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Mycoplasma Culture, Urine Test

Mycoplasma Culture, Urine Test

Mycoplasmas are the smallest free-living microorganisms known. They are different from other types of bacteria as they are difficult to culture and identify. The urine test is used to identify mycoplasma hominis, a bacterial infection that affects the urinary tract. It generally spreads through sexual contact or from an infected mother to infant at childbirth. The bacteria generally show symptoms and affects those with weakened immune systems. Symptoms include pain during urination, irritation or swelling of the urethra or genital area, abnormal discharge or unusual odour.

Since this is not a blood test but a test on the urine sample of the test taker, it will not require the general preparation like fasting. The person appearing for the test is permitted to eat anything without any restriction. However, if the test taker is on any other medication, or has any underlying medical problems or any relevant history, it is advisable for the person to inform his doctor or healthcare provider before the test. The doctor or concerned person will then decide the further course of action.

The mycoplasma urine test is used to diagnose bacterial infections in the genital area, the most common being the mycoplasma hominis. This test is usually conducted with another test known as Ureaplasma Urealyticum, another sexually transmitted disease. For both these tests, the test is carried out on the urine sample. The bacteria M hominis is slow growing in nature, and combined with its small size, it is a difficult bacterium to detect. This is why the PCR technique is required, as it detects the DNA of the organism.

The procedure is carried out in a testing centre, clinic or a hospital. The test taker is instructed to collect a sample of their urine in a vial or disposable container. After this, the person will have to return it to the test administrator. The container will be marked accordingly and sent to the testing centre. The culture is detected using a PCR technology which looks for the DNA of the bacteria in the sample given. The average time taken for results is 36 hours.

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Mycoplasma Urine
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