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Max Super Speciality Hospital

Max Super Speciality Hospital

Orthopaedic Clinic

108A, IP Ext, I.P.Extension, Patparganj, Delhi,
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Total Hip Replacement - All You Must Know!
Total Hip Replacement - All You Must Know!

Total hip replacement is a very effective surgical procedure that involves replacing the damaged "ball and socket" parts of the hip with replacement (prosthetic) parts, with the goal of relieving pain and improving function.

Arthroscopy Of Knee & Shoulder Joint - Know More!
Arthroscopy Of Knee & Shoulder Joint - Know More!

Arthroscopy is a procedure that orthopaedic surgeons use to inspect, diagnose, and treat problems inside a joint. Shoulder arthroscopy is used to visualize, diagnose, and treat various problems inside the shoulder joint and in the space surrounding the rotator cuff.

Total Knee Replacement
Total Knee Replacement

In total knee replacement, we replace the rollout cartilage with body friendly implant and bone and muscle remain as same. The total knee replacement is a simple procedure in which the patient remains admitted for 7 days in hospital. First day be thoroughly investigate the patient surgical fitness second day with generally operate the patient it usually takes 2 hours for both knees and next day of the surgery or third day we start physiotherapy. 4th and 5th day we make the patient walk sit and go for washroom and 7th day the patient goes home.

The patient leads a normal life in 3 to 4 days. It's about 96% successful rate in literature. Nowadays, it's about 99% success rate of the surgery. If you are suffering from osteoarthritis of knee joint, then you can contact me on and come at my clinic at SK orthopedic centre, Krishna Nagar. Thank you very much.

Osteoarthritis Of Knee Joint
Osteoarthritis Of Knee Joint


My name is Dr Deepak Kumar Arora. I am joint replacement and orthopaedic surgeon. Today I will tell you about osteoarthritis of knee joint.

Osteoarthritis is a very disabling disease of old age. In osteoarthritis a healthy cartilage of knee is worn down post pain and knee stiffness of knee joint and the treatment of osteoarthritis depends upon the grade of osteoarthritis. In grade 1-2, usually require medications and in grade 3 usually require intra RTO injections which lubricate knee joints. Sometimes in rare cases the patient requires Arthoscopy to relieve the pain in grade 4 if the patient remains symptomatic in spite of all measures then total knee replacement is the best available option total knee replacement nowadays it is very successful surgery.

In total knee replacement we replace the roll out cartilage with body friendly implants and bone and the muscles remain same total knee replacement is a simple procedure of 7 days in which patient remains hospitalized for 7 days first De we investigate the patient for surgical fitness on second day we operate the patient it takes about 2 hours for both knees and third day we start with physiotherapy 4th and 5th day we make the patients sit walk and stand go for washroom everything 7th day patient goes home.

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Dr. Deepak Kumar Arora

Orthopedic Doctor18 Years Exp.
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Mar 13, 2018

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