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Natural Killer Cell Test

Natural Killer Cell Test

Natural Killer (NK) Cells are cells produced by our immune system to defend us against foreign invaders such as viruses and tumour cells. They are mostly found in the uterus in females. The level of NK cells increases during menstruation and highest during pregnancy, that is when the embryo is implanted in the uterus. Unfortunately, sometimes, these NK Cells mistakenly identify placenta and foetus as a foreign threat and this possibly leads to miscarriages during the early stages of pregnancy or problems during the pregnancy period. This is usually brought to notice via swelling near the pelvic and uterus. Hence a Natural Killer Cells Test is needed in such cases to detect and regulate the activity levels of these cells.

No specific preparation is required for this test. However, it is advisable to keep your doctor informed in case you are allergic to anything or if you are on any kind of medication. The doctor will inform you of necessary precautions or actions to be taken in that case.

If the Natural Killer Cell Activity is diagnosed at a “High” Level, a therapy that would dampen your immune system is advised. Your doctor will also recommend in case any other medication is to be used in conjunction and keep you updated in case of any side effects.

Blood Sample is collected to test two things, to check the activity level of the cells and to check its sensitivity to foreign elements. A small tube of Blood for checking both these conditions is drawn from the patient in the following manner: Part of the skin from where the blood is to be collected is cleansed After the area is cleaned properly, your skin is pulled tight. The needle cap is removed and the needle point is held in alignment to the desired vein. With a careful and swift manner, the needle is inserted into the vein. The syringe plunger is pulled out slowly to collect the required amount of blood. A gauze is placed on the site where the needle is inserted, and the needle is pulled out. The wrap around your band is also released. A container, which has an appropriate preservative, is kept ready from before. The collected blood is moved into this container. The needle along with the syringe is disposed in a hygienic manner. This blood test may either be replaced or combined with the biopsy of the uterus as per the recommendation of your doctor.

whole blood
6ml pink top EDTA tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
Natural Killer Cell
Rs9000-Rs 12000

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