. A lot of couple facing this issue. They even have 2nd-trimester losses. What is recurrent pregnancy loss? 2 or more abortion within 20 weeks is known as recurrent pregnancy loss. It actually increases with the subsequent pregnancy. Now we will discuss the causes of recurrent pregnancy loss. The most common cause is a genetic loss. Which means bache ki banawat mein koi problem aa rahi hai. Chromosomal abnormalities hain. 2nd is lifestyle changes. As per the modern trend, female is going for smoking, alcohol. Alcohol has an effect on ovum due to which it leads to pregnancy losses. Then there are hormonal disturbances like thyroid dysfunction, diabetes is also a major cause. If the sugar level is not controlled, it can lead to pregnancy loss.

Then there are autoimmune causes in which the body creates its own anti-bodies. It works against the fetus and leads to pregnancy loss. Then there are certain infections which can cause the same like rubella, toxoplasma. We have to investigate if the couple has come with a complaint of recurrent pregnancy losses then there are a set of investigations which has to be made. Uterine abnormalities can also cause a problem in the patient. Then there are 2nd pregnancy losses which can occur due to cervical incompetence. This happens in the cervix and it leads to the early losses of the pregnancy. Going towards the treatment. If it is a genetic cause, we have to do pre-conceptional counseling of the couple. We have to search for the cause. And then we can conclude the genetic cause of the pregnancy loss. Alcohol and smoking have to be stopped. The thyroid has to be get tested.

If it is hypothyroid then supplementation has to be done for it. Diabetic patients HbA1c should be maintained. Newer modalities medicines can be given to the patient to suppress the immunity and to maintain the door towards the baby. Due to low progesterone hormones, there is a loss of pregnancy in the 1st trimester. So, we give the supplementation for the same. We also have surgical options for the anomaly of the uterus. If there is cervical incompetence which leads to 2nd-trimester loss, we have to stitch the mouth of the cervix. Is se bache ka loss nahi hota hai. So, first, we investigate to know the cause and accordingly, we can treat. Thereby we can help the couple to continue with the pregnancy. Have a healthy and successful pregnancy.

Thank You.



I am Dr. Akshya Purohit, General Physician. Today I will talk about medical illnesses. We will talk about a headache. Aapne dekha hoga ki bohut saare log sir dard se preshan hain. Khaas kar middle age mailayein. Dekha jaaye toh headache ka karan kuch bhi nahi nikalta hai. Normal headache se bhi cancer nikal jaat hai. Is entity ko samjhna bohut jaruri hai. Agar hum kisi ko kehte hain ki I am suffering from headache then people take it very lightly. Is se hone vala humara daily loss koi consider nahi karta. So, we are here to discuss about headche. This is also gender based. Male and female ke causes alag alag hote hain. Start withe female because it is very common in them. Females kafi caring hoti hain. One entity which is recently recognized by our physicians is CDH. It compasses tension headaches, migraine. This should be differentiated but common is CDH.

It is common in females only. Very rare in males. Migraine is also common in females. Tension-type headache is also common in females. Cluster headache is more common in males. Chronic daily headache has to deal with carefully. It should be done with painkillers and slowly with new modalities. This requires medical consultations. To all my listeners, I would like to say especially mahilaon ke liya ki iska ilaj hai. Ise jhelte rehne ki jarurat nahi hai ki sir ka dard hai koi consider nahi kar raha. Iski badi importance hai. Ye khatam ho sakta hai and aap ki life badal sakti hai. Migraine is also a very common entity. Over diagnose bhi hai. Kuch nahi samjajh aaye toh migraine bol dete hain but suke specific indications hain. treatment ke specific features hain. Usko pakdna bohut jaruri hai. Kisi bhi physician ke pass aap jayege toh vo ise pakad sakte hain. Ise consider karna bohut jaruri hai.

