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Proteinuria- The Most Common Causes!

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Proteinuria- The Most Common Causes!

Proteinuria is a condition that presents itself as an abnormal amount of protein in the urine. It is very often symptomatic of kidney disease. When the kidneys are functional and healthy, they do not allow proteins to filter through them into the bladder. But if the kidneys are damaged then they might be unable to filter proteins like albumin from the bloodstream. It could also be a result of an over synthesis of proteins in the body.
Since kidney diseases are usually asymptomatic, proteinuria may be one of the first sign of an underlying disease affecting your kidneys. This can be easily diagnosed by a simple urine test to determine whether the kidneys are functioning properly.


  1. Frothy urine means that there is a heavy loss of protein.
  2. Bloating due to an excess of water in the body tissues.

Risk Factors-
Diabetes with its irregularities in insulin secretion can cause an imbalance of protein filtration by the kidneys.

2.High Blood Pressure or Hypertension, as it is more commonly known, can affect the hormonal balance causing damage to the kidneys.
Other risk factors include obesity, a genetic history of kidney diseases. Race and ethnicity also tend to play a role when it comes to developing kidney diseases.

If none of these warning signals present themselves, then it is best to keep a cautious eye on the urine and kidney tests along with the blood pressure to make sure that nothing develops.


The major and most probable causes of proteinuria are-

  1. Diseases that affect the kidney’s filtering units such as glomerulonephritis. An acute inflammation caused by an immune response can damage the kidney’s function in eliminating excess fluids and waste from the bloodstream before it passes into urine.
  2. Urinary tract infections can cause proteinuria. But they usually occur in conjunction with other signs.
  3. Proteinuria can also be caused by an underlying congestive heart condition. It could be one of the earliest warning signs of eclampsia during pregnancy.
  4. Temporary proteinuria can occur after a bout of vigorous exercise or if you have a high fever.

Though not specifically a disease, it is symptomatic of other serious diseases. Its treatment is dependent on identifying and managing the underlying cause. If left untreated it could lead to kidney failure. For mild and temporary cases, treatment might not even be necessary. But for those with chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, it is essential to prevent the progression of the kidney damage that causes proteinuria.


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