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Last Updated: Feb 24, 2021
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Home Remedies For Kidney Stones: Procedure, Recovery, Risk and Complication

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What are the best home remedies for kidney stones?

Kidney stones are formed due to excessive uric acid or calcium. Due to the presence of excessive calcium and uric acid, the fluid in our urine is unable to dilute and the excessive acids and minerals end up as small crystals called kidney stones. It is possible to cure Kidney stones in its early stages through certain home remedies.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar:

    This is a very popular remedy for kidney stones. It helps in dissolving the stones and flushing it through urine. It can also prevent the future occurrence of kidney stones. Mix it with honey and drink it thrice a day.

  2. Kidney Beans:

    The name of this bean is very apt as it is very beneficial for the kidneys. It has a high content of magnesium, which helps reduce the symptoms associated with kidney stones. Boil the beans for a long time, strain the liquid and then cool it before drinking. It will help to ease the pain due to kidney stones.

  3. Pomegranate:

    The seeds and juice of pomegranate serves as one of the best home remedies for kidney stones due to their sour nature and astringent properties.

  4. Maximum consumption of water:

    One of the easiest ways to treat and prevent kidney stones is drinking a lot of water, as dehydration is one of the main reasons for kidney stones.

  5. Try drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water per day to prevent dehydration:

    When passing a stone, try drinking 12 glasses of water per day instead of the usual 8 to speed up the process. Observe the color of your urine. It should be very light, pale yellow. If it is dark yellow urine then it is a sign of dehydration.

  6. Lemon juice:

    Lemon juice helps to prevent kidney stones. Add freshly squeezed lemons to your water and drink it. Lemons contain citrate, which is a chemical that prevents calcium stones from forming and also helps to dissolve or break up small stones, allowing them to pass more smoothly. To make a huge effect you need to take a lot of lemons.

  7. Ladies fingers:

    Ladies fingers contain compounds such as magnesium which helps to flush out the kidney stones. Ladies fingers also have antioxidant properties that prevent the formation of kidney stones by disabling the crystallization process.

  8. Dandelion roots:

    Tea of both Dandelion root or a dried organic dandelion is good for cleansing kidneys. It enables the bile production that takes away the waste and works as a kidney tonic which aids in better digestion.

  9. Kulthi Dal:

    Kulthi Dal is a rich source of compounds such as flavonoids, protein, steroids, vitamins, and iron. Kulthi Dal helps in dissolving kidney stones. Using Kulthi Dal is greatly beneficial home Remedies For Kidney Stones. Kulthi Dal also prevents the formation of kidney stones again.

  10. Dates:

    Dates are a rich source of an element such as copper, magnesium, manganese along with fibre. Consumption of Dates for high Fibre prevents the formation of Kidney Stones. Dates also contain magnesium, which helps to flush out kidney stones.

  11. Wheatgrass:

    Wheatgrass increases the flow of urine which enables the stone to pass through it. Juice of wheatgrass helps to avoid kidney stones. Wheatgrass also contains a certain antioxidant compound which helps to flush out the urinary tract.

  12. Basil/Tulsi juice:

    Basil which is commonly known as tulsi is rich in acetic acid, which helps break down the kidney stones and relieve pain. It also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents in basil juice, and it may help maintain kidney health. Tulsi Juice Will Be Life-Changing For Kidney Stones Patients.

    You can use fresh or dried basil leaves to make tea and drink several cups per day. You may also make juice of fresh basil in a juicer

  13. Celery juice:

    Celery juice helps to flush out the stone from the kidney through urine. You can make a mixture of celery in water and drink it thrice a day. Celery juice is an effective natural remedy for kidney stones.

  14. Reduce excess weight:

    People having excess weight have more chances of having kidney stones when compared to people with low weight. You should do exercise regularly and take a proper diet to avoid excess weight gain.

Summary: Kidney stones can be removed by drinking adequate water, taking citrus foods and juices like celery, basil, lemon. Doing regular exercise also helps to avoid the formation of kidney stones.

Are there any side effects of natural remedies for kidney stones?

  • Excessive intake of Apple cider vinegar is dangerous as it causes several health hazards like tissue damage, gastrointestinal problems, etc.
  • Intake of raw kidney beans is harmful as it contains certain hazardous chemicals.
  • Some people are sensitive to pomegranate juice, which causes itching, swelling and difficulty in breathing.
Summary: Despite being effective, certain home remedies have some side effects which vary from person to person, so choose your home remedy only if you are not allergic or sensitive to the particular substance.

What are the post-remedy guidelines?

You must change your lifestyle if you wish to treat kidney disorders seriously. These precautions should be taken post remedy:

  • Drink a lot of fluids.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Limit the amount of salt intake.
  • Do regular exercise to avoid weight gain.
Summary: To avoid kidney stones you need to practice regular exercise, drink a lot of fluids, and take a healthy diet.

How long does it take to get rid of kidney stones?

It takes several weeks for the stone to pass through urine. If the remedies do not seem to reduce the symptoms within the first two-three weeks, it's highly recommended that you consult a doctor. If proper precaution is not taken it might result in the formation of kidney stones again.

Summary: If proper precaution is taken while using home remedies it will take two-three weeks to get rid of kidney stones,

Are the results of the remedy permanent?

If proper precautions are not taken, then it is possible that kidney stone might form again.

Is there any training required to perform these Indian home remedies for kidney stones?

The remedies provided here are very simple and require readily available ingredients. Hence there is no training or expert assistance required for these remedies.

Summary: No training and assistance are required, it can be easily practiced.

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Hello, Thanks for the query. Let me clarify that I am not an Ayurvedic doctor. So I am not suggesting that kind of treatment. However, looking his very creatinine, urea and protein levels, I felt like answering the query. These values clearly show...

My creatinine level is 1.4 and egfr reading is 58.73 ml/min/1.73 m2. Last month creatinine was 1.33 and egfr was 62.31 ml/min/1.73m2. I am taking losar 25 mg by a nephrologist. I want answer by a nephrologist if possible as am I going in a right direction as decline in these values are disturbing me. This time doctor has advised to take nefrosave too. Value for hba1c is 5.9. Please suggest.

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Hello lybrate-user/ kake, there is a slight increase in creatinine which can be a technical variation. This is too short duration to determine the progression of the disease. Just focus on strict blood pressure control and other diet modifications...

I have been diagnosed with bilateral renal microliths with contrast right distal ureteric microliths. Advised with tab farokindle 200 mg, tab tamgress 0.4 mg and tab unki dle. After taking this medicines I feel dizziness and dry ejaculation. Can I stop any of these medication in between? I also take regular medicines for hyper tension pinom 40 once a day. Pls advice.

MBBS, DNB - General Surgery, Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery(FMAS) , Ceritification in Minimal Invasive Surgery, FIAGES
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Continue your medication untill your stone passes out. Farokindle will soon be stopped once your infection get controlled. Dry ejaculation will get restored once tamgress got stopped after passing out stone.

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