3rd entity is tension type headache. It is also common in females. Iska treatment bhi bohut simple hai. Cluster headache is more common in males. It is associated with severe symptoms jaise ki aankh mein se aansu aana, laal hona, naak se paani behna. It is the most severe headache. So, the basic information was not to give you all this information regarding headache but to take headache seriously. because ye common entities agar hum rule out kar dein then we require CT scan and MRI to rule out any other causes of headache. The most common cause of headache is CHD. And is se nipta ja sakta hai. Agar aap ise serious le lein toh aap contact kar sakte hain physician ya mere se. We are always there to help you.

Thank You.

Lifestyle Diseases
Lifestyle Diseases

Hello everybody!

I am Dr. Akshay Purohit, I am MBBS MD Physician and today as a promotional video, I would like to discuss something about lifestyle diseases. You know it’s a burning topic right now, Lifestyle Diseases, how to change lifestyle? What are lifestyle diseases? Everybody is speaking about it, everybody is thinking about it, discussing with the doctors but nobody is taking any concrete action against lifestyle diseases. The issue about lifestyle diseases is people are half educated about it. People know about lifestyle diseases but they just know it as a name jaise naam pata hai ki diabetes hojaegi, BP badh jaega, lipid ki problem hojaegi but see as an old saying in English ki “Little knowledge is very dangerous”. So basically, this is little knowledge only. We as an Indian, should always see as an Indian perspective of lifestyle diseases. Apko pata hai WHO jo ki World Health Organization hai jo ki basically doctors ko or general public ko guide krti hai ki aage future me kya disease k trends honge, usne bola hai ki near future me India will be the Capital of lifestyle diseases in the world, largest number of incidences will be from India only.

So, what can we do regarding this thing? One thing which we can effectively do is know what are the lifestyle diseases and be cautious against them. See there are basically 5 lifestyle diseases: Diabetes, hypertension, heart-related disease, obesity and cancer. Cancer ko last me isilye rakha hua hai kyunki cancer me bahut sari cheezein ajaengi they are multifactorial. To inki zada detail me jaane ki zarurt ni hai, aap sabko pata hai diabetes k bare me, BP k bare me, lipid k bare me, obesity k bare me, cancer k bare me. Meri jaankari bus itna he dene ka maksad tha ki inke bare me adhi knowledge na rakhein. Ye lifestyle se judi bimariyan hai, agar hum lifestyle he theek karlenge to ye theek hojaengi. Basic crux of the management is: improving our lifestyle, improving stress management, improving dietary things. Not just continuously run about the drugs. Dawaiyon se isme bahut zada farak ni padne vala.

Agar overt disease hogyi, koi practical manifestation disease ki agyi, complication agyi, tbhi dawai khana hai, nahi to hum apni lifestyle theek karke bhi inse bacha jaa sakta hai. So, one thing we should remember is don’t run about drugs. Dawaiyon k peeche na bhagein. Stress management karein, stress management k liye sports activities or physical activities sbse best hai mere hisab se. Jo aajkal chalra hai Yoga, meditation; I don’t think practically nobody knows about, anybody knows about these Yoga and meditation. They are just preaching only. Unko zada jankari nahi hai bus agar hum physical activity or thoda sa sports activity badha lenge to kafi kuch stress kam hojaega.

Don’t run about unnecessary expectations from life like expecting ye bhi hai, gadi bhi, bangla bhi, sab bhi. Yeh sab bhi reason known hai, simple si life jijiye, sab kuch theek hojaega or bhi sari details hai but due to time constraint, unko discuss yaha nahi kia ja sakta. Lekin itna mai zarur bolna chahunga end me ki lifestyle diseases se cope up karna ka tareeka, uski kunji aapke hath me he hai, doctor k pass zada ni hai, aap he use theek kar sakte hai. Practically koi bimari samne aagyi, doctor se paramarsh lein, dawai lein, otherwise contact karein, mai apko guide karunga ki aage usko kaise deal karna hai. See, I am always there for you, for your help and for any practical causes, any doubts you can always discuss with me.


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Indira Chaturvedi

Jun 02, 2019

Great experience with Dr Akshya Purohit.. I was suffering from a long undiagnosed allergic problem , which made me very uncomfortable . I took many medications without relief. Dr Akshya carefully listened to my history and found out the root cause of my problem instead of giving me endless more

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