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Blood in Semen: Treatment, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects

Last Updated: Aug 10, 2021

What is the treatment?

Patients may freak out after finding blood discharge in their semen. However, the cause for the same may turn out to be minor. So, in case of blood in semen or haematospermia, it is best to first figure out what the cause is behind the discharge. There are essentially two forms of the disease.

The first is known as primary haematospermia. In such a case, the blood discharge in semen does not arise from an underlying condition. In fact, for these patients haematospermia is the only symptom and therefore no treatment is recommended. Usually, the blood discharge stops after a few weeks without any medication.

Another form of the disease is known as secondary haematospermia. This means that the blood in the semen is caused by an underlying disorder or disease, such as an infection or even prostate cancer. In such cases, the underlying condition must be treated to stop the blood discharge in semen. For infections, a course of antibiotics may be prescribed to the patient.

Similarly, if physicians diagnose an inflammation as the underlying cause for the haematospermia, they may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs to the patient. In some rare cases, blood discharge in the semen may also be indicative of a sexually transmitted disease or prostate cancer.

Why is there blood in my sperm?

Semen in the blood doesn't need to be strictly associated with anything serious. Men under the age of 40 can see blood in semen sometimes without any underlying development of an illness. In most cases, it wore off on its own.

Although, mn over the age of 40 might have a chance that blood in your sperm can be a sign of underlying disease and might need medical attention if:-

  • The blood traces are frequent.
  • If the same symptoms show while urinating or ejaculating.
  • Have cancer and other conditions.

Scientists believe that the probability of hematospermia or hemospermia ( blood in semen) is still unknown as most men usually don't examine their semen looking for blood after ejaculation.

Can STD cause blood in sperm?

STI (sexually transmitted infection) like gonorrhea or any bacterial or viral infection can be the reason for your hemospermia. They create inflation and infection in your genitals which can disrupt your blood vessels making your blood transferred into your semen.

Also, infection associated with the urinary tract, bladder, and other organs connected to your penis can cause hemospermia.

Is blood in seminal fluid something to worry about?

In most cases, hemospermia is not a case to worry about, although here are some of the symptoms that you can look for to confirm the severity of the case:-

  • Hematuria ( blood in urine).
  • Painful urination and ejaculation.
  • Painful and discomfort in the bladder.
  • Swelling on and around genitals.
  • Other signs associated with STD (Sexually transmitted disease).
  • Fever or infrequent blood pressure.

If you saw any of the symptoms with semen blood it can lead to:-

  • Minor inflammation or infection, in your genitals or the glands that are attracted to your genitals like Prostate, Urethra, Seminal vesicles, Epididymis and vas deferens, or reproductive ducts.
  • STI (sexually transmitted infection) like chlamydia, gonorrhea, or any bacterial or viral infection can be the reason for your hemospermia.
  • Major medical procedures or penile trauma can lead to occasional episodes of semen blood. procedures like vasectomy, radiation therapy, injections for hemorrhoids, prostate biopsy, or surgery related to the urinary bladder can show blood during the initial course of treatment and healing. More to add, physical trauma like pelvic fracture, testicle injury, vigorous sexual activity or masturbation, or any other traumatic event can cause blood in the semen. Blood in semen in these cases is temporary and disappears as it heals.
  • BHP (Benign prostatic hyperplasia) is a condition in which tiny tubes or ducts in the reproductive tract can be blocked due to inflammation in the prostate, making it enlarged which may pinch the urethra. BHP can lead to blood leakage which can be seen in the semen or other fluid release.
  • Tumors and Polyps - Even though most of the tumors were in the prostate, cancer of the bladder, testicles, prostate, and other reproductive and urinary tract organs can also be one of the reasons why you have blood in the semen. The condition is common in older men than the younger ones. Cases like this need immediate medical attention as cancer can be life-threatening if left untreated. Furthermore, Polyps in the reproductive tract do not show any other medical signs except hemospermia.

Other medical conditions like high BP, HIV, leukemia, liver disease, can also cause discomfort in your genital area causing hemospermia.

Does blood in sperm go away?

Only blood fragments in semen can go away with time, although if symptoms are associated with other underlying conditions it can be critical or life-threatening. In this case, it is advisable to seek immediate medical examination to detect the exact reason for the illness, some of the reason behind bloody semen are:

  • Injury in the genital area.
  • Inflammation or infection.
  • Blockages due to prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, major surgery, radiation.
  • Internal injuries in other organs like liver, urinary bladder, and other lower abdomen injuries.
  • Age over 40 with other medical illnesses.

Is blood in sperm dangerous?

Detecting traces of blood in semen or urine can be startling, as it is not common and rarely reflects any serious underlying condition. Especially men who are above 40 years are more prone to the condition. The good news is hemospermia is a self-healing condition until:-

  • Pain when urinating and ejaculation.
  • Tenderness or swelling in your scrotum and groin area.
  • Pain in your lower back and abdomen.
  • Blood in your urine and other penal releases.

Also, the severity of the case can be determined based on the amount of blood coming through, from small fragments to blood-coloured semen, all kinds of bleeding needing immediate medical attention.

How is the treatment done?

If you notice bloody discharge in your semen, visit a doctor. The doctor will likely ask you to undergo some tests. These tests will help diagnose the problem better. If the tests reveal no underlying condition, the patient will not be prescribed drugs of any kind. However, if the tests do show an underlying problem, doctors will begin treatment for that disorder, which should get rid of the haematospermia.

In case of secondary haematospermia, the underlying disease or condition is treated. This condition may be a minor one. For instance, the blood in semen may be a side effect of an infection in the urinary tract. For this, doctors will prescribe antibiotics, which will help reduce the effects of infection, and thus the haematospermia.

Similarly, if the condition is caused because of inflammation, anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed. High blood pressure, liver disorders and STDs may also be the culprit. These can also be treated to get rid of the bloody semen discharge. In rare cases, the condition may stem from prostate cancer. However, this type of cancer is not commonly diagnosed in men.


Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

Treatment is only needed for those patients who have an underlying condition responsible for the blood in the semen. In case of secondary haematospermia, doctors will treat the underlying disorder in a bid to cure the issue.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

People who do not have bloody discharge in their semen are not qualified for the treatment. Patients who have been diagnosed with primary haematospermia are also unqualified to receive treatment. For these people, the bleeding usually stops naturally after a couple of weeks.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known side-effects to the haematospermia treatments. However, people experiencing haematospermia as a result of prostate cancer may experience certain side effects from the cancer treatment.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

There are no known side-effects to the haematospermia treatments. However, people experiencing haematospermia as a result of prostate cancer may experience certain side effects from the cancer treatment.

How long does it take to recover?

Primary haematospermia usually gets resolved within a couple of weeks. Secondary form of the condition however, may take longer to be cured. Treatment duration depends on the severity of the underlying cause. For instance, infection related haematospermia may be resolved in a few days, while STD related haematospermia treatment may take longer.

What is the price of the treatment in India?

Information not available

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

While the treatment will cure haematospermia, there is no guarantee that the disorder will not return in the future due to some other underlying cause.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

No other tested methods of treatment exist for haematospermia. This is mainly because the condition is not that serious and does not warrant alternate form of remedies.


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