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Cancer Antigen 125 - Ovarian Cancer Marker Test

Cancer Antigen 125 - Ovarian Cancer Marker Test

also known as: Ovarian Cancer Antigen 125, Ovarian Cancer Marker 125, Tumour Marker CA 125, CA 125 Test

Cancer Antigen 125 is a protein substance normally found in the human body. If a woman gets ovarian cancer this Cancer Antigen 125 occurrence become higher and overcoats the cancer cells. So, This test is ordered to check ovarian cancer. CA 125 (Cancer Antigen 125) is also called as an ovarian cancer marker. The CA 125 is present normally and it gets elevated to 80% for the person proportional to the cancer cell growth. Ovarian cancer test is necessary during prolonged symptoms occurrence like Bloating, Nausea, Pressure in pelvic or lower back, Tiredness, changes in menstruation, an Urgent need for urinating, and bowel movement changes.

These symptoms are usually confused with some other disease and left undetected until it becomes worse. If a patient comes with these symptoms it is better to conduct the CA125 test along the other disease test. To know the patient's health condition and medication is important before the test procedure. Pregnancy can affect the CA125 levels in the blood. No other preparation like fasting is necessary to find the CA124 level in the human body. A blood sample is necessary.

There are various factors that affect the CA125 level in the blood. But it is the best test to detect ovarian cancer. This result if turns out to be negative then it is not ovarian cancer. If the test result is positive it may or may not be ovarian cancer. The doctor might suggest the further test to confirm the Cancer symptoms. This method gives authenticated result in case of the advanced stage of Ovarian cancer. The survival rate of the person is greater when the cancer is detected in early stage. This test, when conducted in the early stage, maybe the first screening of cancer cells. Further tests can confirm the person and the person's life can be saved with treatments.

one to two tubes of the blood sample is necessary for the test. After the person's current health condition is questioned the procedure can be started.

Make the patient sit comfortably. Find the blood vein by asking the patient to make a fist. Tie up an elastic band above the elbow. When the vein is visible clearly, wipe it with an alcoholic pad and insert the syringe. Draw out enough blood and press a cotton ball against it. It stops the excessive loss of blood. Remove the elastic band. Save the blood and send it to the lab.

The measured CA 125 value of a patient's sample can vary depending on the test procedure used. The laboratory finding must, therefore, always contain a statement on the CA 125 assay method used. CA 125 values determined on patient samples by different test procedures cannot be directly compared with one another and could cause erroneous medical interpretations.
Red-top tube or gel-barrier tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
CA 125
All age groups
0-35 units/mL
Average price range of the test is between Rs.600 to Rs.1900 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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