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5 Spices You Must Always Have In Your Kitchen!

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5 Spices You Must Always Have In Your Kitchen!

Ayurveda is a science that uses the simplest of herbs as medicine for treating various ailments as well as preventive medicine. Hence, it is no wonder leading a healthy life starts in the kitchen, as according to Ayurveda, food is medicine when eaten wisely. The primary focus of preparing Ayurvedic food is to use simple ingredients with the right know-how. Especially when the food habits evolve over generations and miss out on certain important ingredients along with the way, regaining the knowledge is the key. Consuming such a fresh meal prepared with few ingredients can have numerous health benefits. Here are 5 such must-have herbs in every kitchen.

  1. TurmericOne of the most common ingredients in every Indian household and used in almost every meal prepared in at least one of the delicacies. The main reason being, turmeric is amazing when it comes to boosting the immunity and metabolism. Turmeric also has antiseptic properties. So, it is safe to apply over wounds to heal completely. And it can also be applied externally for aesthetic purposes as the same antiseptic property can cure numerous skin problems such as acne and eczema.
  2. Cumin seeds: The immensely beneficial tried and tested herb that aids digestion is Cumin seeds (Jeera). Jeera serves as a preventive medicine for digestive disorders. And it can also be helpful in treating vomiting and diarrhoea as well. Another major health benefit of jeera is that it helps to clear the toxins accumulated in the body over a period of time. This, in turn, aids better nutrient absorption. So, it is clear adding cumin seeds in regular diet enhances the general health and wellbeing.
  3. Carom seedsThe best solution to chronic gas and bloating issues is consuming carom seeds (Ajwain). Boil the seeds in water, allow it to cool and then drink it to experience the improvement. Similarly, it can provide immediate relief from indigestion. And it provides relief from more common problems such as cold, cough and headaches.
  4. Black PepperThis anti-oxidant rich herb’s health benefits are truly uncountable, right from enabling good digestion to aiding in weight loss. It is also proven to cure respiratory ailments as it works on the disease-causing infections to address the cause and cure completely. Hence it is a primary ingredient in Ayurveda medicines for cold and cough. So, adding it to the regular meal can help avoid all these health issues in the first place.
  5. FenugreekFenugreek (Methi), this simple herb has the potential to combat diabetes, the condition that affects a majority of the population in our generation. As per a report by the Indian Council of Medical Research, Fenugreek seeds administered orally in varying doses of 25 grams to 100 grams every day, seem to diminish reactive hyperglycemia in patients suffering from diabetics. Apart from diabetes, it helps cure more common problems such as dandruff, anemia and sore throat.

When it comes to utilizing natural ingredients as Ayurveda medicine moderation is essential, neither too much nor too less to lead a healthy life.

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