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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Green Tea for Weight Loss - How Does it Work?

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Dt. Nisha SinghDietitian/Nutritionist • 24 Years Exp.B.Sc.- Dietitics / Nutrition, Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition
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You must have heard of the far-reaching advantages of having green tea. Green Tea is in trend for its vast number of benefits. People, conscious about fitness and overall health, are sure to include this drink in their daily diet.

A cup of green tea every morning can ward off too many health problems. Having green tea as the first thing in the morning can help a person lose weight effectively. Having this drink twice a day will better your chances of losing weight.

Weight loss is a persistent concern among many. You may exercise, make increased efforts in changing your lifestyle and yet fail to experience significant weight loss. Try out green tea for how it helps you cut down on those extra kilos.

How does Green Tea for Weight Loss Work?

The systems that empower the body to change over nourishment and drink into usable imperativeness are overall known as digestion. Green tea efficiently aids the metabolism of the human body effectively, thus seems to be beneficial for losing weight.

Green Tea contains various chemical constituents. Constituents of most importance are caffeine and catechin. Catechin is a type of flavonoid with antioxidant properties.

Research recommends that both of these compounds can accelerate digestion. The caffeine and catechin enhance the quantity of energy the body requires, thus aids fat lysis which is present in excess. That helps lose fat all the more productively.

Best Time to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss:

Have you at any point thought if there's a perfect time to have green tea to get the most advantage out of this healthy mixture? All things considered, there's very the day that you should make a point to sneak in some green tea.

  • Before Exercise:

    A pleasant cup of green tea has practically all that you'll have to get your body on track. Drinking some green tea about thirty minutes before you exercise can elevate your vitality levels. It can help in consuming fat and getting more fit.

  • After Breakfast:

    Specialists consistently propose beginning the day with something healthy! Green tea can be the first thing after breakfast for a delicate lift and a careful mindful approach during the day. Along these lines, have some solid breakfast and taste on some green goodness after it.

  • Before And After Meals:

    A ton of us has a propensity to devour green tea directly after we eat our dinner. In any case, to procure the most extreme out of green tea, it ought to in a perfect world be devoured between the dinners. It is best to drink the green goodness two hours before and after suppers to take advantage of it.

  • Green Tea At Night:

    Green tea offers a variety of medical advantages, including better rest whenever devoured, in any event, two hours before you hit the bed. It builds the digestion pace of your body and assists you with consuming fat while resting, simultaneously enabling you to wake up with a new state of mind.

Green Tea Dosage For Weight Loss

4-5 cups of unsweetened green tea in a day is sufficient to advance weight loss. It can give an ideal dose of digestion boosting minerals like manganese, chromium, and zinc.

Along these lines, don't depend on green tea alone to get in shape. It just provides support to your efforts in weight loss. You have to supplement it with a calorie deficiency diet and legitimate activities.

Best Green Tea for Weight Loss

When we are discussing Green tea, all of them offer some sort of benefits related to weight loss. The distinction between the various sorts is fundamentally seen in taste, texture, and smell.

More excellent teas normally give better medical advantages and ought to be utilized whenever possible. To update your weight loss regime, you can have a look at these different green teas, which you can include.

  • Matcha Green Tea Powder:

    In the case of weight loss, matcha green tea is identified as the powerhouse, that makes it different from the others. This is a fine powder that is procured by stone-grounding green tea leaves. Instead of expelling the leaves in the wake of soaking, you expend the whole tea leaf.

  • Sencha Green Tea:

    Sencha green tea offers an appetizing flavor with traces of melon and pine. Reach for some this exceptional evaluation green tea whenever you want to get an unfortunate bite.

  • Genmaicha Green Tea:

    This tea is known for its flavor and has created its class among the others. Green tea leaves are mixed with popped rice pieces for a toasty tasting tea. It offers a flavor like that of coffee, Thus provides rich and full-body delights to the taste buds.

  • Ginger Infused Green Tea:

    The taste can also be made invigorating by blending more flavors by infusing ginger root with it. Ginger is a notable craving suppressant that can assist you with feeling full between dinners.

  • Spread Tea Blend:

    An extraordinary blend can be made by mixing green tea along with pu-erh tea and mate tea. This blend is known as Butter tea. The amazing mix of teas gives medical advantages that go past weight loss.

Green Tea Benefits for Weight Loss:

Green tea leads to weight loss in the following ways:

  1. It increases the mobility of fat in fat cells:

    Fat can be burnt into energy only when it has been broken down and moved into the bloodstream. Fat might remain concentrated in the fat cells.

    Green tea contains a potent antioxidant, EGCG that can lead to an increase in the hormone norepinephrine. This hormone triggers the breaking down of fat in the fat cells further making it move into the bloodstream.

  2. It can regulate metabolism:

    Green tea is highly sought after because it helps in increasing a person's metabolic activity. Once a person has heightened metabolism he or she will inevitably lose the redundant calories.

  3. It prevents you from consuming additional calories:

    Green tea can kill your appetite in a healthy way. With repeated consumption of this tea, you will feel hungry after regular intervals.

    But your body will grow averse to junk food and processed food items. So, with a daily cup of this energizing drink, you keep the extra calories at bay.

Green Tea Tips For Weight Loss

Before you take to drinking green tea on a regular basis, you may want to read these tips:

  • If you are sensitive to caffeine or suffer from insomnia, more than four cups of green tea will be too much for your system, regardless of the benefits.
  • If you are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant, you should definitely limit your green tea consumption to two cups a day. You can also skip it altogether.
  • Avoid drinking green tea if you suffer from kidney and liver problems, or glaucoma problem.
  • Do not sip green tea with meals as it may interfere with the absorption of iron in your body.
  • Do not have it empty stomach.

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