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Home Remedies For Skin Allergy: Procedure, Recovery, Risk & Complication

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2021

What are the best home remedies for skin allergy?

One of the basic causes of skin allergy is immune system disorders, infections, and medications. When an allergen triggers an immune system response, it is an allergic skin condition. Rashes, redness of the skin, burning sensation, swelling, and change in skin color are the symptoms that indicate skin allergy. A dermatologist would prescribe antibiotic medications and creams to cure skin allergies.

But there are certain home remedies for curing skin allergy. The best home remedy for skin allergy is olive oil.

  1. Olive oil:

    Is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants. It acts as a natural moisturizer. So it helps in skin renewal and healing. To reap the benefits, mix some honey into a bowl of olive oil and then apply the mixture on the rash or the spot affected due to an allergic reaction. It will also help to prevent itching of the skin. Another remedy for skin allergy is aloe vera.

  2. Aloe vera:

    Aloe vera has wonderful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal qualities that work very well for the skin. Aloe Vera aids in healing and reducing the redness of the rashes on our skin when applied regularly. The best way for doing this is to extract the fresh aloe vera gel directly from the leaves of the plant and then directly apply it to the affected area of the skin.

    Let the gel be there on the skin for 30 minutes and then wash it off with normal water. If one can repeat this thrice a day, he/she can get rid of skin allergies completely.

  3. Coconut oil:

    The fatty acid found in coconut oil possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Coconut oil when applied to the skin it heals the allergic reaction on the skin. It also works for scaly, dry, itchy skin.

  4. Cold shower:

    Cold shower may provide instant relief from rashes. A cold shower helps to soothe the skin and reduce itchiness due to rashes. It reduces swelling also and has a cooling effect on the skin.

  5. Avoid stress:

    Avoid stress to decrease skin allergy.

  6. Tea tree oil:

    Tea tree oil contains a compound called "Terpenes" which breaks the cellular component of bacteria. It has been reported to show antibacterial and antiviral properties when applied to the skin after diluting.

  7. Peppermint oil:

    Peppermint oil contains a compound that has a cooling effect on skin allergies and it helps to reduce the rashes and itching on the skin.

  8. Oatmeal bath:

    Oatmeal possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which help to reduce the rashes and itching on the skin. Oatmeal also helps to repair the skin texture and allergic reaction. You can add one cup of oatmeal to a bathtub containing warm water and soak in for 30-40 minutes for better results.

  9. Baking soda and Apple cider vinegar:

    Are also an effective home remedy for this problem

Summary: Skin allergy can be treated by applying olive oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, peppermint oil, baking soda, Apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil. Oatmeal baths and cold shower also provide relief from itching caused by skin allergy. Avoid taking stress.

Are there any side effects of remedies for skin allergy?

Home remedies are often regarded as free from side effects, safe to use, and filled with beauty benefits for the skin. But despite that safe-to-use recommendation, people often complain of boils, pimples, etc. on their skin.

The usage of natural remedies for skin allergy does indeed have some side effects in certain cases. Certain ingredients that are used by us as a home remedy for skin allergy may cause redness and irritation due to their natural properties. So we need to be conscientious of the ingredients before using them as our remedy for skin allergies.

Certain people are allergic to certain ingredients, we need to make sure that those substances that we are allergic to are not used as our remedy for skin allergy.

To avoid this we need to do a patch test before using any ingredient for treating our skin allergy. Apply a small amount of the ingredient on the inside of your arm and then wash it off. Then wait for 48 hours to see if you get a rash or not on your skin. If you don’t get a rash, you can use that ingredient as your remedy for skin allergy.

Summary: Despite being effective, certain home remedies have some side effects which vary from person to person, so choose your home remedy only if you are not allergic or sensitive to the particular substance. Do not use any home remedies in excess as it may be harmful to health.

What are the post-remedy guidelines?

After the cure of skin allergy, one needs to follow certain guidelines to prevent it from happening again and to avoid it permanently.

  • Try not to touch the substances or ingredients that can trigger your allergy to affect your skin again.
  • Try to keep the area of your skin clean where the allergy is affected.
  • A cool compress or a shower would help.
  • Gently pat dry the affected area and then moisturize.
  • One can also use an anti-itching cream to avoid further effects.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes. They can irritate the affected area of skin allergy.
  • One can also try damp dressing to soothe the area.
  • Try to identify the best practices appropriate for your condition and stick to it.
Summary: Follow the guidelines. Avoid wearing tight clothes and touching substances that can trigger you. Apply anti-itching cream. Use only those substances that are appropriate for your skin.

How long does it take to recover or to get rid of skin allergy?

The time taken to recover from skin allergy depends on the type of skin allergy and the effect it.

For example when aloe vera gel is used as a home remedy for rashes caused by skin allergy, if it is done thrice a day then it can take up to 5-6 days to cure completely. Itching and swelling are the most disgusting and uncomfortable symptoms of skin allergy. And to prevent this ice cubes are the best remedy.

Place 2-4 ice cubes in a bag made of plastic and apply it to the affected area. When repeated 3-4 times a day, it takes around 3-4 days to cure completely. So it can be understood that the time taken to recover completely depends on the symptoms and the effect it.

Summary: The time of recovery from skin allergy varies from 2-6 days depending upon the type of skin allergy and its severity.

Are the results of the home remedies for skin allergy are permanent?

When the home remedy is used to cure skin allergy the time taken by it is much longer than taken by medicines. The only benefit is that it remains organic and natural. The results of the home remedy are permanent in the sense that it not only heals the present symptom of skin allergy very easily but effectively cures the underlying cause as well.

But if one is acutely allergic to certain things the result might not be long-lasting. In that case, one is recommended to consult a physician. Depending on the severity and ramification of the symptoms, a decision needs to be taken.

Summary: Yes, the results of the home remedies are permanent but it might take a longer time when compared to medicines.

Is there any training or experts required to perform these natural remedies for skin allergy?

Home remedy for curing skin allergy is not at all a tough job to do that someone needs training or needs expertise in it. All you need to do is to choose the correct ingredient for curing your skin allergy. Mature of not using the ingredients that you are allergic to. Using such substances might increase the effect of your skin allergy and cause serious skin problems.

So just be aware of the ingredients that you are using and to be on the safe side you can also do a patch test. Only in cases that require medical attention, expert intervention is required.

Summary: No, training or expert assistance is required to perform home remedies.

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