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Diabetes - Treat It The Ayurvedic Way!

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Diabetes - Treat It The Ayurvedic Way!

Diabetes is primarily classified as a lifestyle disorder; although some people get it as a congenital problem while children can also develop diabetes due to genetic predisposition. In Ayurveda, diabetes is known as Madhumeha or Maharoga which can cause multiple other problems such as heart failure, kidney disease amongst others. However, a major chunk of diabetic patients develop it due to lifestyle issues such as physical inactivity, bad diet and stress. Complications from diabetes are among the top few causes of death in the world.

The Ayurvedic approach
The Ayurvedic approach towards treating diabetes and keeping it in check has a multiple pronged approach that includes filtering toxins, correcting the imbalance of the doshas and correction of metabolic problems through exercises and Yoga.

Some of the ways how Ayurveda can control diabetes are mentioned as follows

  1. Home Remedies and herbs: There are many forms and types of juices or concoctions in Ayurvedic medicine which help control blood sugar levels and thus lessen the symptoms and prevent damage to the organs. Some of these are
    • Extracts from Fenugreek or Methi seeds
    • Neem, turmeric and tulsi preparations
    • Karela (bitter gourd) juice which you should take early in the morning in an empty stomach
    • Boiling the bark of Banyan trees in water and then having it as a tonic
    • A mixture of cinnamon powder and boiling water which should be strained and then used as a tonic amongst others
  2. DietIf you have already developed diabetes, borderline or have a genetic predisposition to it, diet is one of the most important things that you have to control.
  3. Some foods good for you according to Ayurveda: Bitter gourd, snake gourd, spinach, jamun, garlic, turmeric, drum sticks, barley, wheat, tulsi, Amla, bael, pepper, soyabean, and cucumber among others
  4. Foods you should refrain from according to Ayurveda: Jaggery, sugarcane juice, alcohol, processed and unrefined sugar, oil or ghee, cakes, aerated drinks, rice or rotis in large quantity, butter and sweets among others
  5. Yoga and exercises: Although brisk walking, cycling and swimming are great ways to keep your metabolism pumped up and keep diabetes in control, Yoga is the best method of physical exercise that works in conjunction with Ayurvedic treatment. Some of the most effective Yogasanas are mentioned as follows.
    • Naddishuddhi Pranayama
    • Mayurasana or Peacock pose
    • Locust pose or Shalabhasana
    • Half spinal twist pose or Ardha-matsyendrasana
    • Waist rotating pose or Katichakrasana
    • Surya namaskar amongst others

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