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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

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MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MD - General Medicine
General Physician, Greater Noida  •  15years experience
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I am Dr. Gurmeet Kaur, Obstetrician, and Gynaecologist, Noida. Today I will discuss with you recurrent pregnancy loss. A lot of couple facing this issue. They even have 2nd-trimester losses. What is recurrent pregnancy loss? 2 or more abortion within 20 weeks is known as recurrent pregnancy loss. It actually increases with the subsequent pregnancy. Now we will discuss the causes of recurrent pregnancy loss. The most common cause is a genetic loss. Which means bache ki banawat mein koi problem aa rahi hai. Chromosomal abnormalities hain. 2nd is lifestyle changes. As per the modern trend, female is going for smoking, alcohol. Alcohol has an effect on ovum due to which it leads to pregnancy losses. Then there are hormonal disturbances like thyroid dysfunction, diabetes is also a major cause. If the sugar level is not controlled, it can lead to pregnancy loss.

Then there are autoimmune causes in which the body creates its own anti-bodies. It works against the fetus and leads to pregnancy loss. Then there are certain infections which can cause the same like rubella, toxoplasma. We have to investigate if the couple has come with a complaint of recurrent pregnancy losses then there are a set of investigations which has to be made. Uterine abnormalities can also cause a problem in the patient. Then there are 2nd pregnancy losses which can occur due to cervical incompetence. This happens in the cervix and it leads to the early losses of the pregnancy. Going towards the treatment. If it is a genetic cause, we have to do pre-conceptional counseling of the couple. We have to search for the cause. And then we can conclude the genetic cause of the pregnancy loss. Alcohol and smoking have to be stopped. The thyroid has to be get tested.

If it is hypothyroid then supplementation has to be done for it. Diabetic patients HbA1c should be maintained. Newer modalities medicines can be given to the patient to suppress the immunity and to maintain the door towards the baby. Due to low progesterone hormones, there is a loss of pregnancy in the 1st trimester. So, we give the supplementation for the same. We also have surgical options for the anomaly of the uterus. If there is cervical incompetence which leads to 2nd-trimester loss, we have to stitch the mouth of the cervix. Is se bache ka loss nahi hota hai. So, first, we investigate to know the cause and accordingly, we can treat. Thereby we can help the couple to continue with the pregnancy. Have a healthy and successful pregnancy.

Thank You.

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