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Home Remedies For Asthma: Procedure, Recovery, Risk & Complication

Last Updated: Mar 05, 2021

What are the best home remedies for asthma?

Asthma is a chronic condition that affects the airways by narrowing them. This leads to breathing difficulties. It can affect people from all age groups and does not have a permanent cure.

You can manage the symptoms of asthma by using certain home remedies.

  1. Mixing ginger juice with honey:

    Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce inflammation and reduce or help to get rid of asthma problems. Honey has a soothing effect on the throat and helps to reduce the tendency of coughing.

  2. Boiling a handful of cloves:

    In water and drinking it with honey is an effective remedy for asthma.

  3. Brightly coloured fruits or vegetables:

    It contain Vitamin A which are essential for maintaining mucous membranes in the air passages.

  4. Gluten, soy, nuts and eggs:

    It can cause food allergy which can act as a trigger for asthma attacks. So you should know which foods can cause allergies and avoid them.

  5. Managing stress:

    It is an effective way to reduce the severity of asthma attacks. Opt for stress-busting activities like meditation and yoga. Including physical activity in the form of exercise can also help reduce stress.

  6. Fenugreek:

    Fenugreek has mucus solvent properties that help in thinning the mucus and clearing the air passage to the lungs. Fenugreek helps in improving the lung function in asthmatic patients.

  7. Caffeine:

    Caffeine that is present in tea and coffee helps to dilate the windpipes reaching to lungs that results in easy passage of air to lungs. In this way, caffeine enhances breathing function.

  8. Garlic:

    Garlic possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce inflammation in the lungs caused due asthma which eventually give relief from symptoms of asthma.

  9. Acupuncture:

    Acupuncture is a medical treatment involving the insertion of fine needles into specific points in your body. As per the studies done, few people found that acupuncture can help to reduce the chest pain caused by asthma.

  10. Omega -3 oils:

    Fish and flax seeds are a rich source of omega-3 oil which possess anti-inflammatory properties and help to reduce any inflammation in the windpipe. Omega-3 - 3 also helps to boost lung function.

  11. Citrus fruits:

    It contain Vitamin C which reduces inflammation, so adding lemons to your daily diet is a good idea. Including certain foods in your diet can help you deal with the symptoms of asthma in a better manner. Recognize natural triggers that cause asthma and avoid them. Some of the things are second-hand smoke, the fur of pets, and dust in the air.

Summary: Asthma symptoms can be reduced by taking ginger, honey, cloves, garlic, fenugreek, citrus fruits, caffeine and omega-3-oils. Fenugreek can also be treated by Acupuncture in some cases. Managing stress is also beneficial for decreasing asthma symptoms. Avoid Gluten, soy, nuts, and eggs.

Are there any side effects of remedies for asthma?

Before you choose any ingredient, you must ensure that you are not allergic to that particular ingredient.

If you are not aware of what you are sensitive to, you can always consult an expert for further guidance. An expert can evaluate your overall health condition and medical history to recommend the best remedy for you.

While pursuing a solution, you can sense a marked improvement in your condition, if not, it might mean you will have to try another option. Since these are simple home-based ingredients, it will not worsen the condition, so you will have space and time to try out.

In case the condition gets severe, it is best to seek professional help. And one of the prominent medicinal processes of Ayurveda uses simple readily available herb-based remedies as well.

Some side effects that these natural home remedies for asthma can have are:

  • Consuming too many lemons can have an abrasive effect on your teeth. This can lead to teeth problems.
  • For People affected by diabetes, consuming too many carrots can lead to an increase in sugar levels.
  • For yoga and exercises, certain postures if not done correctly can lead to injuries.
Summary: Despite being effective, certain home remedies have some side effects which vary from person to person, so choose your home remedy only if you are not allergic or sensitive to the particular substance. Do not use any home remedies in excess as it may be harmful to health.

What are the post-remedy guidelines?

Once you start using the home remedies, you need to take precautions to ensure that asthma attacks don’t recur.

  • Stay away from triggers that could cause an asthma attack like pollen, mould and smoke.
  • Continue taking your medications as prescribed by the doctor.
  • You should also pay attention to how frequently you are using the inhaler because too much usage would mean that the symptoms are not under control.

How long does it take to recover from asthma?

There is no recovery period for asthma. This disorder does not have a permanent cure. If you don't observe any improvement it is highly recommended to seek medical help.

Summary: The recovery time for asthma is not particular as it does not have any permanent cure. If you don't observe any improvement it is highly recommended to seek medical help.

Are the results of the home remedies for asthma are permanent?

No, the results are not permanent. If precautions are not taken then the condition can recur. You need to keep following the precautions after symptoms are reduced.

Is there any training or experts required to perform these natural remedies for asthma?

Yes, you need to know what substances can trigger symptoms of asthma. For this, you need to confirm for him/her to carry out tests that can help identify the triggers. If you are into yoga or workouts, then consulting an experienced trainer is recommended.

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