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Culture, Semen (Lab visit only) Test

Culture, Semen (Lab visit only) Test

Male infertility is a serious health condition which can be caused by several health issues, from low sperm count to infection caused by microorganisms. So, if you and your partner have not been successful in procreating, then a visit to a fertility expert is a must. You may be surprised to learn that male fertility is more common than you may think and can arise due to various issues. Your doctor, after a brief physical examination would suggest that you undergo a semen test, as well as a culture test, to help determine the root cause of the problem in question.

Your doctor would suggest a visit to the clinic so that you can deposit a sample under controlled conditions. He would recommend that you do not masturbate for a period of one week to ten days prior to depositing the sample, since frequent masturbation can reduce the sperm count to way below 15 million sperm per milliliter of your semen. Your doctor would recommend the semen culture test if you started exhibiting the following symptoms. Low sperm count If the semen is bloody If white blood cells are found in the semen If there is any discharge around the genital area as well as the penis If your testes have Varicocele

The Culture Semen test is quite effective in determining the root cause for your infertility and the test results should enable your doctor to provide you with effective means to address the issue. Apart from this, this test is also critical to identifying bacterial infections and treating it effectively. This test can help identify the causative factors behind the seminal discharge, infertility, presence of blood in the semen and much more. This is why it is important you get yourself tested at the earliest, as this can help alert you to more serious issues, such as Candida or testicular cancer.

The process is straightforward, your doctor would direct you to the collection room which would be outfitted with various props designed to make you masturbate. And you would be required to collect your semen in the semen jar, which would then be processed, sperm count checked and sent in for the culture test. The culture test is used to determine the presence of microorganisms in your semen, to help identify the infection so that your doctor can provide you with an effective treatment for the same.

Entire ejaculate
Sterile screw-cap container
Average price range of the test is between Rs.300 to Rs.570 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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