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Brain, Spine & Stroke Clinic

Brain, Spine & Stroke Clinic

Neurologist Clinic

DM Road (near Micropath Lab)
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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Cerebrovascular Neurosurgeon, General Neurologist, Neurodegenerative Disease Specialist, more

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10:30 AM - 04:00 PM
10:30 AM - 04:00 PM

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Stroke: What You Need To Know?
Stroke: What You Need To Know?


I am Dr. Devesh and I would like to speak to you about waist pain. Waist pain is a very common disease these days. Earlier, we used to come across cases of waist pain in patients aged 40+ but these days, even 20 years old are affected by this problem. There are multiple causes of this disease and one of the major reason for the increment in such cases is our unhealthy lifestyle. It is the major cause of waist pain among the youngsters. Talking about multiple causes - one of the biggest reason is distorted daily routine, causing the imbalance in your circadian rhythm. Also, the usual posture of sleeping and sitting is hugely distorted and prolonged sitting sessions even in the correct posture is damaging to your body. An accidental damage to your bone due to some previous injury, you can also face waist pain in that case. In case, your cancer has reached to your spine, or the bones of your waist which has formed any tumour/lump in the neurons concerning the lower portion of your body, you can also face waist pain in such cases. Your waist pain is not a disease but a full syndrome. There are so many health issues related to this syndrome that it needs proper diagnosis and clinical evaluation with the help of MRI. It was impossible to manage your waist pain without a proper evaluation of the symptoms.

Waist pain related with the distorted lifestyle is mostly treated with a change to proper lifestyle, rest and improvements in the sitting, lying and walking posture, which leads to full recovery in 80% of the cases. But the remaining 20% cases are mostly treated with drug therapy and in severe cases, we opt for surgical treatments. In the routine degenerative disease of the spine, what we refer to as Spondylitis - in which the spinal vertebrae - wait, I'll show you - in this model, the middle disc gets distorted outwards which leads to the increase in pressure of nearby neurons and veins. This pressure in the vein supplying to the lower portion also transfers pain to that portion and that is referred to as ‘Referred Pain’. It is very important to know about the presentation in the case of waist pain - the presentation is concerned with the pain in the waist and the portion of the referred pain. The referred pain is transferred in the fixed dermatomal pattern, hence dermato-neurological pattern examination is mandatory for all the spine patients.

This confirms our clinical diagnosis which gets double assured on the basis of CT and MRI scans, according to which further treatment is given to the patients. If we take a sample of 100 patients, then, 80 patients recover with normal symptomatic treatment in which the discs get inwards within 3-4 weeks and patients feel better with reduced pressure in their veins. The rest of the 20 cases are treated with the discectomy, in which the disc is surgically removed by cutting of through this vertebra. There is a classical pattern where this bone is cut through to remove the disc. Another pattern is the endoscopic pattern where the lamina and pedicle are cut through to remove the disc. Even after so many treatments available, prevention is always better than cure. You can easily prevent your waist pain with a healthy lifestyle, regulated weight in accordance to your height. Always go for a morning walk or any physical exercise which suits you - e.g. Yoga, aerobics, or even a visit to the gym where you're not doing any heaving weight exercise or any power requiring activity. Anything which doesn't exert weight on your spine and waist and is increasing your mobility is good for your body.

If you'll take care of all these important points along with the right posture of sitting, you'll hopefully delay your problem of waist pain. Eventually, it's normal to get affected with waist pain as it is a degenerative disease with age. The more you are accustomed to prevention, the longer your spine will stay protected.

