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Blood Pressure Changes - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

Why Blood Pressure Changes? More About :

Why Blood Pressure Changes?

Very wide blood pressure fluctuations can signal an increased risk of developing heart ailments and also an early death.

In a large study conducted on people taking blood pressure medications, it has been found that a variation of more than 15 mm Hg in the systolic reading between the doctor visits is linked to 25% increase in the risk of cardiac arrest and sudden death. Systolic blood pressure is what we see as the top digits while measuring a blood pressure reading.However, most people are unaware of the fact that their blood pressure is constantly changing every minute in response to activity, mood, and body position etc. In fact, simple changes in our day to day activities can cause our blood pressure to fluctuate more than 5 mm Hg every day. Anxiety and stress are two major factors that can cause a great surge in the blood pressure. So, if you have your blood pressure measured while thinking about something that makes you to get stressed and tensed, your blood pressure levels can increase significantly.

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Moreover, all products which contains nicotine (cigars, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco) temporarily increases your blood pressure. So if you are suffering from frequent blood pressure change, refrain from smoking tobacco products at least 30 minutes before measuring your BP.Similarly, caffeine and alcohol (alcoholic drinks, sodas, tea, coffee) intake causes blood pressure levels to spike and remain high for a long time. So stay away from caffeine and alcoholic drinks at least an hour before measuring your blood pressure levels. It has also been observed that blood pressure tends to fluctuate a lot when you are cold. Hence before taking your blood pressure measurement, try to stay in a comfortable temperature, so that you don’t find your blood pressure going wayward and wrong.

Having a full bladder before measuring your blood pressure is another condition that make your blood pressure change during the procedure. It has been observed that blood pressure tend to remain lower when the urinary bladder remains empty. So as your bladder gets filled up your blood pressure also increases subsequently. Studies have proved that when you have a full bladder, your systolic blood pressure reading may increase by 10-15 mm Hg, much higher than you have expected. So always urinate before you get your blood pressure checked, to find an accurate reading.

As a general rule for all people who have a changing blood pressure, people suffering from this malady should always focus on taking their medications and adhere to a healthy diet and exercise regime, for remaining fit for the rest of their life.

Popular Questions & Answers

I am a 51 years old male. Whenever I have had my BP checked, it has always come out normal i.e. Very close to 120/80. I went for a 7 day trek more than a month back. It was strenuous but I was able to complete it. We climbed several mountains with an average of 10 Kms per day. When I came back I had visited a General Physician for a cold. At that time he checked my BP and it was 160/90. That got me worried. Subsequently, I have been checking my BP at home and it comes around 140/92 on average. Many times, the systolic BP is even as low as 128-133 but the diastolic is always around 90. I visited a cardiologist - who took my ECG, Echo and had me do a Stress Treadmill test. The reports all came out normal. I then visited another cardiologist and when I was at his place my BP was again around 160/90 and he has prescribed some angiotensin BP medications. I also had a blood test done. Results are as follows: Thyroid - normal, Sugar levels - Normal, HBA1C - borderline, Electrolytes - normal, Kidney function test - normal, Total Cholesterol - High. Around 218 mg/dL, HDL - 32.6 mg/dL, LDL - 160 mg/dL, VLDL - 26 mg/dL, Vitamin D - 27.7 ng/mL, Vit B12 - 470 pg/mL. I am reasonably fit. I smoke around 2-4 cigarettes per day and had started vaping cigarettes liquids from about 1.5 months back to cut down on cigarettes. I am on depression medication - Escitalopram 10 mg per day. I am high strung and anxious person and have had anxiety issues and such events traumatize me (i.e. Detection of high BP). I am not sure if the high BP is (a) genuine (b) a cause for worry (c) what the long term prognosis is (d) should I take medication (e) is the high BP causing me anxiety or my anxiety which has surfaced since the detection of high BP causing a sustained higher than normal BP I am stressed due to this and do not know what to do. Please advise.

Avoid measuring BP frequently. Measure your BP only once every 2 months on fixed dates after resting for ten minutes. You will require medicines if all values are above 140. Follow the systolic BP, diastolic is LESS important for deciding treatmen...
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Sir am 59 years old already done angioplasty with single stent, now I have pain while walking, my BP is 100/180 and my cholesterol is 254. Is I have any serious heart problem. Why do I have pain. Is due to heart issue or cholesterol.

Please post list of present medicines. You have effort Angina, this can be due to many causes like BP, poor diet, blockage etc. Better discuss on phone.
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