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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Common Childhood Illnesses

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Dr. Prachi GoelHomeopathy Doctor • 15 Years Exp.BHMS, MD, Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE), CPY

Hello Everyone!

I am Dr. Prachi Goel, MD Homeopathy and a nutritionist, homeopathy consultant at Dr. Goel Care Solution. I am practicing from last 10 years. And today will discuss some common childhood ailments. Children ailments which will encounter commonly at our clinic. So, what are common children ailments? The most commonly, jo bhi parents lekar aate hain apne bacho ko, most common among them is khasi-jukam. Common cough and cold jo ke hum bolte hain. So, what are causes of common cough and cold. First is acute cough and cold, jiska cause hota hai change of whether. Khane peene ki galtiyan. And second is chronic cough and cold. Chronic hum kab bolte hain usko jab koi bhi problem bar bar ho rhi ho. Pichle 6 mahine me, saal me vhi problem thode thode gap me bacha bar bar face kar rha ho. Ya fir vhi problem chalti aa rha ho. Khasi chal rhi hai pichle 2 mahine se, aram nhi aa rha. Jukam chal rha hai pichle 3 mahine se, aram nhi aa rha. Tab hum unko lebel krte hain chronic cough and cold. Now what are the causes of chronic cough and cold. The most common cause are adenoids, tonsillitis, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia etc.

So, what we hear these days adenoids and tonsils. What are these? Adenoids and tonsils are nothing but protective lymph and tissues present at our upper respiratory tract. Yes, they are protective. They help our immune system. And what are their role? Ye prevent krte hain infection ko lower respiratory tract me jane se. Adenoids and tonsils swell and trapped the infection in upper respiratory tract and they protect our lungs and chest from the severe infections like asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis. It is normal practice nowadays ki bache ko adenoids hai, tonsils hai so please get the surgery and removed. We at Goel Homeopathy, we condemned that this is the wrong practice. We prefer to treat it with compete constitutional homeopathy medicines, which takes care of the child personality. His inbound disorder, his inbound tendency which are causing these problems.

The main route cause which goes down is the low immunity and the allergic reaction. So, we here, advice not to go for surgery. And get your child treated for these problems. What is the other cause of cough and cold. They can be allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis. So what to look after. First you have to be very careful. You have to be observant. Ki bache ko baar baar to nhi ho rha problem. Khasi ho rha hi jukam ho rha hai. You please give your child a proper rest during the symptom. Give him the plenty of fluids. Garm pani ke garare, steam. Adenoid me maximum bache ki nak band ho rhi hai, muh se saans leni pad rhi hai. Khane peene me dikkat aa rhi hai. Tonsil me mostly complaint aati hai, galle me dard ho rha hai, khasi, bukhar, sir dard. Rhinitis is the problem jhan pe bhut jldi jldi chiken aati hai kisi bhi vjha se, dust ki vjha se, dhoop ki vjha se, temperature difference ki vjha se. Bhut common hai ye proble March, April, May ke season me. Hay fever bhi bolte hain hum is chiz ko. Sinusitis me hmare sare sinus me dard ho rha hai. Mucus bhar gya hai jiski vjha se khasi, jukam ho rha hai. Bronchitis ki vjha se khasi ho rhi hai. So please be careful of these symptoms when you see and get them treated properly. Uske baad hum aaj kal ke disease pe aa rhen hai. Those are behavioural diseases. Behavioural disorder and eating disorder. So, what are these. ADHD anger disorder, depression, obesity, bhut jyada khana, bhut kam khana, dullness, poor performance and the most important is gadget dependency.

Jhan par bache ko har time phone, TV, laptops, computers chaiye for any certain reason which is more than unnecessary addiction to the gadgets. We treat these cases with proper counselling of the parents, of the child and the best of the medicines which help to boost their personality, confidence and to improve their results. Next, we come on to bed-wetting and worm infestation joki bhut common hai. We in homeopathy, have beautiful medicines and miraculous results in these cases. Bed-wetting is what. Involuntary urination of a child who is above 5 years. Agar bacha 5 saal se chota hai, please wait. Train him or her. He will eventually surpass this. But agar 5 saal se bade bache me bhi ye problem aa rhi hai, to uske causes ho skte hai psychological problem, obesity, constipation, diabetes. Then we take care of these problems and of course provide medicines. Bed-wetting ke lia hmara advice hota hai parents ko, don’t give fluid to the child 2-3 hours before the bed time.

Raat ko sulane se pehle usko bathroom kra ke sulao. Or agar usko raat ko bhi jana hai to, wake up your child and get him to the washroom. Worm infestation, tapeworm iska problem jo hai vo hume dikh bhi skti hai or nhi bhi. Bhut sare bache hote hain, unko hoti hai worm infestation, but we ignore them. Because of the mild symptoms. Bacha complaint kar skta hai ki uska nnose rub ho rha hai, pait me dard ho rha hai, ans me itching ho rhi hai, bhut

jyada kha rha hai, bhut kam kha rha hai, weakness, tiredness. Please don’t ignore these symptoms. And what is the cure of warm infestation. Bache ke nails regularly cut kren. Usko encourage kren ki vo hath bar bar dhoe khane se pehle. Nail biting na kre, maintain a good hygiene, good sanitary condition, wear fresh cloth daily. Change the beddings regularly. And of course, these things won’t help, we are here to help you at Goel Health Care Solutions. We have very nice medicines. We help you and your child to overcome these problems. We believe in a complete constitutional treatment with a complete treatment where we give best of homeopathic medicines. Taking care of your child personality, eating habits and surroundings. I would like to end it with just a suggestion, please be a good example for your children. Encourage your children to play some sport, physical activity is very important and to develop a good communication habit with a child to observe what are the changes your child is having. Are they good or not so good? And be friends with your children.

Thank you. Have a happy and healthy life.