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Masturbation Issues At Early Age And Ayurvedic Cure For Them!

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Masturbation Issues At Early Age And Ayurvedic Cure For Them!

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the condition in which a man cannot achieve or maintain his erection. It happens because of a lack of blood flow to the penis. This causes rifts in sex life and takes a toll on the patient’s social life or love life. ED can affect young men too and the problem is very much common these days. One-fourth of men under 40 years show symptoms of ED. Only 5% of them have acute ED, though.

Determining the cause of ED is absolutely necessary because the treatment depends on the cause. Some common causes and risk factors are:
● Excessive alcoholism.
● Lack of physical exercise resulting in poor blood flow.
● Performance anxiety.
● Psychological causes like depression or anxiety.
● Injuries to the neurological system like in the spine or the genitals itself.
● Neurological diseases like Multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s.
Hormonal imbalance like hypogonadism or testosterone deficiency.
Diabetes causing microvascular disease.

The lifestyle problems, neurological issues, and other physical issues that cause ED need to be addressed because they can make the person’s physical health deteriorate further. However, ED causes immense stress on a person’s psyche. It affects both, the patient and his long-term partner. Sexual pleasure and fertility are crucial to a lasting and happy relationship. ED can cause depression, anxiety, and a sense of inadequacy and body image issues in both partners. In many cases, it can end a relationship.

Even if the patient does not have a long-term partner, it causes anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, and confidence issues which can make him irritable and withdraw from social life. This in turn adversely affects the person’s overall performance and behavior at work and at home, effectively lowering his quality of life.

Treatment for ED depends on its cause.

● If ED is diagnosed to be the result of medicinal side effects, the dose or type of medication might be changed or other medication can be given to counter the side effects.
● Medication directly targeted to treat ED to increase blood flow.
● If diabetes or some other disease is the cause, it needs to be treated or kept in check while blood flow medication continues.
● ED caused by lifestyle issues will definitely reverse if the person quits smoking, reduces alcohol consumption and starts exercising moderately and eating healthy.
Psychotherapy can be used to regain confidence and self-worth. It can play a major role in overcoming performance anxiety.

Apart from these, Ayurvedic medication is also helpful to treat this problem. One should always consult a certified and reputed practitioner who help treat the symptoms of ED without hindering with other medication. Some common Ayurvedic medication for ED contains Indian ginseng and ashwagandha, Cassia cinnamon, Safed Musli, and asparagus racemosus.

These ayurvedic herbs are effective for improving the functioning of the male reproductive system. It improves blood circulation, sperm count, fertility, regulates hormones, etc.

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