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Do's and Don'ts During Pregnancy

Written and reviewed by
Dr. Prabhjot Manchanda 93% (819 ratings)
MBBS, DNB - Obstetrics & Gynecology
Gynaecologist, Mumbai  •  10 years experience
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Hello Everyone.

I am Dr. Prabhjot Manchanda, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologists, Jagruti Clinic Ghatkopar East, Mumbai and Cofounder of Blessed Beginnings.

Before your bundle of joy arrives, it’s your responsibility to keep him or her in a healthy environment. This list of dos and don’ts in pregnancy will help you in that and provide answers to what you should worry about and what you should not really fed over. So let’s get started. First: sex during pregnancy, pregnancy is a crucial time for couples as their one mistake can risk the life of their unborn baby. Sex done during wrong time can lead to abortions also, so what is the right time to do sex during pregnancy? Sex if done during first three months of pregnancy can lead to abortions and during seventh and eighth month of pregnancy can lead to premature delivery. So sex during fourth, fifth, sixth and ninth month of pregnancy is safe. In fact if sex done during ninth month of pregnancy actually helps you in getting a normal delivery by enhancing natural labor pains. Of course sex position has to be chosen wisely. Second: travelling during pregnancy, for the same reasons travelling during first and last three months of pregnancy is not advisable. Travelling during ninth month is also not advisable as after eight month of pregnancy airlines themselves do not give permission to pregnant lady to travel and also if you are travelling in the ninth month and you start getting labor pain you don’t want to deliver in train or bus, right? Similarly heavy work and lifting heavy weights is not advisable during first and last three months of pregnancy. Third: food Habits during pregnancy, pregnancy is a time for pregnant females when there is a lot of bombardment of unwanted advice about what you should eat and what you should not eat and some of them are exactly opposite to each other. Confused. So whom you should listen to? Listen to your doctor. You can eat whatever you want to eat. For the first three months of pregnancy, because of pregnancy induced vomiting, either ways you are unable to eat half of the stuff. So observe in this period that what is suiting you and have that stuff often. Drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated. Some people say that papaya causes abortion but the less known fact is that raw papaya and papaya seed causes abortion and ripened papaya should not be blamed for. In fact you should limit on the ghee and butter laden Ladoo, which your daddi, nanni says it increases baby weight, but it does not increase baby weight. It increases your weight and risk your risk of getting diabetes during pregnancy. Protein is what is required to increase the baby weight. Of course you should avoid oily and spicy food as it may cause gastritis and iron and calcium supplements what you are taking makes you prone to gastritis. You have to choose either of them. Be wise and choose either of them. Fourth: exercise during pregnancy. Light exercises, yoga, meditation are actually good in pregnancy. They keep you mood elevated and also keep a check on you weight. Heavy exercises and lifting heavy weight is not advisable as I told you before. Light exercises and of course squatting can actually help you on delivering normally. Long walk especially with your partner is advisable with an errand benefit of bonding. Fifth: ultrasound during pregnancy, ultrasound and sonography are extremely safe during pregnancy. Sonography is the bone of motherhood as the doctor can actually see what is going inside the womb what is happening inside the womb, what is happening to the baby, and can make a decision so as to how the pregnancy should be carried for. Ultrasound during pregnancy can be done in numbers for time. X-rays although avoided in pregnancy, but can be done in unavoidable circumstances once or twice depending upon the site of x-ray and of course wearing abdominal sheet. Sixth: dental extractions during pregnancy, if you are having a decaying tooth, you cannot wait a month to get it removed, in fact get rid of tooth before it changes into pus or aphis. So by this I want to say, yes, dental treatment, root canal treatment and other dental conditions are extremely safe during pregnancy. You just have to visit your gynecologist for antibiotics. Seventh: medication during pregnancy your gynecologist must know what you are taking and what for you are taking. Certain medicines are really life threatening for the baby. It can also cause miscarriages or serious birth defects also medicines can also get secreted in the breast milk. So before taking any medicine ask your gynecologist about taking it, be it for a headache, a fever, a dental extraction or whatever you gynecologist should know what you are talking and when you are taking and also don’t hide anything from your gynecologist. Be it a history of tuberculosis, epilepsy, thyroid, cancer or whatever. Your gynecologist has the right to know about your medical conditions. Eighth: do not eat raw meat or eggs. Raw or undercooked meat or eggs can actually cause like threatening food poisoning like listeriosis or toxoplasmosis which can cause serious birth defects in the baby and also can lead to miscarriages. So make sure what you are eating and make sure all your eggs and meat is well cooked.

I hope with this small video you can carry your pregnancy with ease and less confusion. If you like the video please like it and if you have any doubt or query, fell free to contact me directly or through lybrate.

Thanks for watching the video.

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