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Gynaecology Disorders - How Ayurveda Can Help Treating Them?

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Gynaecology Disorders - How Ayurveda Can Help Treating Them?

Women can face a number of gynecological issues at various stages of their life. This includes irregular periods, painful periods, infertility, uterine cysts, impotency and frizidity. According to Ayurveda, most of these issues arise from an unhealthy diet and lifestyle that disturbs the balance of doshas. The symptoms exhibited thus depend on which of the three doshas; vata, pitta or kapha is aggravated and which is lowered. This in turn means that to treat these gynecological issues, Ayurvedic doctors attempt to correct the balance of doshas through lifestyle changes and herbal remedies.

  • Diet: Women need more energy than men, especially during menstruation. Thus, it is important to eat a healthy, well balanced meal. Avoid processed foods, teas and caffeinated drinks and focus on whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. Do not skip your meals. The type of fruits and vegetables that should be eaten will also be determined by the dosha that has been aggravated. For example, if the kapha dosha has been aggravated, one must eat light food and favour vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, carrots and garlic.
  • Lifestyle: Along with eating the right food, it is also important to eat at the right time. Along with this, you must also get enough sleep, exercise regularly and not be overcome by stress. When it comes to stress management, yoga is very beneficial. It is also important to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Herbal Remedies: When it comes to herbal remedies, Ayurveda does not merely treat the symptoms shown, but also strengthens the patient’s overall mental and physical health. These remedies have negligible side effects and are easily available. For example, if you suffer from painful periods, ginger, saffron and licorice root could help relieve the pain. Even more serious gynecological issues such as infertility can be treated with Ayurveda. In such cases the treatment can take many forms. This includes herbal remedies made from Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Guduchi, Triphala etc. and Swedanam to sweat the toxins out of the body. In cases of frigidity, treatment could include remedies made of banyan tree root that has been powdered and milk or milk and powdered Ashwagandha. For the treatment of uterine fibroids, herbal remedies may be prepared from Guggul, Varuna, Aloe Vera or Asoka. These may also be combined together.

Panchakarma treatment can also be very helpful in treating gynecological issues. This involves five different types of treatments based on the patient’s complaint and overall health.

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