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Last Updated: Feb 18, 2020

How To Lose 5 Kgs Quickly?

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Dr. Suneet KhannaDietitian/Nutritionist • 41 Years Exp.MBBS, D.P.H & H, DFW & CH
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For most people, weight loss program is a struggle. Due to time constraints, one may not be able to work out daily, or may even lose interest a few days after hitting the gym. However, a proper diet plan can make it possible for anyone to lose as much as 5Kgs in a very short span of time.

Following tips will help you in your weight loss journey in the quickest possible time

  • Decrease consumption of carbohydrate

You should avoid eating carbohydrate-rich food items, like rice, bread and pasta. Complex carbohydrates increase the level of blood sugar in the body and release insulin, which enables glucose to enter the cell of the body. The body stores some of it for future use and it gets converted into fat.

  • Avoid caffeinated drinks

You should avoid drinking tea and coffee. Replace it with water or healthier alternatives like coconut water, as it will decrease the overall calorie intake. Water also reduces appetite, burns fat and increases the metabolism of the body. Green tea can be used in the replacement of others, as the presence of various active constituents is responsible for the health benefits of green tea. You can also consume green tea for weight loss, as it contains antioxidants which are helpful in reducing weight. Avoid adding sugar in the tea.

  • Avoid junk food

You should abstain from eating junk food, as it increases calorie consumption and does not have any nutritional value. If you are craving food, consume healthy snacks like fat-free Greek yoghurt, nuts, almonds, etc. It will keep you full throughout the day.

  • Have a balanced diet

You should consume non-starchy vegetables and lean proteins. You can try a combination of low carbohydrate and high protein diet. Food items like legumes, skinless poultry eggs, tofu and seafood do not contain too many calories and are good for rapid weight loss. Green vegetables and fruits can also be incorporated. However, fruit intake should be controlled, as some of them are rich in sugar and carbohydrates

  • Have a proper sleep schedule

You should try to sleep for at least 7 hours per day. It will allow a proper fluctuation of hormones in the body, which in turn, may aid weight loss faster. 

  • Adopt an active lifestyle

Doing household chores, taking the stairs instead of the lift and walking enables you to burn fat. You can also practice aerobic and cardio exercises. Activities like swimming, jogging and cycling help one to lose weight rapidly.

  • Stop consuming alcohol

Alcohol has a high calorific value. Too much consumption of it may lead to weight gain so one should avoid it.

  • Avoid stress

Excessive stress releases cortisol in the body, which leads to weight gain. One should practice meditation to remain calm.

If one follows these tips properly, then he/she can easily lose 5Kgs in quickest possible time. However, do not take up an extreme diet plan by yourself. It is best to consult a specialist for the matter.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!

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