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Last Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Diabetes & Preventing Complications

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Dr. Nitin KocharAyurvedic Doctor • 34 Years Exp.BAMS, MD - Ayurveda, Diploma In Yoga


Hello! I’m Dr. Nitin Rajan Kochar. I have done M.D. in Ayurveda from Mumbai University and I’m practicing in Mumbai for last 22 years. I’m an honorary consultant in the Health Center in the department of university. I’m also consultant in Mittal Ayurveda hospital and as an honorary consultant in KEM hospital.

Today I’m going to share a very useful and scientifically proven herbal formula which can be used as an add-on treatment by all diabetics for having better control on their sugar and most importantly for preventing complications of diabetes. First of all let us understand what exactly happens in diabetes? Friends for overall internal and external functions like you know my heart our heart is pumping 5 liters of blood every minute. Ok! For that we need energy.

Our lungs are constantly inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide, for that we need energy. Our intestine which are almost 21 feet long for digestion and assimilation and excretion of the food we need energy. For walking, talking thinking you know we need constantly energy. This energy we obtained from food. Once this food is digested in our intestine it gets converted into the glucose. Mainly carbohydrates get converted into the glucose and it enters into our blood.

From blood with the help of insulin this glucose enters into tissues. And tissues breakdown this glucose and obtain energy from it which is used for our all internal and external functions as I described. Now in diabetes what happens either because of lack of insulin or because of low production of insulin from the pancreas or because of the resistance or the obstruction to the effect of insulin this insulin is not able to carry glucose from blood to the tissues.

So tissues are deprived of glucose and this glucose gets piled up gets accumulated in the blood. And this glucose excess of glucose has very detrimental effects on each and every organ. For example excess amount of glucose in the blood first damages, its component like one of the important component of the blood is red blood cells which carries oxygen and hemoglobin to the tissues. So when RBCs i.e. red blood cells are affected by the excess amount of glucose their efficiency is reduced, and the person feels fatigue. OK! Then comes our white blood cells OK like leucocytes, lymphocytes, they are our fighter cells.

If they help us to improve our immunity and fight with the infection, so with the excess amount of glucose these white blood cells are also not able to function properly and that’s why diabetics are prone to develop various serious infections. Then comes platelets, these platelets are doing very important function of clotting the blood whenever there is an injury to blood vessel. But because of the excess amount of glucose this platelet they become very sticky and they adhere to the blood vessels without a requirement. And this stickiness of the platelets causes a formation of plague along with the help of course lipids.

So this fats or lipids and platelets they form a plague, an obstruction, a thrombus which is responsible for heart diseases and heart attack or also called you to know brain attack or brain stroke. Because this thrombus obstruct the blood circulation to the heart muscles and also the nervous system. Secondly, an excess amount of glucose also obstructs the nourishment to the tissues. So tissues are deprived of nutrition because of which we lose or diabetic patients lose weight.

And as they are deprived of energy they always feel fatigue and exhaust. So these are the common symptoms of a diabetic. As tissues are deprived of energy they want to eat something so they give signals to the brain and brain gives signals to the stomach and person feels more hungry. So diabetic patients they want to eat more. Plus the excess amount of glucose is excreted through the kidney, body wants to get rid of this excessive glucose. So person passes more and more urine. So these are two important sign and symptoms of diabetes that there is an excessive hunger and there is an excess passing of urine along with other symptoms as I said fatigue, exhausting and loss of weight etc.

Diabetes is diagnosed, one needs to control this blood sugar level to whatever best optimum thing is possible. For that person should follow whatever his doctor’s guidelines are. He should continue all the medicines whatever are prescribed by his doctor. He should follow a proper diet he used reduced consumption of carbohydrates and most importantly he should try to burn the glucose and fats as much as possible. For that diabetic person should regularly do exercise for 40 minutes or 1 hour a day. Now along with all these things I will be telling you or sharing with you a very scientifically proven herbal formulation which can be used as a home remedy to control your diabetes and most importantly to control complications of diabetes.

And that also most important complication of diabetes are diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy, and diabetic cardiomyopathy. In retinopathy what happens is retina is a membrane which is at the back side of our eye, continuous increase level of glucose in the blood it damages the retina and because of which diabetic patients are prone to develop blindness faster than or more than other normal aging people. One of the leading cause of blindness is diabetic retinopathy.

Second thing because of this excessive amount of glucose kidneys are also damaged and these damages are irreversible, means once the damage is done there is no further treatment which can restore the normal function of kidneys and retina. So it would be definitely prudent to know a formula a simple formula if it is taken properly it can prevent this two major complications like diabetic retinopathy and diabetic nephropathy. Now I’m going to share with you an evidence-based herbal formulation which can be very much safely used as a simple home remedy along with your ongoing medicines and diet to control the sugar and most importantly to prevent complications of diabetes.

This herbal formulation has been published in journals like international journals of physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology, experimental cardiology so on and so forth. This formula contain very two simple household things, one is turmeric and other one is Indian gooseberry i.e. Amla. We can use turmeric juice and amla juice to prepare this formula or we can also use turmeric powder and amla powder to prepare this formula. My assistant Disha will show you how to make this formulation at your home only and use it.

So, for this Disha Amalki we need pure haldi fresh haldi OK and we need fresh Amla OK. So haldi ka rus, amla ka juice. Haldi ka russ apko lena hai do chamach aur amla ka russ lena hai apko ek chamach aur thora sa is mein daarchini ka powder daal ker ap usko bhookay pait le lena hai. Do chutki daarchini ka powder daal dijeye aur usko ap lelo.

Alternate method: Haldi ka powder ek chamach aur amla ka powder adha chamach do chutki daarchini is mein daal ker itna ap isko bhokay pait subah ek baar aur sham ko ek baar is tarah se pani ke sath le sakte hain. So friends using this formula we definitely help you to control your sugar and also to prevent your diabetes complications. Remember you should take this formula along with your ongoing medications and exercise and diet. To book an appointment with me or to consult with me you can contact me through


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