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MRI Scan - Hip Joint With Contrast Test

MRI Scan - Hip Joint With Contrast Test

An MRI scan makes the use of radio waves and magnetic field to capture detailed images inside the body without making a surgical incision. An MRI scan helps the doctor to view the soft tissue of the body such as organs and muscles, without the bones obstructing the view. An MRI scan of the hip joint is ordered by the doctor to see the blood vessels, organs, bones and other tissues in the area between the hips that holds numerous critical muscles and reproductive organs. An MRI is considered safe especially for young children and pregnant women because it doesn’t make use of radiations.

Before MRI scan of the hip joint with contrast, you need to inform the technician regarding the medical history and underlying medications or allergies you had ever suffered from the use of contrast so that precautions can be taken before using the contrast material. You need not fast before the scanning procedure. You need to fill in the form and also need to give your signed consent for the implementation of the contrast material. You also need to remove all the objects like jewelry, sunglasses, watches, keys or any metal items from your body before the scanning procedure.

An MRI scan of the hip joint is very useful to monitor the tendons and muscles around the hip. They are really helpful to diagnose avascular necrosis. An MRI scan is considered great for evaluating the main reason for pain in the hip joint. An MRI scan is helpful in detecting any recent injury if you have been engaged in an excessive athletic activity and has injured your muscles. With the help of an MRI scanning, you will be able to find out the reason behind the pain arising from an infection or tumors. An MRI scan is also very helpful in detecting a common cause of hip pain which arises in the young children.

During MRI scan of the hip joint with a contrast, you first need to lie on the examination table. The technician will position your body properly. He will then inject a contrast material called gadolinium into the hip joint before an MRI scan is performed. The examination table will then slide into the large tube which uses magnetic fields for close examination. The technician will monitor you on the computer from another room. You just need to relax and remain in a still position unless advised by the technician. The whole procedure takes around 45 minutes.

Rs 2500- Rs 3500

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