Improve Posture For A Healthy Back
Improve Posture For A Healthy Back


Mai Dr. Devesh, consultant surgical Neurology. Aaj apko kamar dard ke bare me btana chahta hun. Kamar dard aaj ke zamane me bhut hi common ho gya hai. Pehle iske lia 40 se upar ke marij aate the lein aaj 20 saal ke bache bhi is bimari se grasit hain. Kamar dard hone ke bhut sare karan hain. Iska karan ye hai hmari lifestyle. Hmari lifestyle bilkul bhi shi nhi hai. Bilkul bhi healthy nhi reh gyi hai. Jiski vjha se hum bhut hi kam umar me kamar dard se garasit ho jate hain. Kamar me dard hone ke bhut sare karan hain. Ek apka dincharya shi na hona, apka uthna, baithna, sone ka tarika galat hona. Dusra aap lambe samay tak baithe hue hain. Prolonged sitting is not good. Aap kbhi gir gye hai jis vjha se apki rid ki haddi me kisi trha ki koi chot aa gyi hai. Ya apka kisi trha ka cancer hai jo apki rid ki haddi me phuch gya hai. Ya kamar ki jo haddiyan hai or andar jo taar hai, usme kisi trha ki ganthe banti hain. Usme bhi kamar dard hota hai.

So, kamar dard is not a disease, it is a full syndrome. Iska bilkul ache se evaluation, along with MRI or x-ray ki help se proper diagnosis bhut jruri hai. Jyadatar 80% kamar dard ke patient apne aap thik ho jate hain with the routine treatment, proper rest, proper way in the sitting posture. Llekin jo bache hue 20% log hain usme utni sudhar nhi hoti. Or usme se bhi kuch logon ki final surgery krni pad jati hai. Jyadatar patients sirf dawa se hi thik ho jate hain. Jo degenerative spine or spondylitis bolte hain, sume hota kya hai ki rid ki haddi ki bich me jo disc hoti hai, ye fut ke bahar aa jati hai or jo aas pass ki nasen hoti hain unme dabav hone lgta hai. Is dabav ki vjha se hi, jis part ke pair ko supply kar rhi hogi, jhan niche ja rhi hogi, us hisse me dard jata hai. To kamar ke dard me ye janna jruri hai ki presentation kya hota hai. Dermato neurological examination is mandatory in all the spine patients.

Is se hume pta chalta hai ki clinical diagnosis kya hai. Agar is trha ke 100 mariz kia jaye jisme disc futti hai to usme se 80 logon ki disc, agle 3-4 hafton me ke andar apne aap kam ho jati hai or nus ka dabav khatam ho jata hai. Ye patient apne aap thik ho jate hain with normal treatment. Lekin bache hue jinme disc ka dabav bna rehta hai, usme disc ko nikalna pdta hai. Us surgery ko discectomy bolte hain. To piche se hum haddi ko katte hain or iske bhut sare tarike hain disc nikalne ke.

Dusra endoscopic tarika hota hai. Usme bhi hum ise thoda sa katte hue, andar jake ise nikalte hain. To ye sare tarike hain iske management ke . Ye to hui management ki baat. Prevention is always better than cure. To prevention ke toor pe apni lifestyle shi bnaye rkhen. Apna vajan control me rkhen apni height ke hisab se. Or morning walk ya koi bhi physical exercise jo apko suit krti hai like yoga, morning brisk walk, aerobics, regular gym hogya. But gym me koi bhi heavy weight ya power exercise nhi krni hai. Only jisme apka mobility jyada hai taki apki spine pe vjan na aaye. Ye sari baaton ka agar aap dhyan denge, hopefully apki problem delayed hoti jayegi. Aani sabko hai problem because these are degenerative spine. Umar ke sath spine ghista hi ghista hai. Lekin jistna aap ise ache se handle krege, apke spine ki life utni hi jyda hogi.

Doctor in Brain, Spine & Stroke Clinic

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Doctor in Brain, Spine & Stroke Clinic


Dr. Devesh K Singh

Neurologist21 Years Exp.
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS - General Surgery, Mch - Neurosurgery, FLCS
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Prashant Mehra

Nov 12, 2020

The good doctor devesh singh


Manish Kumar Singh

Feb 29, 2020

Good knowledge nice person


Milind Mategaonkar

Jul 21, 2018

Dr. Devesh K Singh provides answers that are very helpful. Yes information is very usefull for me.



Jun 27, 2018

He is very good doctor

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