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Heart Attack - 10 Warning Signs You Must Not Ignore!

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Cardiologist, Mohali  •  23 years experience
Heart Attack - 10 Warning Signs You Must Not Ignore!

The heart is not just the seat of emotions. It is a vital organ that keeps your body working. It helps in circulation of blood throughout the body. You might get a heart attack if you don’t take care of it. It is an organ that needs utmost care. It is a muscular organ. A heart attack occurs when muscles that form the organ are deprived of sufficient oxygen supply. It is also known as myocardial infarction. It is believed that when there is not enough oxygen supply to the heart muscles, the part that has been affected gets damaged, which is a dangerous situation.

Sometimes, it even gets deadly or fatal. There are certain risk factors for heart attack. These are as follows:
1. Age
2. Heredity
3. Obesity
4. High blood pressure and high cholesterol
5. Excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking
6. Sedentary lifestyle
7. Poor and deficient diet

Warning signs of heart attack

There are certain warning signs for heart attack. One must check this and immediately seek medical help, on experiencing them. Here are some of the warning symptoms:
1. Chest pain and a feeling of discomfort in the area: While some complain of pain, other doesn’t feel it. The pain can also radiate to surrounding regions such as arms and shoulders.
2. Excessive sweating
3. Fatigue

4. Shortness of breath
5. Light-headedness: It can occur at the time of heart attack. It is most commonly experienced by women.
6. Palpitations
7. Indigestion, nausea, and vomiting
8. Chest fullness
9. Toothache
10. Jaw pain

Tips for a healthy heart
1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by getting an adequate amount of night sleep. Go to bed early and wake up early too.
2. Don’t spend long hours in watching television or work till late night
3. Be happy. Happiness is the ultimate medicine for the good heart.
4. Eat a lot of fresh and green-leafy vegetables daily.
5. Avoid the intake of spicy, oily and fast foods.
6. While eating, ensure that the atmosphere around is absolutely peaceful and serene.
7. Consume home-cooked food only. Avoid eating out at restaurants or street-side joints.
8. Don’t drink excess coffee, tea or aerated drinks.
9. Don’t consume alcohol or smoke up cigarettes. Intake of raw tobacco or getting addicted to drugs is also harmful to the heart.
10. Don’t live a sedentary life and be a couch potato. Workout and exercise on regular basis.
11. Avoid emotional outburst and try to keep a control over your reactions.
12. Maintain a peaceful environment inside your home. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a cardiologist.

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