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Mental Disorders - Treatment, Symptoms and Causes

What is Mental Disorders? Causes of Mental Disorders. What is the symptoms of Mental Disorders? Treatment of Mental Disorders. Prevention to avoid Mental Disorders. Withdrawal symptoms of Mental Disorders.

What is Mental Disorders?

The term “mental disorder” can cover anything from PTSD, to anxiety disorder; and given the sheer number of cases being reported from all over the world, it is to be expected that the current figures of 450 million individuals diagnosed with various mental disorders worldwide will double by the next decade. The mental disorders is not a new subject and had been studied to an extent by the ancient Greeks but not much is yet known about why some are more susceptible to the same while others do not.

It is assumed that genetics and family history does play a pivotal role in the sense that you are more at risk of developing mental disorders if you have a family history that features the same rather prominently. More and more mental disorders are being studied in depth and while treatment methodology can differ depending on the type of mental disorder that you are currently suffering from, therapy and counseling form a pivotal part of any treatment process. However, many patients continue to suffer from the various mental disorders despite the fact that it is a manageable condition provided treatment is given in time, on account of the stigma associated with the same.

Causes of Mental Disorders.

As indicated earlier, not much detailed research was done on this topic until a few decades back and it is assumed that most patients start displaying some of the symptoms associated with these mental disorders due to changes in their brain chemistry. It is further thought that these changes can take place due to various reasons, from environmental factors or even facing a sudden trauma like a head injury which can lead to the change in brain chemistry.

Apart from environmental and biological factors, a patient can also develop mental disorders on account of genetic predisposition to develop the same. More often than not, a detailed study of their family history would indicate that several other family members suffered from the same disorder. This is why it is essential that you consult a doctor right away on spotting some of the symptoms listed below, as most, if not all the mental disorders are treatable and you can manage your condition with the right medication and lead a normal life again.

What is the symptoms of Mental Disorders?

Some of the symptoms associated with mental disorders are listed below. Please consult a health professional right away if some of these symptoms listed below sound too familiar:

  • Sudden, unexplainable mood swings
  • Behavioral changes
  • Paranoia, thinks everyone is out to get them
  • Remains withdrawn from close family members, relatives
  • Remains listless, fatigued all the time
  • Starts abusing alcohol
  • Starts abusing other controlled substances
  • Shows or starts displaying violence towards others around them
  • Inability to cope with anything stressful
  • High levels of stress
  • Changes in sex drive
  • Feeling extremely depressed
  • Feeling suicidal

Treatment of Mental Disorders.

Given the various mental disorders, it is but natural for the treatment methodologies to differ as well. Your doctor would first assess your condition and then talk to your family and friends to help confirm the same; he would then test you further before diagnosing your current condition and the associated mental disorder. He would then prescribe psychoactive medication to help treat any imbalance in the brain chemistry, as well as mood altering drugs, which are supposed to help you combat depression.

Apart from this, you would be asked to attend counseling and psychological therapy for the duration of your treatment. You may be required to take medication for prolonged periods depending on the severity of your condition so that you can manage your condition better and continue to lead a normal life. And you may be required to report in for periodic counseling sessions to ensure that there is no relapse on your part.

Prevention to avoid Mental Disorders.

Mental disorders are being studied in-depth only now and so far, there is no known way to prevent a person from developing the same. Most therapists hold the view that an active social life, social interactions with others can actually help foster a healthy environment which should prevent anyone from developing mental disorders. Apart from this, eating healthy, and practicing a good workout should ensure that your brain chemistry is well balanced and a good workout should result in more dopamine being released by your brain, which should make you feel good about yourself.

Withdrawal symptoms of Mental Disorders.

There are no withdrawal symptoms associated with the disorder itself, however, if you should continue to stop taking the prescribed medication, this can cause you to experience some of the withdrawal symptoms listed below and may even cause you to relapse as well.

  • Dry or cottonmouth
  • Feeling extremely depressed
  • Displaying extreme range of emotions, moods
  • Becoming violent

Popular Questions & Answers

I am 18 right now and I lost my father when I was 14, this question is about mental health. I hardly get good sleep and my circadian rhythm is messed up. I had some family issue with my grandparents and uncles currently don't have any financial issues. My relatives said some crude words that I still think about everyday and feel head aches like my head is tensed. Everyday before sleeping I overthink I am clearly known with the fact that what I am doing wrong and is shouldn't overthink but can't help it. I have had serious suicide thoughts sometimes for absolutely stupid reasons. I am not a social guy and ever since I joined a private college for pol. Tech. I am out of contacts with other peoples I haven't made friends in 4 years and now I even started preferring not to talk to anyone. Now I am having problems while studying and I sometimes get jumbled and things just don't get in my head. I was a sharp student back in 11th grade I even skipped grades when I was little. My blood pressure was around 145/65 last time when I got it measured. I want to know if I should go to a psychiatrist for consultancy I am scared to ask so trying to post anonymously here. Any help is appreciated.

MPhil in clinical psychology, MA Applied Psychology (clinical psychology)
Psychologist, Tezpur
Hello lybrate-user! the very fact that you have expressed this in this platform shows your interest to seek for help. Never hesitate to consult. From what I feel after reading your concern, it seems like you need a space to vent out your feelings ...
1 person found this helpful

I’ve been having a lot of mental health issues for the past year. It’s getting dangerous and I am unable to see an in person doctor due to circumstance so I am asking here so I can get a little clarity about it. Within the span of one day I have extreme mood swings. This includes self harm and vivid images and visualizations of suicide. I am getting incredibly close to doing so. With this in mind, within the same day I can reach extreme moods on the opposite spectrum. I can’t stop talking and everything feels like a rush of overstimulate. During this “high” sometimes I will self harm as well. I’m confused and scared, could I get some insight into what I should do or how concerned I should be?

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology, Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear user. I can understand. Please don't be panic but be serious about the symptoms. Consult your psychiatrist for physical investigation. Please provide more information so that we can start the diagnosis process and the treatment. I am here to ...

I am using flutilept and zisper ls tablets for my husband for mental illness, how long is safe for him to use this medicines.

Psychiatrist, Jaipur
It can be taken for long duration 2 to 5 years but monitoring should be by psychiatrist. Long term side effect of antipsychitics are tardive dyskinesia ,metabolic syndrome & weight gain etc so proper follow psychiatrist.

My wife has mental problem since 35 years she is around 60 years. She is very childish and her behaviour is abnormal. She thinks she is right in all things. She has a answer to every thing. Understand and intelligence below normal. She is uncooperative and adjusting and very moody. She was taking espazine 1 mg before and now tricalm1/4. She does not medicine regularly.

MBBS, M.D. Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Jaipur
Medication should be taken regurlarly & childish behaviour is also part of abnormal illness behaviour. So reconsult psychiatrist insted of not taking medicine then can be planned for hospitalized or take help covert medicine ,your treating doctor ...
1 person found this helpful

Mere mother 74 years ki hai aur vo kafi baatien bhulne lage hai, aur vo apne pass se bhi koi na koi story dusere ke related bana kar sunate rahte hai, for example mere bete ne patrol pum buy kar liya hai jab ki ye nahi hai. Please suggest me muje kiya karna chahiye.

Ph.D, M.Phil - Psychology
Psychologist, Mathura
please let her live peacefully in her own world. no matter how hard you try, you can not change her or stop her from making stories as this is due to her old age. when you will reach that age, you may be funnier or more weird than her at that age....

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