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Last Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Fibromyalgia - How Ayurveda Is Safe For It?

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Dr. Nabanita DasAyurvedic Doctor • 19 Years Exp.BAMS, MD (Ayurveda)
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Non-inflammatory pain and tenderness in joints, muscles and ligaments can lead to a chronic condition called Fibromyalgia. It is estimated that it affects 5 % of the population annually. Though there are many conventional medications available to address this situation, none of them focuses on healing the disease from the root. This is precisely where Ayurvedic techniques differ. Let us look at a time tested way to address Fibromyalgia through ancient Ayurveda.

Ayurveda for Fibromyalgia
There are some common symptoms of Fibromyalgia. These include aches and stiffness of the body, generalized fatigue, chronic headaches and migraines, swelling and numbing sensations in the joints. Ayurveda treats a particular disease on the basis of the ‘vata’ imbalance. The condition also affects the central nervous system thus leading to pain and tenderness. Accumulation of Ama or toxins is also the other major factor for Fibromyalgia.

Ayurveda focuses mainly on these two factors and creates a balance in suppressing them. The famed panchakarma therapy and the herbal oil massage can help in reducing the toxin levels. They also work additionally as a detox thus helping in eradicating the harmful by-products. Along with it, a diet plan should also be followed for stimulating the growth naturally. These include vegetables, fibers, and juices of carrot, cucumber, beetroot, spices like cumin, coriander, ginger asafetida and coconut milk.

Also, some limitations are needed, and a person should avoid spicy foods and reduce the intake of caffeine products. Alcohol should be curbed when a person is under the treatment plan. Few herbs like "Dashamula quath" and 'Triphala choorna' are recommended for cleansing the colon. Mental stress is also one of the major factors, and hence a relaxed attitude should be followed along with certain lifestyle changes. Ayurveda wants the body to get the necessary sleep and rest in its treatment plan. In the treatment of Fibromyalgia too, it is no different. The Ayurvedic physician would lay out the entire cycle of the treatment procedure, and they have to be followed religiously. A person can see the reduction in the pain within a few weeks of following the treatment.

Ayurveda is safe
The biggest advantage of an Ayurvedic treatment is that it is extremely safe and that there are no side effects. They effectively act as a detox thus getting rid of the harmful substances from the body along with curing of the symptoms. Ayurveda not only takes care of the pain but identifies the problem from the root. Hence it effectively curbs the chances of Fibromyalgia from reoccurring.

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