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Depression - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

The Different Forms of Depression What are the causes of depression? Treatment of Depression
Depression - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

The Different Forms of Depression

Depression manifests itself in one of its several forms. These are:

  • Major Depression- In the case of major depression the symptoms are severe enough to interfere with a person’s ability to sleep, work, study, eat and enjoy his life. Major depression episodes may occur a single time or more commonly even multiple times in a person’s life.
  • Dysthymia or Dysthymic disorder- In this variant of depression the symptoms are less severe but persist over prolonged periods that stretch to two years or more.
  • Minor Depression- In the case of minor depression the symptoms are not all that severe and persist for only a small amount of time.

What are the causes of depression?

Depression may be caused by a single or a combination of factors like:

  • Genetic Propensity- People whose families have previous histories of depression are more susceptible to having the illness than people with no family history of depression.
  • Brain Chemistry- The chemistry of the people suffering from depression is different from those who do not have the disease.
  • Stress- Sometimes events that evoke strong emotions like a dear person’s death, a difficult relationship or other situations that are acutely stressful may be enough to trigger bouts of depression.

Treatment of Depression

The first step in treating a patient with depression is to consult a mental health professional or doctor. This visit may be followed by examinations and laboratory tests to rule out other similar conditions. Medications taken by a patient too fall under scrutiny. The doctor takes into account detailed family and medical history of the disease and then proceeds to prescribe antidepressants accordingly. However, the medicines are slow to take effect. But medical antidepressants often have severe side effects that may not be acceptable in all cases. Psychotherapy is another option that may help in the treatment of depression. It works by teaching new behaviour and ways of thinking that may help to alleviate some of the symptoms. It gives a person an insight into why the depression is occurring and what makes the situation worse.

Popular Questions & Answers

So the thing is this goon has extorted huge amount of money from my father and mentally, financially and emotionally has disturbed our family a lot. Has given death threats to our family thrice in the past 2 years. To make peace, my father gave him the property. In this time, I was so depressed and stressed out and impulsive as always, I went to facebook and created a fake id and abused this goon and told his relatives in direct message that this goon paid someone to rape his sister's cousin. I know that sounds way to immature but I just did it in impulsivity and have anger issues a lot. The thing is this goon just went to cyber crime and reported me and launched first information report. Now the thing since I have sent to his relatives about his actions, they have reported to 2-3 cities about me that I have done this. So do you think me being a borderline personality, clinically depressed, impulsive, insomniac, self gaming a lot from last 5 years can help me in anything over such a small criminal activity. Btw indian constitution proves this thing crime. Me attempting suicide thrice and since I self harm a lot, can I just show my prescription from a psychiatrist that am mentally very disturbed and a borderline and that why I just did it in impulsivity. Can you suggest me what to do, please? Does showing prescription of my mental illness of me being clinically depressed, insomniac and a borderline personality, have attempted suicide twice and I self harm a lot will help anything in this case? P.s we have done everything but police can do nothing about him since we do not have any proof but he has my proof of chat because facebook sent the ip address of my location.

Reparenting Technique, BA, BEd, Transactional Analysis
Psychologist, Bangalore
You have so many problems yourself and you have now created one more. Anyway the intention was good but you should have been more discrete. You could use your mental ill-health as some justification and get away with it. So keep all documents, rep...
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I have come to a new city for job away from home. I don't feel good. I feel I have no one of my own here. I feel stressed and depressed all the time. I feel like going home. I can not concentrate in anything. I do not feel pleasure in anything I do. I am even not satisfied with my work. I feel like dying.

PG Diploma in Guidance & Counselling, Diploama in Beauty Therapy
Psychologist, Trivandrum
This is normal thing when you move to new city away from home. When you say you don't feel good just go back and think what is it that makes you feel not good. My suggestion will be to do something which is your interest or hobby. Since it may be ...
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