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Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence

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MBBS, MD(Medicine), PGDS(sexology), Fellowship In Sexual Medicines, Certified Sexologist of USA
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Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects males. It refers to the inability to get and retain an erection as a part of a normal sexual activity. This condition is also termed as impotence. Erectile dysfunction and impotence are tied together because the lack of an erection will hinder the culmination of intercourse and subsequent conception. Here are a few more facts about erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Common problem: millions of men all over the world go through this condition. Occasional erectile dysfunction is a common problem that some men encounter from time to time. More than half the men above the age of 75 years do experience some or other form of erectile dysfunction due to other related ailments and the advent of age.

Causes: the most potent factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction include stress and anxiety which can happen due to a new partner or a sudden change in one's routine or situation. Also, it can be caused due to excessive drinking and smoking. Erectile dysfunction is also a common outcome of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and also as a side effect after surgery and chemotherapy for cancer. Relationship problems and drug abuse may also lead to this condition.

Symptoms: the most common symptoms include not being able to get or sustain an erection for long enough which leads to a decline in the quality of a normal sex life.

Treatment: there are a number of ways for treating this condition. To begin with, one can go in for therapy if it is an occasional occurrence. Further, the causes of the condition will be able to influence the kind of treatment that is to be followed. Usually, for very severe cases one may have to go in for counselling and lifestyle changes where the consumption of alcohol and drugs will have to be curbed entirely. If these methods do not work, then one can also turn to medication and surgery. If there are other ailments at play, then one will have to take care of the medication and preventive measures to prevent a flare up of the underlying condition like diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. The treatment will basically aim at increasing the blood flow to the area so that there is a better response to sexual excitement.

Side effects: the medication prescribed will usually include erection inducing and testosterone producing injections. The medication usually prescribed for this condition can lead to nasal congestion, headaches, dizzy spells, facial flushing, loose motions, pain in the abdomen, constipation, fatigue and blurry vision.

If the symptoms are persistent, then one must see a doctor find out about the presence of other related ailments.

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