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Fibrinogen Degradation Product Test

Fibrinogen Degradation Product Test

also known as: FSP, Fibrin Degradation Products, FDP

FDP term is used in most of the diagnosis center for testing Fibrinogen Degradation Product. In case of Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation occurs in the body, the FDP test is prescribed. Generally, FDP level should be around 10 mg/L into the body. If the level increases, then human body creates several intravascular irritations. If the level reaches t0 40 mg/L, then the patient would be determined as critically addicted. Fibrinogen is a molecule that lives in blood. Liver of human body creates the blood plasma protein and delivers that into the blood. The testing method is applied to check the actual level of this plasma protein into the blood.

The FDP test is a blood sample test. Patients may not follow any special discipline before this test. In case the person takes any specific medication for blood-related illnesses, then he or she has to stop that before night. The doctor would clarify which drugs are prohibited before the testing. Therefore, the patients have to clear their medications (if they take). Another important aspect of this blood test is to fill the stomach with food.

FDP test prescribes for checking major health deficiency. There are some divisions of the diseases. If the victim is bleeding too much in an unnatural manner, then Afibrinogenemia test is referred. Generally, the absence of the fibrinogen product in the blood causes such tendencies. While the level of fibrinogen is low in the blood, then bleeding would be in any quantity from mild to severe. The entire scenario is abnormal so Hypofibrinogenemia test is prescribed. If the fibrinogen product is normal but the patient is showing thrombosis symptom, then the Dysfibrinogenemia test is being prescribed by the doctor. Because of the lack of protein level in the blood plasma causes the thrombosis.

The procedure of FDP testing is very simple. There is no risk of this simple blood test procedure. It is an analytic test of blood. The expert would take blood from the person's body and send that to the lab. In the laboratory, the FDP level in the blood sample would be examined. Modern tools and techs are very safe. Now, one-time use needles are used by the health center. Along with it, the fresh syringe is applied for each case. Therefore, patients shouldn't worry about any side effect. The expert would use elastic band, spirit, and gauze to accomplish the procedure. The patient can see that the expert is taking single syringe (full) blood from the sample. This little quantity of blood release hasn't any impact on the human bodies.

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Fibrinogen Degradation Product
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