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Acne & Hair Fall - How They Both Can Be Managed By Homeopathy?

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Acne & Hair Fall - How They Both Can Be Managed By Homeopathy?

Acne is a condition that occurs when hair follicles are choked with dead and oily skin cells. Acne hair fall mainly occurs in adults and sometimes in teenagers as well. Lack of zinc, protein, Omega -3 fatty acids and iron may cause dry scalp and hair fall.

Symptoms of Acne and hair fall
Itching scalp
• patches
• Blisters
• Redness of the skin over the scalp
• Burning and severe pain

If these symptoms persist for a longer time, they may lead to other complications, if untreated.

  • Scarring Alopecia is one of the types of acne hair fall disorders, which is observed in both men and women and is called as Cicatricial Alopecia. It destroys all the hair follicles and those cannot be regrown leading to permanent baldness if it is neglected.
  • Hair follicles can be damaged due to inflammatory cells such as lymphocytes and neutrophils. Hair loss also occurs when a person undergoes radiation therapy or chemotherapy for cancer treatment or similar conditions. This is termed as secondary scarring alopecia.

High levels of stress, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, skin diseases and medicines are the major factors that cause acne hair fall.

  • Hereditary hair fall is considered as developmental alopecia.
  • Inflammation
  • Injuries, tumors and burns

One has to face clinical evaluation for the further treatment process. Dermatologists suggest undergoing trichoscopy and scalp biopsy to find the amount of inflammation, the severity of the problem and other symptoms on the scalp.
Pull test is performed on a patient by placing pulled hair on a mounted slide and viewing through a microscope to identify the number of growing and resting hair follicles. If inflammation is detected through these diagnostics, then the doctor can start the treatment as per the patient’s condition and type of disorder.

Oral medicines are given to a patient based on the type and condition. Acne hair fall can be prevented if it is treated at an early stage without any complications. Corticosteroids creams are prescribed to apply on a scalp in mild cases. One can use antiseptic shampoos to overcome inflammatory lesions. Dermatologists advise choosing scalp reduction surgery, which is better than hair transplantation if the hair loss is under control for at least one or two years.

Homeopathy treatment will be an effective way to treat acne hair fall and the cure rate is maximum. Both physical and mental stress are the main factors for hormonal imbalance which may cause hair fall and both can be treated through Homeopathy from the root level without any side effects. Proper diet is also essential in human life in order to control acne hair fall.

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