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Key Facts About Liver Cancer

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Key Facts About Liver Cancer

Your liver performs the vital function of removing waste chemicals from your blood. Therefore, a cancerous growth in the liver will greatly affect your overall functioning of the body. If your doctor diagnoses you with liver cancer or if you have a family member suffering from the condition, here are some facts you should know about the condition.

1) Development of unhealthy cells leads to cancer

If you are suffering from liver cancer, you should know that cancer is a cluster formation of unhealthy cells in the liver. If cancer originates in the liver, it is primary liver cancer. However, cancer cells can also spread to your liver from other parts of the body. If this happens, it is known as metastatic liver cancer.

2) Risk factors of liver cancer

In the case of primary liver cancer, any pre-existing disease of the liver can increase the risk of the condition. For instance, if you suffer from liver cirrhosischronic hepatitis C, chronic hepatitis B and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, then you have a higher risk of developing liver cancer as well. Furthermore, men are more likely to suffer from liver cancer when compared to women.

3) Common symptoms of liver cancer

When you are suffering from the initial stages of liver cancer, you may not feel any difference in your body. However, with time, symptoms such as bloatingloss of appetitefatiguenauseajaundice and fever can be noticed.

4) Undergoing screening tests is important

If you have a history of liver diseases, you should undergo regular screening tests. The same rule applies if you have someone in the family who has liver cancer. If you have liver cancer, these screening tests will ensure it is diagnosed in its initial stages, where treatment is likely to be much more effective.

Cancer treatment is advancing with each passing day. Therefore, if your doctor diagnoses you with liver cancer, you should not panic. With proper treatment, you will be able to live a long and healthy life.

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